Sending our children to Caesar.

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9 thoughts on “Sending our children to Caesar.

  1. Our family really liked the simple way he put it, “If you send your children to Caesar they will come back as Romans!” We had our children in public schools for a couple of years and found that that was the truth! When we pulled them out and began teaching them at home, we saw a marked difference. We need more men like this one to take a stand for truth and speak out against sin. May God raise up more Elijahs in our country to go against the grain and speak the truth!


  2. I for one would like to have my children home schooled, but we are unable to do so. I would like too, but my wife doesn’t feel she is able to or really want too. So then what, for those who just don’t want or can’t home school? I don’t think that it is evil or wrong to send them to public school, I think we as parents need to be involved with what they are learning educating them and showing interest in them and their studies.

    trust if I could home school…I would but until the Lord does a work in my wife and is called to do home schooling then I shall wait upon his will.


  3. I dunno…I went to a public school and it served to strengthen my faith, even though I didn’t know as much as I know now.

    BTW 4pointer, it’s pronounced Boh-kam.


  4. When I was walking with Satan, my wife had the wisdom to want to home school our kids. We bought Abeka curriculum and my wife learned more about the Christian heritage of our country and the history that is not taught in Caesar’s schools. My wife also prayed for my revival and the Lord has been faithful to glorify Himself in our kids. They finished in Caesar’s schools, but only after the foundation had been established and we were satisfied they were willing and able to defend themselves properly. How wonderful it has been to see my kid walk in wisdom toward the world, focused (most of the time) on the Lord Jesus.

    I do not favor telling parents how they should raise their kids, beyond what the Scripture says. I do think many parents are capable of home schooling yet think otherwise. With the right curriculum and support (from the publishers and from other parents), it’s easier than most people think,

    But home schooling is not a “sliver bullet” and each family needs to look to the Lord on this matter.


  5. Praise God that Voddie is not afraid to proclaim the truth! The public schools are Caesar’s schools. It is near impossible to reverse the 30 plus hours of indoctrination that public schooled children sit through week after week, not to mention the peer pressure. I have yet to see a mature, firmly rooted believer that attended public school (other than those who came to Christ on their own and were not raised as Christians) I am so tired of the lame excuse “we are sending them out as salt and light”. Give me a break. Do we send young children out on the battle field to fight in wars while being trained by the enemy?? Certainly not! Our job as parents is to train them up and then when they are mature and fit for battle send them out to confront the world and the devil. So many parents have bought into the lie that public schools are ok and look at the result. Something like 85% of those raised in Christian homes reject the faith as teens or young adults! That being said home schooling is not the “silver bullet” as another poster said. You must still diligently teach your children biblical truths, discipline them and be an example for them. One or two hours of church a week will not do the trick either. So if you want to give your children the best chance at making it put them in an atmosphere where you can “teach them your children, talking of them, when thou sittest in thy house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” Deuteronomy 11:19


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  7. I agree Tanya, people come up with reasons why they cant home school. Fact is, its a sacrifice to home school and raise your kids….less money, less entertainment cash flow, etc. Dr. Voddie also said that his kids are not wards of the state. You see, we want it all…. House, vacations, nice cars to drive around, cable TV, obedient kids, and our Christianity. Its like a bundle package. We are to be set apart, and not send our kids out in the battle where the enemy is like a roaring lion, waiting to see whom he may devour. I understand some cant home school because they wouldn’t be able to live to support themselves. There are exceptions to people who absolutely cant home school. Im not addressing this at them, but to the rest of those who send their kids to public school, pray diligently about this topic. Look at the facts and statistics of kids who are sent to public school. Here is what another man said ” WE ARE NOT LOSING OUR KIDS TO THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, WE ARE GIVING THEM AWAY!”.


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