Quotes (381)

Do you know why it says at the end of the age that the Lamb will take wrath on the world? I think it’s because there will be a crystal clear reminder—he didn’t always show up this way, He showed up once in the middle of history as a real Lamb; let Himself be ripped to shreds, mocked, spit upon, dishonored, hung on a stick, treated like dirt in order to rescue us from the wrath of His Father and it was God’s idea. And when He comes the second time it will be so plain: This is the crucified Lamb with the sword coming out of His mouth hewing people in pieces who would not have Him. Know your Christ, Christian, and tremble, with joy.

– John Piper

2 thoughts on “Quotes (381)

  1. Deb: Hung on a stick ain’t nothing. Wait ’til you hear Mr. Driscoll’s description of the crucifixion of our Lord. He’ll make Mr. Piper sound downright Bunyanesque.


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