Mormonism, Masonry, and the occult.

5 thoughts on “Mormonism, Masonry, and the occult.

  1. This video is basically a repackaged re-run of old stuff. It’s been repackaged because the initial claim was that the talisman was in Joseph Smith’s pocket when he died. Since that source (Charles Bidamon) is the only person to have connected Smith with the talisman, you’d think that when the inventory of Smith’s pockets surfaced that would have been the end of the story; but, it was too juicy to let die. Since historical evidence proved it wasn’t in Smith’s pockets, Michael Quinn decided that Joseph Smith must have been wearing it around his neck. There’s no historical basis for such a claim–only his desperate need to have it associated with Smith. That’s why the video has some people claiming it was in his pocket and others that he was “wearing it.” Even the alleged quote of Emma Smith owes its existence to Charles Bidamon.

    I know you’re only playing the video here and didn’t produce it, but you ought to ask the producers if they have any historical evidence for Smith having owed the Talisman. About 20 years ago, I spent several weeks searching for source material everything ended up with Charles Bidamon. Unfortunately, people like Wilford Wood and Reed Durham began from the assumption that Bidamon was telling the truth. Evidence has demonstrated that he wasn’t. The story should be retired along with the Salamander letter and Spalding’s Manuscript.


  2. I wonder…is there any historical evidence for Joseph Smith’s golden plates? How about some historical evidence for the existence of Lamanites? Nephites? Men on the moon? Men in the sun? Kolob?


  3. I knew that was coming. I don’t believe there is any proof of the gold plates or those it chronicles. Neither do I believe that there is historical evidence for the resurrection or the miracles of Jesus, the Garden of Eden, heaven or hell. Oliver Huntington’s recollection of references to moon men aren’t part of my faith, nor of any Mormons I’ve ever met. But those are largely matter of faith rather than history. Are you thinking that since I don’t have evidence for my faith, that you don’t need evidence when you try to debunk it?


  4. Just looking for consistency in your line of argumentation Alma, after all you brought up the “historical evidence” argument. The point being it’s best not to employ double-standards, wouldn’t you agree?

    Is Joseph Smith’s possession or use of a Jupiter Talisman part of your faith or of any Mormon you’ve met? If not then why be defensive about the subject? Why would you even care? You’ve made it clear that you have no problem with the absence or presence of evidence for other beliefs related to Mormonism.

    In Christ,


  5. I found a website yesterday that discussed how heavily Joseph Smith’s family was into the occult (the site said the same about Adolph Hitler). I filed it into the back of my head as something to do research into later.


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