Enough is enough already! When will this madness end?

HT: A Little Leaven

6 thoughts on “Ichabod!

  1. Is he cooking his Sunday lunch before the congregation or what??? I’m scared to even contemplate visiting American churches at this rate 😐


  2. Kerry from “Cirque du Shook” is apostate – I live about 15 miles from that circus and know some poor souls who flock there (and to Osteen’s house of madness). Funny how Shook points the news lady to the Song of Songs as “God’s sex manual” and then has to pick and choose which verses apply! Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.

    But what do you expect from a man who even jokingly refers to Victoria’s Secret as “that fine Christian store in the mall”?

    My momma was from Oklahoma and such things would cause her to remark”gag a maggot off a gut wagon.” My sentiments exactly.


  3. lol I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this………i can’t actually believe my eyes……………….. Kerry Shooks church is life coaching, sex advice, financial advice and a bunch of nonsense all rolled into one……..there is a video on the net somewhere of them doing a big pirate show and they had on stage a big pirate ship with all the special effects an stuff…….and i think it was for an Easter message!!!!! this defies belief really……….. yes the church should talk about sex……..but im thinking more Sex and the Supremacy of Christ (John Piper, Justin Taylor et al)…..and it should be done in informal midweek classes for those who wish to attend……..my church did that 2 years ago and it was based on the teching from Pipers book. I mean think of the single guys and girls in that church…….who’s lust is being fuelled by all that talk of “spicy sex” and “Victorias Secret”…..the young guys visualise it and then go and fail……what a joke…..im with Douglas…..im british and i’m glad!!! I’m afraid of America exporting that stuff to our shores!!! help us defcon…..dont let them do it!! Pleaaasssseeeeee!!!


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