Patricia King’s Excellent Adventure

This video is the kind of thing that passes for “Christian” these days. More from Patricia King’s Flying Circus (Hat tip: A Little Leaven):

6 thoughts on “Patricia King’s Excellent Adventure

  1. Just more of the Third Wave, Prophetic Movement stuff that is being poured out over the church these days.

    Nothing scriptural about it…


  2. All I can say is “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign”. She certainly has “gotten hold of a power” all right, and it comes straight from hell. Does she spend time in Sedona, AZ? That’s allegedly the world-wide center for shakra.


  3. That was hilarious. I was laughing with all the woes – that is actually a great pun for what is going on – but then the Warning: Do not attempt without a glory school education. Classic.

    By the way, the HOLY SPIRIT is WHO you are looking for? If you’re a Christian, shouldn’t HE be living inside you? It is so sad people believe this nonsense.


  4. Bogus! Great pun, it is. Hilarious, really.

    I just noticed all the while Patricia is talking about her ‘experiences’ she didn’t even cited relevant scriptures that can back up her claims. she hardly even looked at it. I feel she’s just using it as “props” to claim that it is “of God.”


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