Racism, money, murder, and the presidential candidate.

4 thoughts on “Racism, money, murder, and the presidential candidate.

  1. The most telling comment by Obama to PP – “And men who have enough sense to realize you’re helping them as well.” Really? I thought this was about a woman’s choice over her body. How we don’t have a right to force a woman to continue to support a life that relies soley on her. Obama and PP knows very well what this is about – getting rid of babies that are in the way.


  2. Thanks PP for making it so easy for women of all races to be able to murder their babies in cold-blood with the help of doctors who have seared their conscience all for the sake of a huge paycheck!

    What a travesty in America! One day, America will give account – the liberals, the politicians, the presidential candidates, the doctors, the nurses, the mothers, the fathers, the PP clinics, etc. – BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE THEN!


  3. “Thanks to Planned Parenthood for all the work you do for families and for women across this country. And also for men who have enough sense to realize that you are helping them all across the country.”

    Yeah, Planned Parenthood is helping men all right. Helping them be irresponsible, to live the carefree lives of no consequences. They can have all the fun they want, get women pregnant and then not have to be burdened down with fatherhood or pay child support, no strings They can live free and easy –live it up. Yep, Planned Parenthood is ‘helping’ the men all right! Really strengthening families too, huh? NOT!.

    It sickens me to think this man may be our next president. God help us all!


  4. Thank you so much for this video. I am stunned at the audacity of Planned Parenting, although not surprised.

    What worries me greatly is that many Americans, who call themselves Christians, will view this video and still go ahead and vote for Obama. Absolute madness.

    Thank you for your continued work in raising awareness and telling it how it is.


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