Ravi’s crash and burn.

I’ve previously reported on Ravi Zacharias’ failure to preach the Gospel to those following a counterfeit Christ after he was invited to speak at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City (see here). Then I posted on Ravi’s descent into the abyss of compromise (see here) when he refused to pray in the name of Jesus Christ at the latest National Day of Prayer (Coram Deo even wrote a piece on Ravi’s compromise here).

And now Ravi Zacharias is proving yet again that compromise will always take a man where he never intended to go.


Ravi speaks favorably of Henri Nouwen and can be seen in the following video (at the 5:47 mark) calling this Roman Catholic mystic “one of the greatest saints of recent memory.”

Ken Silva has also weighed in on this here.


And what started as a little compromise here and there, seems to have started a snowball rolling for Ravi. Slaughter of the Sheep is reporting that Ravi Zacharias will now be speaking at none other than the Crystal Cathedral at Robert Schuller’s infamous ReThink Conference scheduled for February 2009. Lighthouse Trails is also on top of Ravi’s latest compromise with the rank heretic Schuller in a piece they did here.

9 thoughts on “Ravi’s crash and burn.

  1. We must not grow weary. I have supported Tony Evans for years. He holds an annual church development conference (new name this year). He had announced Tony Campolo as one of his featured speakers for this conference! I wrote him a letter explaining how Campolo has “left the reservation” and never heard back. But God (a most encouraging phrase in Scripture) has apparently gained the attention of Mr. Evans, as Campolo is no longer even mentioned in the conference material.

    My pastor (in Houston) spoke about storms this past Sunday (Luke 13:1 – 5) and why nobody should be surprised by them. He hit heavy the 3rd and 5th verses – “except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” That is the message for all who slide into apostasy!


  2. It is really a shame that someone with the intellect, talent and passion of Ravi appears to stand of feet of clay. Praying for the man.


  3. I really liked Ravi when he was taking a firm stand. I pray that the Lord would keep us faithful to His Word. This reminds me of the book of Kings and how some of the kings of Judah would start out faithful to the Lord and end up faithless. No one is above it and it is so heartbreaking to see it happen!


  4. If you will listen to a man long enough and watch him long enough, he will show you his heart. Jesus said plainly that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. In country terms, what is in the well is gonna come up in the bucket. By their fruits we shall know them, and fruit takes years to appear on a tree. It does’t just start in the first season.


  5. Hi
    Just want to signal there is no post on The Lighthouse Trails when you follow your link.
    I’m yet to crosscheck your claims, simply applying 1 Thes. 5:21.


  6. Aime:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Apparently LHT had a problem with their server and lost a bunch of their material. I also noticed the link to the video was no longer working, so I found the video again and this time added it into the original post.

    You can read more about this whole issue at Apprising at the following links:



    Also check out: The Smoldering Ash Heap of Ravi Zacharias Ministries.

    – The Pilgrim


  7. I don’t believe what he is saying here is wrong in any way. There is no compromise the way he explained his answer. I whole heartedly believe to be a Christian, first and foremost you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, that he was crusified for the sins of the world and was risin from the dead. Reguardless of your sexual orientation, if you truly believe in that, and repent for you sins, you’re a true Christian. In Gods eyes, EVERY sin is EQUAL!! There was no person to walk this earth that never sinned, EXCEPT Jesus Christ Himself! We are all sinners, we all need Jesus to be accepted into Our Fathers glorious kingdom!!


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