Quotes (365)

John MacArthur“Death (of a Church) occurs when unbelievers are allowed to take over ministries in the church. It happens when a church becomes more concerned with form and liturgy than it is with life on a spiritual level. Death occurs when a church becomes more concerned about welfare and social ills than it is about salvation. It happens when a church loves systems more than it loves Jesus Christ. And it happens when a church becomes more concerned with material things than spiritual reality. That’s how a church dies. It all is a result of sin.

Sin–in any form that the church tolerates, whether it is in the members or the leaders. Tolerance of sin begins the cycle; then comes the tolerance of unbelievers in the church until no one cares who is a believer or an unbeliever. The end comes when the man who runs the church isn’t a believer. Sins of commission and omission kill a church little by little. When that happens, Christians become carnal. Soon afterwards, unbelievers come into the church, and then a total tolerance for sin exists. The church begins to die, and the people who really love Jesus Christ leave only to be replaced by people who don’t know Him.” —John MacArthur

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3 thoughts on “Quotes (365)

  1. That is true. Many discouraged believers leave churches, just to go elsewhere and find the same thing, so they quit again. Then, they are accused of not being good Christians, because they are not in church. Also, if they need help, they will not get it, because they do not belong somewhere. So, they end up on websites looking for fellow believers, so they can finally fellowship with someone, and exchange testimonies. I wish churches would put a flag outside, for believers, so they would know what to expect before they invest time there – green for alive, red for dead.



  2. Fantastic quote! So true, and so easy to see in the churches.

    That is what happens when people refuse to use discernment, and call it judgment instead.

    The thing is, church isn’t for sinners, it’s for Christians. Evangelism is where the church meets sinners and present the gospel to them.

    The church is the body of Christ, and is not joined to a harlot, or the unbeliever.

    But, tell that to most Christians today and they won’t accept it. So be it.

    Great quote.


  3. We left a corrupt mega church a few years back. Three years before we left we were talking with a former elder who told us about a conversation with a fellow elder.

    He said to our friend something to the effect of, ‘I really like this church and what we are doing here, but I am not really sure about the whole Jesus thing’.

    He had been chosen to be an elder because he was a wealthy tv producer.

    We kick ourselves that we didn’t leave the church as soon as we found that out. OF COURSE it would be a corrupt church. But until it impacted our family, we were blind to it.


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