Prosperity Message Jargon 101

Required education for those less discerning, in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “Prosperity Message Jargon 101

  1. Two more phrases that might help those less discerning get “into” the spirit. Those around you will think you have arrived. Just remember as you spout these wonderful phrases to reach into your pocket and give that Vitamin E oil pill a good squeeze!

    “Asta la shanta, unti mi bowti!”


    “Cella ma ya maha, buyem a honda!”

    By the way, I do have the gift of interpretation for those needing these ones translated!

    The Desert Pastor


  2. Or, if the “church” you just walked into has anybody on their staff with any of the following titles–you can expect a fleecing:

    * Apostle
    * Prophet
    * First Lady
    * Pastor (and it’s a woman)


  3. Isaiah,

    You nailed this one. I agree with Fourpointer – televandalist is great. So is all the grammangling. Great comments by The Desert Pastor as well.


  4. Ugh . . . I shudder.

    These phrases brought back such horrible memories for me. Numbers 22 and 27 really made me want to vomit, as they were so commonly and frequently used in the “churches” I fell into years ago (before I actually began reading my Bible).

    – The Pilgrim


  5. I was socialized into this stuff for 16 of my 17 years of living! These are nothing more than convenient buzzwords for the demonic, Satanically inspired tele-evangelist agenda! They should repent…before it is too late for them!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW the song was also pretty catchy 😉


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