So what you’re saying is that God wants me to party and mess me up?

Ever notice how so many of these “prophets” who claim to have “visions” go on to describe things about God that are so foreign to the God of the Bible that these alleged god-visions bear no resemblance to the nature of the holy One revealed in Scripture?

Oh, and as a bonus, Rick Pino is back to lead more youth astray with his doctrinally-void, trance-inducing, repetitious, square-dancing “worship” music. I can say I’ve never seen such a well-blended mix of the world’s music and that which is supposed to be honoring of God.

HT: A Little Leaven

And here’s an even more irreverent “holy ghost kegger-fest” complete with beach balls, guitar solos played with teeth, and complete disorder . . . all in church:

8 thoughts on “So what you’re saying is that God wants me to party and mess me up?

  1. You may already know this but when I posted about Rick Pino earlier I found the following information very interesting. He is right alongside Todd Bentley in his false teaching (and music).

    Rick Pino about his Angel of Awakening CD released May 2007.

    “In late October 2006 I was visited by the angel of Zechariah chapter 4. In this encounter, the Lord used this messenger to speak to me about how He was going to be releasing this mighty angel to blow the trumpet of awakening in the earth the following year. ‘Angel of Awakening’ is part of that emerging sound of awakening! A sound of bones rattling in the desert! This studio project is a compilation of songs that I have received from the Lord, and songs that the Lord poured out spontaneously in the sessions. As you listen, I pray that you would be awakened to love again, to life again, and to your destiny in Him as sons and daughters.”

    Rick Pino is the scheduled “Worship” Leader for Todd Bentley in September!

    Sep 26/08-Sep 26/08
    Abiding Glory Conference
    Speakers: Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson, Ryan Wyatt,
    Worship by: Rick Pino,
    Knoxville, TN, USA


  2. First, I am a born again spirit filled Christian who believes as a continuist so I am not speaking as one who has not been apart of the charismatic/pentecostal movement and am amember of a 4Square church. I am also a worship leader in said denomination. So don’t think I am speaking as one who doesn’t believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I do believe and also believe the scriptures support this, the Holy Spirit and the gifts were never ever supposed to be what we focus on as many of the churches do today. Jesus is the focus. Now…

    I have seen these vidoes before and I still feel like crying when I see this “worship” being done and then a “fire tunnell” as well.

    Boy, it sure looks to me like a very self-centered attitude rather than singing and worshiping about God. I can’t tell if this is a “concert” showing off talent and it’s all about them or what.

    The first video I have seen before and there have been many comments about it. Both in the false word and the strange worship.

    Tim H


  3. BW,

    I had no idea this travelling circus show was coming to my neck of the woods (Knoxville). Folks, I might just be coming face-to-face with this nonsense. Please pray for me that I would have descernment about how the Lord would have me to witness to the people who will be getting sucked in to this thing. Seriously.


  4. I just pray that in these 2 videos, There are some people out there who really have a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and just so happened to be in the wrong place to worship God.

    I grew up as a pentecostal and have been involved in the music ministry for a long time back when I was still in my old country. As open as I am to the move of God in the church, I still believe that God is a God of order. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the church is biblical. As Bereans, we are to test the Spirit and we do that by testing it against the infallible Word of God – the final authority. If it’s in the bible, then we acknowledge it, if it’s not we rebuke it and reject it.

    In this two videos that you posted…I’m saddened to see that it’s fleshly worship. It’s not spiritual at all. If you feel like you’re in a trancelike state, could just very well be because of the music you hear and not the Holy Spirit convicting you of your sins. I’ve been there, and I admit of this mistake that I have done it at times…There were times in church when I felt that if the song is not rocking out, and I’m not getting any response from the congregation, I felt that the Holy Spirit was not there. So what did I do, make sure that we get the music right, it should “set the mood.” I felt like I have to create an ambiance, a condition…Not realizing that maybe the reason that God is not moving because there is something seriously wrong about me?! I realized it now. God is holy…Everything that He is…is holy…And with me acting as an empty vessel to lead the people into worship, knowing that I have unconfessed sins, things in my life that God does not approve of…How can God use an unholy vessel?

    This is when I realized that…my so called “worship” was actually for me and not for God. I want to be satisfied by making sure I rock out! Give the congregation a good dose of highly intensified praise and worship song. Thinking its of God but realizing that I am only catering to my personal goal (to have a great time and a good reputation of having a good worship team), and to pleasing the emotional state of the congregation. I have confessed of this sins to God and have asked God for mercy and thank God that He has opened my eyes to alot of things about worship.

    When you’re in the presence of God during worship, there is change. genuine change. There’s humility…there’s the realization how frail I am, how weak I am, how sinful I am, and I am alive only because of the mercy of my King. This is why I worship God, because of how he saved me. Worship is an act of humility and awe. It’s not to get high with music. And that’s what these 2 videos show. Just kids who probably don’t even know who and why they’re worshipping. THE PRESENCE OF GOD CHANGES YOU!

    Honestly, I don’t know if i’m more saddened by what I saw or more frustrated by it. But thank you for posting the videos.

    The teeth biting solos that the guy did, I actually commend him for his skills as I do not discount that, as a musician (not every guitarist can play with their teeth LOL)
    H O W E V E R! That’s not the place nor the time to do that. In these videos, do you know what they are actually missing. 2 THINGS…

    2. and most importantly….THE REVERENTIAL FEAR FOR GOD.

    Right now…I can only shake my head in disappointment. God Bless you and please continue on, we need more of this. Continue to defend the faith and the Word of God. Praise God for brothers and Sisters like you. Thank you again for your time.



  5. There are not sufficient words to express the great HORROR of these two videos. Yes God is our friend but first He is GOD! We are not supposed to look and act like the world. This looks to me like a new form of idolatry. We can’t make God what we want Him to be so we can do what we want to do. He is all He will ever be. These people need prayer and I for one will stand in the gap.


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