Would a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

Not could a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama, but would a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

When I say “Christian” I don’t mean a lukewarm, name-only, self-deceived “Christian,” but a true, born-again, regenerated Christian (think: the Apostle Paul vs Brian McLaren).

So what are those professing Christians of the Matthew 25 Network in the previous video endorsing?

27 thoughts on “Would a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama?

  1. I believe I am born of God through Jesus Christ’s atonement and Father’s grace and love. I plan on voting for Obama because I believe he’ll lead this nation well. He’s got experience and a good heart from the fruit I see. McCain would probably do a good job, but I know ‘God OPPOSES the proud – and one think McCain will admit and his family says of him is that he’s proud and stubborn. – and I would not want our president to be opposed by God.

    You don’t have all the answers. If you did, you would BE god.


  2. I agree with you & I am stunned that so many professing Christians, especially “moderates”, my brother & sister-in-law included, are voting for this man. His views on abortion ALONE make me cringe & he seems to enjoy being hailed as the “savior” for America. He may have “star-quality,” but it sure doesn’t mean he’ll be a good leader. King Saul may have had “star-quality,” but his reign was disastrous.

    That being said, Pilgrim, I do have one concern. I respectfully & humbly ask that you maybe consider changing the heading from “WOULD a Christian vote for Barack Hussein Obama,” to “SHOULD a Christian…” I know you don’t mean for it to sound this way, but taken with the second paragraph, I’m concerned that it could be seen as implying that Christians who do vote for Barack Obama aren’t true, born-again believers.

    In Christ,


  3. Thank you for your comment Roberto.

    I know there are many of you out there (professing Christians who are voting for & supporting Mr. Obama) and that is why I published this post, but please do not read more into this post than is there.

    1). By virtue of publishing this post, I am not claiming to “have all the answers.”
    2). By virtue of publishing this post, I am not endorsing Mr. Obama’s opponent.

    Allow me to ask you something: You make a great point in regards to pride, but what does God reveal to us in Scripture about His view of those who shed innocent blood?

    – The Pilgrim


  4. Could a Christian vote for ANY politician? I’m not from the USA but I don’t think I could vote for Mr Obama nor Mr McCain with a clear conscience.


  5. I’m a Canadian and don’t have a vote in the 2008 American election, but I would not vote for this man. This makes me sick to here what goes on with the KILLING of these babies.
    Here is a link to another youtube video on Obama.


  6. God’s scriptures do not command us to vote for any specific candidate. We are free to vote for anyone in this country. However, if you would live in a communist or a dictatorial government your vote would be non-existent. What would a Christian do in this case? The candidate to chose should be based upon their abilities and who fits the authority that you want to rule over you as Romans 13:1-6 delineates. Also, one for whom you can sincerely pray for and will allow you to lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness so as to be an effective witness to the lost I Timothy 2:1-4. It is up to you. However, know that you will have to face all the consequences of a poor choice that may become your authority that GOD requires submission too.


  7. Roberto,

    Do you think allowing babies to die in linen closets is “leading this nation well”? Barack Obama doesn’t think that babies that are BORN deserve rights as American citizens simply because their parents do not want them. These babies deserve the same rights as any American. Remember they are already born so the worn out term fetus no longer applies. These are living , breathing babies. They are given birth and death certificates! If the parents don’t want them take them to the NICU and allow a loving family to adopt them.

    As a Christian how could you possibly support a man who is so adamantly pro-death???

    And please elaborate on the “fruit” because last time I checked love is the 1st fruit of the Spirit and stripping newborns of their constitutional right to LIFE and allowing them to suffer needlessly is the farthest thing from love.


  8. As a Christian, there is one issue I care deeply about in this election -life, the protection of the unborn and, on that issue, Mr. Obama has miserably failed the test. He is by far the most pro-abortion candidate for President that we have ever had in history. He not only supports the goals of Planned Parenthood 100%, but he, unlike other pro-abortion politicians such as Kennedy, Clinton, Pelosy, even supports infanticide. As a state senator, he opposed the Infant Born Alive Protection Act which protects babies who are mistakenly born alive after unsuccessful abortions. These babies are just left in hospital utility rooms to die which can take many hours. They are not fed or cared for in any way. Just left alone on a table…to die. OBama strongly advocated continuing that practice. How could I (or anyone!) in conscience vote for him knowing that?…this issue trumps all others for me. McCain’s voting record is much more pro-life. Though he was not my choice for President, I do not believe he will try to advance the pro-abortion movement as Obama surely will try to do. If a candidate can’t get this basic thing -the value of human life-right, then there is no way I can vote for him no matter how wonderful he may sound to be on the other issues. All the other issues pale in comparison to this one. His ‘fruit’ is not good nor is his ‘heart’ truly good if he could vote to continue the practice of letting babies die. He may try to back pedal on this issue now denying he voted this way as a state senator, but it is true. Do a web search or go to http://www.jillstanek.com and read the truth about it.


  9. I am 100% in agreement with you all on the issue of abortion in this election. We can not support a pro abortion candidate. I am leaning towards voting for McCain. I must say that I am troubled by Sarah Palin though.

    I am curious as to how you all feel about Sarahs church membership. It’s one of the Assembly of God type churches wher people are falling over drunk in the spirit, recieving healings on stage and learning how to prophicy in seminars etc… This is THE problem with so called Christian churches today (as you well know). And now we’re going to have one of these apostates in the White House? Is this a good thing? BTW, she’s been a member there for 25 years. I’m on the fence whether or not to vote!

    Seeking your opinions, please…


  10. Rose nails this one to the board perfectly. Just knowing that Obama will continue the practice of allowing ‘doctors’ to murder babies and stand by nodding that he is protecting reproductive rights is the only reason I need to never vote for ANYONE who approves such a practice.

    Am I therefore single focused on the abortion issue when it comes to an election? You bet I am……there is nothing more horrible going on in this country than this nations infanticidal obsession in making sure ANY woman can murder her baby whenever she desires.


  11. Actually BigBill,

    Sarah is NOT a member of her current church. In a televised interview with FoxNews, her pastor made it clear that she was a regular ATTENDER, but not a member. In fact, he went on to say that she and her family were like a LOT of those who come to his church. They are ATTENDERS, but NOT members! This type of cavalier attitude towards church is an epidemic among those attending churches today. Many of them want ALL of the privileges but none of the responsibilities or discipline that goes along with it. However, that is for another post on another day.

    I believe we must remember that when we vote, we should be doing so based on the morals they seek to uphold which are to be based on the Word of God. We will always be in disagreement with whoever runs in some form or another. There are some who would go so far as to say, “I don’t know if I would vote for The Desert Pastor to be president. Yes, he is an evangelical, but is he Pre-trib, Pre-mil, KJV only, etc.!”

    While I am being a little facetious, I think that the first criteria is – does this candidate seek to uphold the Word of God in their running of a government office? They are NOT running a church. I believe that Sarah Palin is a good start with her moral position. I would disagree with the churches that she attends, but should that in itself be the final criteria for whether we vote for her or not to be the VP knowing she might one day be the President and represent America to the world.

    Personally, I think the thought of having a person who leans very much in favour of the evangelical camp would be a great addition to the White House. I just hope that she doesn’t make any of the following selections for her staff:

    John Avanzini – Secretary of the Treasury
    Benny Hinn – Secretary of Education
    Rodney Howard-Browne – Secretary of Homeland Security
    Todd “Bam-Bam” Bentley – Secretary of State


    The Desert Pastor


  12. If you stand on God’s word, then you simply cannot vote for Obama. He opposes two very key moral issues, he condones abortion and has no problem with civil unions. He insults true born again believers with his new campaign merchandise ‘believers for Barak’, as well as other political nonsense. If one were to vote for Obama, it would be like saying, ‘God, I believe some of your word, but this guy promises change, so I will toss out what your word clearly says about the abomination of homosexuality and the shedding of innocent blood because I am putting my hope and trust in man instead of you’.
    On the other hand, McCain isn’t appealing to me either. He wasn’t even getting much publicity or attention until Mrs. Palin was selected. Pretty slick on his part. I am not convinced Mrs. Palin’s place is second in command over a nation. How much influence will she have with McCain? Also, I was troubled when the news broke concerning her daughter. She said her daughter is getting married, and I am grateful for that. I also commend her for keeping this baby. However, has anyone told this young woman she has committed sexual immorality and sinned against a Holy God? Has anyone told her of her need to confess and repent? Does getting married make the sin of sexual immorality all better? I realize we are electing a leader, not a pastor. But the leader we choose should have godly morals and values as well as being willing to uphold God’s word. I don’t feel either candidate would do so. Regardless, America will get the leader she deserves, one that fits into God’s purpose and plan for the time we are in.


  13. I stand on God’s word. My God does not delight in the death of anyone. Thou Shall Not Kill is not a suggestion it is a Commandment. Not only do I not support abortion I do not support any war in any form for any reason. What part of war contains love, mercy, loving kindness and justice. It is not for us as humans to judge another human being. That judgement is God’s alone. Do not feel righteous when you are against abortion and pro war. The sin of presumption is prevalent among those who say that they are true believers. Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness for all. Repent for the Lord draweth nigh, Begin within and recieve the Sabbath of the Lord–the removal of pointing the finger. In Christ’s Name, Cheryl


  14. Cheryl,

    Ezekiel does state that God does not delight in the death of the wicked, and certainly Psalms states that precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

    Supporting abortion and supporting war are not synonymous. The apostle Paul makes it very clear that the sword is given to those in authority to wield for the punishment of evildoers. There are times that war becomes necessary. The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” is not a condemnation of personal protection or protection of family. This is a direct reference to pre-meditated murder. God commanded war at times and uses it to bring judgment to the nations of the world.

    By the way, I could not tell whether you were somehow justifying support for one candidate or another, or rejecting both because of their respective decisions. By the way, you questioned “what part of war contains….justice?” Very interesting that you include that one word. War brings justice from God against those who go down the path of rejection, and one day it may be that America’s time of demise will come.

    As for judging, it is a well-worn verse that is taken way out of context. Jesus said that we are to judge according to righteous judgment. Interestingly enough, you say not to judge and then have come to our blog and done just what you condemn. I am afraid that it is difficult, if not impossible, to take a stand such as you have because it requires you to ultimately have a double standard.

    On a final note, unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are only for those who come by grace through faith alone to the foot of the cross and place that faith in Jesus Christ alone. For those who do not believe, there is no forgiveness, there is ONLY condemnation and John 3:36 makes it clear that the wrath of God abides upon those who do not believe.

    The Desert Pastor


  15. cheryl Yankowski said: I stand on God’s word. My God does not delight in the death of anyone. Thou Shall Not Kill is not a suggestion it is a Commandment. Not only do I not support abortion I do not support any war in any form for any reason. What part of war contains love, mercy, loving kindness and justice. It is not for us as humans to judge another human being. That judgement is God’s alone. Do not feel righteous when you are against abortion and pro war. The sin of presumption is prevalent among those who say that they are true believers. Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness for all. Repent for the Lord draweth nigh, Begin within and recieve the Sabbath of the Lord–the removal of pointing the finger. In Christ’s Name, Cheryl

    Wow! There’s a lot to unpack from those statements!

    It pleased the Father to crush the Son on a cruel Roman cross (Isaiah 53:10). This was not, as some claim, cosmic child abuse but rather was the plan of the ages by which the Triune One True and Living God would reconcile sinful mankind unto Himself by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

    As The Desert Pastor has already pointed out the command Thou shalt not kill is a prohibition on premeditated cold-blooded murder and has no bearing whatsoever on self-defense, soldiers, policemen, etc. In fact in Matthew 8:5-13 Jesus personally commended the great faith of a Roman Centurion. If one knows anything about the history of Rome it ought to be patently clear that Roman Centurions were elite soldiers who no doubt had personally dispatched many opponents and the fact that Jesus commended this warrior’s faith instead of rebuking his bloody past ought to put to silence any doubts about this subject.

    As far as judging another human being once again The Desert Pastor has rightly pointed out that you’re guilty of the charges you level here by “judging” those who oppose abortion yet fight or support the fighting of wars. I’m sorry cheryl but you can’t have it both ways. Believers are commanded to judge righteously and although we’re unable to judge the heart – the eternal destination of the soul – we are commanded to judge the actions of others in accordance with how they line up with infallible scripture.

    Again I testify that The Desert Pastor has told you the truth in that unconditional love and forgiveness are reserved solely for all who are found by grace alone through faith alone in Christ Jesus alone. All others are righteously judged to eternal, fully conscious damnation in unspeakably horrific torments in hell forever and ever.

    Finally your admonition to “begin within” is the exact opposite of the teaching of the Holy Bible, God’s only true Word. There is nothing within depraved, sinful, corrupted human beings except for ravening wickedness. Anytime a sinful human looks within for the answer he or she is engaged in idolatrous self worship and is guilty of setting his or her desperately wicked heart and sinfully corrupted reasoning powers up as the high court of appeals and final judge instead of humbly submitting to the commands of scripture.

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever. (Psalm 111:10)

    In Christ,


  16. Religion is the whore of Babylon. We are not born sinners. We are born divine children of God. There is only one God of all. Love as taught by Our Lord and Savior is the only truth. As far as having faith in Jesus–I have had that since I was 12 years old. You have judged me and you don’t even know that I walk with Jesus daily. The only unforgivable sin is the denial of the Holy Spirit within. I don’t follow the laws of men. I go within and follow the Holy Spirit. Today is no different then in the days of Jeremiah. Every plate of those who call themselves preachers and ministers are full of filthy vomit. “My people have committed two evils, They have forsaken me the living waters and built for themselves broken cisterns that can hold no water.” I do all of His commandments. Thou shall not kill means thou shall not kill period. AMEN cheryl


  17. cheryl,

    I am afraid that your beliefs are contrary to the Word of God and you are therefore in direct violation of the commands of God.

    1. The Bible states clearly that we are ALL born sinners.
    2. NOBODY is born a divine child of God. Only those who come by grace through faith alone are the children of the Most High God.
    3. You stated you were born a divine child of God, but then go on to state that you have had faith since you were 12. If you were born a divine child of God, you would have no need to place faith in Jesus Christ.
    4. You also speak incorrectly when you say you follow the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and unrighteousness. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus Christ and guides us into the truth found in His word, not in feelings or emotions.
    5. You have also spoken in error when you state that you keep all of His commandments. This has ONLY been possible by One Person and that was the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Have you ever told even 1 little “white” lie? Have you ever coveted or desired or lusted for what did not belong to you? Have you ever hated another individual who made you mad (like the writers of blogposts or whoever)?

    James 2:10 says that if you have broken even one law, then you have broken them all. As every person in the world has broken at least one if not all three of the simple questions I posed above (including you and I as sinners), then the only way this can be corrected is through Jesus Christ who came to this world to save sinners. While there is none righteous, not even one person in this world, there are many who think they are good enough for God. Wrong answer!

    One last thing for now – you are correct in one point – Religion is the curse of mankind. True Biblical Christianity though is not religion. Religion is all of man and whatever parts of God you want to pick and choose. Salvation is ALL of God and has absolutely NOTHING to do with man!

    The Desert Pastor


  18. Cheryl,

    100%, I agree with The Desert Pastor. Cheryl, all of us should continue to study more the bible and the truth will set us free. Look what tell us to do Prov 27:2.



  19. I have suffered over the question about Obama “supporting” abortion for weeks now. I truly didn’t know how I could vote for him knowing that he supports partial birth abortion. But, the more I pray and the more I look at the issue, I realize that Obama is not “for” abortion, he is for a womans right to choose. Unfortuneately we have many women in this country who “choose” to have abortions. Think about the alternative. Do we really want to go backwards and have women go to the “Dr’s.” who would butcher them up so badley that they either die or are unable to have children or lead a normal life?
    Besides this issue, I, as a Christian, am very clear about who I am voting for. And the more I pray about it, the clearer it becomes. Abortion exists. It will exist with Obama or without him. Yes, even with McCain.
    Do not misunderstand. I am prolife, but I am also for a woman’s right to choose. I just wish women chose better!


  20. Dear Jo Jo:

    Allow me to direct your attention to the two short videos in this post. They use the very same arguments you used above for abortion (eh, uh, I mean “choice”) and applied them to other issues. You quickly begin to see the foolishness in those arguments.

    After all, Jo Jo, there will always be rape, so . . .

    – The Pilgrim


  21. BigBill-

    I am troubled by your assumption that anyone who is a memeber of, or even attends, an Assemblies of God church is an apostate. How can you judge everyone’s heart in an entire denomination? I certainly think that Catholic doctrine is heresy, but I would certainly not label everyone who attends a Catholic church an apostate. My Grandma was a “religious” Catholic and after I got saved, I read the journals she kept where all of her entries were penned to God. Reading these, her heart was revealed and I know that she had a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, despite the flawed doctrine of the Catholic church. While I agree wholeheartedly with judging the fruit of people’s lives, condemning to apostasy the entire population of one denomination is wholeheartedly wrong.

    Are your concerns about a woman running for leadership in a political arena Biblically founded? If they are, could you reference them for me please? I am just curious because this is something I want to further study out. As I undertsand it, the restrictions of women in leadership was meant for within the church only and wasn’t meant as a blanket command. I just want to do some further studying! Thank You!


  22. If you supported obama you support abortion (murder) gay marraige (abomination) Euthanasia (again murder) you voted against JESUS . JESUS would say to you! : Depart I know Ye not! You cannot vote for a devilcrat and be a follower nor will you be in the eternal kingdom!


  23. Say goodbye to the late, once great nation of America. No christian who professes to follow Jesus could have voted for Obama.To do so is saying I support this man in his beliefs, you dont have to actually be holding the sword to be guilty of murder, to put someone in the position to be able to do it is no different. I live in Australia, it will be broadcast over here, non stop. I will not be watching it. Between obama, rick warren and a gay bishop— oxy moron, any blessings america might’ve had are now gone. Australia is quickly catching up. Persecution is coming


  24. I definitely didn’t and wouldn’t vote for Obama but I plan on keeping him in prayer. Maybe the Lord will change his heart but even if he doesn’t, I do know the Lord is in control of the whole situation!


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