Breaking: Todd Bentley can heal cancer, but not his own marriage

Just found this over at I’m Speaking Truth:

It also appears that Todd’s is leaving his wife:
Separation May End Bentley’s Lakeland Appearances

Todd Bentley, the evangelist who has led the Florida Outpouring revival here in Lakeland since April 2, has filed for separation from his wife and might not return to the revival, according to his former local spokesperson, Lynne Breidenbach. She said Bentley made the announcement to his staff this afternoon. Bentley and his wife, Shonnah, have two daughters and a son and are Canadian citizens. Under Canadian law, separation is a first step in divorce proceedings and takes nine months. Bentley and his wife have been in marriage counseling for several months, Breidenbach said. She called the situation “very sad” but insisted it “doesn’t invalidate what Todd did” at the revival.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m laughing at this situation, as God hates divorce (Malachi 2:14-15). But, like IST, I find this situation highly ironic, in that Bentley claims that God is working through him to work “signs and wonders,” yet God can’t manage to put the Bentleys’ marriage back together.

52 thoughts on “Breaking: Todd Bentley can heal cancer, but not his own marriage

  1. Breidenbach is right; this separation doesn’t ivalidate what Todd Bentley did in the revivals. The Word of God invalidates what he did.

    Another thought. Maybe God did heal Benley’s marriage; we just can’t verify it with objective evidence. Just like all those healings and ressurections; there’s no tangible proof.


  2. To be honest on reading this i actually feel a little sad. I have no idea why to be honest because I am so against Lakeland “False” Revival and the lies and heresies that have gone forth from Todd’s lips at this. But i do feel compassion for Mr Bentley, His wife and his children and to be honest I think it is with news like this that we who are discerning and seeking to stand for truth, should show that we actually do have the love of Christ in us….as such i think we should commit Mr Bentley and his family to prayer.

    I think of the trauma that his young children must be going through and even the emotional stress he himself is going through. This may be the point of brokeness that God is bringing Mr Bentley to in order to correct him………..unlikely yes….or it could be that God is ordaining this to stop the revival…i do not feel that establishing why is important though.

    In no way am I a Bentley Sympathiser but I am a Christian……..and as such I want none to perish…….i think of Spurgeon who said that should anyone go to hell, then let them have to walk over our dead bodies to get there.

    Bentley needs prayer for lots of things… we all do………let this be a prime example for others thought that defcon is not about heresy hunters filled with a cynical hatred in their hearts but rather a website whos visiters and hosts are dedicated to defending and contending for the truth………..without losing the aspect for compassion and Christian love……..even against those we deem to be heretics or enemies of the faith who teach the doctrines of demons.

    I am a firm believer in standing for the truth…..and im not like those evangelicals who claim to be reformed conservatives but are actually liberal emergents, who say one thing but mean the other………….i genuinely love this website and all that it stands for….im on it everyday and it has proven to be a major blessing to me…….but on an issue like this i really do feel we should lift Todd Bentley and his family to prayer.

    Just a thought.


  3. Have any of you thought that maybe the breakup of the marriage is the healing? The problem with prayer is people ask God to do His own will, which is tantamount to saying, “Please do what you were going to do anyway.”


  4. This is what happends when man creates a revival in the name of Jesus. I went to this counterfeit revival several times and God spoke to me spirit each time tha this is not of Him. I should have listened the first time! Todd needs deliverance from the spirits that have consumed him. Pray for Todd.
    Tony from Tampa Fl


  5. marriage is hard… and it is a picture of Christ and His church. maybe Todd sacrificed his family on this false alter? how sad would that be? maybe he just needs to become a man and biblical serve his bride? God knows……
    can you imagine trying to correct a guy like this? a guy who thinks he is having conversations with Jesus? that would make everything he thinks he hears infallible!!
    it’s no wonder counceling don’t work.
    may this man repent of his sin. may this precious family be restored.


  6. First of all, if people were truly healed at his meetings, wouldnt it be God doing the healing anyway? Secondly, everyone here seems to want to crucify a “charasmatic guy”, though a lot of his theology is off, for getting on the road to divorce. I guess he is an easy target, but divorce can hit anyone who puts the ministry above their family. Let’s try the Baptist poster boy Charles Stanley for instance. No one said anything when he went through it. Todd may be a lot of things, but that should give no one the right to hammer away while going through such a tragic thing. Let’s stop judging. Billy Graham said this, “It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge, and my job to love.” No wonder people don’t want to admit anything to so called Christians, because all they would do is make people feel worse. I am not going to point fingers and laugh at the guy, cause I know that if I ever got off track I wouldn’t want people to do that to me.


  7. First of all, if people were truly healed at his meetings, wouldnt it be God doing the healing anyway?

    That’s just the thing. Nobody was getting healed. It was just another dog-and-pony show meant to appeal to people’s desire for some “experience.” And here’s the thing: if this whole quote-unquote “revival” was of God, do you think God could not see so far into the future that He couldn’t see what this would do to TB’s marriage? Just like the goofy guy here in Knoxville who’s suing his church because there wasn’t anybody there to catch him when he fell out in the spirit” (whatever that means).

    Let’s try the Baptist poster boy Charles Stanley for instance. No one said anything when he went through it.

    Oh yes they did! There were many members of his staff that quit (or threatened to quit) if he didn’t resign his post and work on his marriage. In fact, his son Andy didn’t speak to him for quite some time because of it.

    But here’s the difference between Charles Stanley and Todd Bentley: Charles Stanley preaches the word of God in truth, standing on the word of God ALONE, while Todd Bentley is nothing more than a shyster who is fooling people into thinking he has some “anointing” and telling people that it is more important to believe in some stupid “Angel Emma” than it is to believe in Christ Jesus. With Charles stanley, the focus is on Christ. With Bentley, the focus is on man and his “felt needs.”


  8. Here’s a possibility: People who claim Jesus talks to them are egotistical goons who imagine their own voice is divine.


  9. four’finger’pointer,

    Well I guess the Word that Charles Stanley preaches and stands on didn’t work for him either? Just admit that people are flawed, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, Todd Bentley, you, me, we all are. No one has the perfect handle on theology, and when it all comes down to it people are selfish. They do what they want to do. What are the grounds for divorce? hmmmmm. I guess niether Stanley or Bentley had/has them?!

    How do you know the “nobody” was getting healed?


  10. Too many people in my church are starting to fall for the shenanigans of this fly-by-night charlatan. Please, Todd, just get this megalomania out of your system so that Christendom can go back to preaching the Gospel and advancing the Kingdom of Christ.


  11. It matters not that Bentley is getting a divorce. That’s not what makes him a false teacher. And in fact, the issue of the divorce allows his followers to keep the attention away from his false teachings and on the issue of his divorce (a simple extension of a man who has rejected the true gospel).

    Bentley preaches another gospel, and as long as Galatians chapter 1 is still the Word of God, then Bentley is still anathema!

    – The Pilgrim


  12. This revival is not about Todd Bentley..he said that over and over again. Many people have been healed. I was there and the media did not tell the truth. Everyone that goes has word to share how God has worked in their lives and how they were healed. These people weren’t even on stage. Shame on Christians who attack their brother in Christ. Most of what is on the internet are partial truths. You wouldn’t do that with scripture so why do it what is being put out there as truth. Discern yes, but leave the attacks to the enemy…don’t become the enemy yourselves. The Bible is filled with people that failed….yet God still moved. I’m so ashamed at how many in the body of Christ has handled this. No wonder the world doesn’t want to seek the Lord.


  13. His Child,

    Two things

    “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge. Since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness.” (ROMANS 10:1-3)

    1) People at the Revival i believe do have a zeal for God Himself- but they fail to realise God has chosen to reveal himself in His word- written and Incarnate in Christ. However, as in the verse below, their zeal is not based on firm biblical foundations. Our faith is not an irrational, everything goes in the name of Christ faith, yes God does do things at times that are hard to understand or that are beyond our understanding, but no, that does not mean that everything that has Christ name attached to it is genuine and of God….think of Paul in talking to the Corinthians about the “Super-Apostles”. We are to be like the beareans in studying the scriptures, and every Christian has the duty to “rightly divide the word of truth”. At university this year i attended a mormom meeting to do some outreach and all the mormon guy talked about was “the presence of the Lord” the “experience” he had the “power” of the Lord came upon him when he fell ill one time……and it struck me…..that is exactly why God gave us his infallible word…to protect us from evil…..ungodly and demonic teaching. Realise this…..a spy doesn’t go into enemy territroy shouting “Im a spy….an impostor”….no…he goes in quietly masquerading as one of them…..likewise are we so dumb to not realise that Satan himself raises up such men to do a similar thing on Gods church???of course he does!! how dumb does the modern day Christian think Satan is??? we underestimate the enemy greatly and leave ourselves open to be devoured by him (1 Peter 5:8)….there is such an unwillingness to submit to the word of God these days………..because people are lovers of themselves and gather round them teachers who tell them what their itching ears want to hear.

    Point 2- God has appointed preaching the gospel to bring people to faith.

    “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17)

    I have watched the Lakeland revival on many occassions (i live in N.IRELAND so obv cant attend) and I can honestly say I have not heard the gospel preached once…..yes Jesus name has been mentioned….yes Todd at times gives glory to Jesus……….but the falseities that he speaks far outweigh anything good that he speaks. The gospel must be preached in full…the whole counsel of God….not heeby jeeby stuff about angels called emma and operating tables in heaven where angels cut him open and spooned his guts out…… Jesus said you will know them by their fruits…………the fruits I see at this revival from the people involved make me cringe as they are blatantly unbiblical and erred…… its more like the rotten apple i found in my bag the other day than the fresh one i ate last night…..both are “fruits” but the fresh apple was the healthy option….cos the rotten apple would have made me ill!!Yes people may have been saved at the revival………..but that is only because of Gods sovereign grace……but it does not mean that the “revival” will have been worthwhile or a good thing… just means God is so sovereign of the devils schemes that he turns certain things round for the good. The “fruits” of this revival will leave many people’s faiths shattered in the years to come……….watch this space.


  14. I am very encouraged to read the comments on this web site. I have been watching the “God” channel here in N.Ireland and am horrified by the antics of Todd Bentley and his crowd. I am ashamed for Christians all over the world who are being associated with him in the name of Christianity and am praying that these broadcasts will be stopped. It is recent converts and christians who have no knowlege of people who behave likewise who are taken in by the falsehoods and posturing of men like this. So many poeple think that because people SEEM to be healed he must be of Christ. I feel both sorry and very concerned for Todd,his family and all who are associated with hime and am praying that they will come to realise how much harm they are doing to the church (meaning the Christian family worldwide) and will realise how they themselves have been deceived by the one who is well practiced in deceit!


  15. His Child Says, “No wonder the world doesn’t want to seek the Lord.”

    i just want to correct you in the fact that world does not seek God:
    the world hates God, and only seeks to make graven images ( a god of their own understanding) because they know enough in thier wicked hearts about God to hate him.
    but i would also submit to you that “the world” knows a charlatan when it sees one.
    (if you refer to my previous post, this is the harshest thing i’ve said about Todd)
    this is the type of thing that does more damage to Christianity than anything.
    to correct a “brother” or expose a harmful teaching is commanded in scripture.
    but what Todd is doing is fullfilling scripture as well:
    Romans 2:24: “for the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles”
    again…refering to my last comment :
    may this man repent of his sin. may this precious family be restored.


  16. Patricia King is making it sound like God didn’t see the future and used a person who was spending more time in Paul’s cabin than at home with his family, to host the so-called greatest revival since Pentecost. Yes, there is a spirit there but is it the Holy Spirit, this is the greatest deception since Pentecost.

    my dove


  17. Jason and His Child,

    If you look under “Categories” and click “Charismania” you will find many articles and videos about how this huckster has been deceiving people–especially with all of his nonsensical ramblings about some stupid “angel of winds of change.” Todd Bentley is nothing more than a master showman, a quote-unquote “faith healer” along the lines of WV Grant, AA Allen, Morris Cerullo and Ernest Angley. You can even watch this video and listen to how one former shyster did his thing in making people think they were being healed.

    And no, just because he’s getting divorced does not make his work false–it simply proves it was false. Because if this man is some “prophet” then the word of God says that he is to make his marriage right. And if he doesn’t then (a) he is not a prophet, or (b) he is not hearing from God.

    I wonder–considering how Todd has “healed” some of these people (beating up old ladies, and kneeing a cancer victim in the stomach), I wonder if he will try to use the same techniques on his wife in order to reconcile their mariage?


  18. Todd please stay in Canada. We have enough of our on false Prophet’s in Florida(Paula and Randy). Thanks the Lord for exposing him before more people flew from all over the world to see this Crazy Man! Many people borrowed money and sold personal property just to get here to see this nut. God will surley bless them but He will deal with Bentley. Vengence is the Lords! This is only the tip of the iceberg. If they dig deeper into his Fresh Fire Ministry you will find other fallen leaders of that church. It seems like a spirit of alcohol and homosexuality have visited that ministry in the past. Repent Todd before it is too late!


  19. It seems that all great moves of the Holy Spirit begin with a wave of true, deep repentance. Look at the successful, valid revivals in history. Even before Christ began his ministry, and the dove of the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, John the Baptist brought repentance. In the one true revival I have particpated in, we began every night, for seventy or eighty nights, on our knees in repentance, cleaning up so the Spirit would come and fill clean vessels. Not unlike Azusa Street.

    There was no serious, sustained repentance associated with Flakeland. Repentance may have gotten token mention on one of two nights, basically as lip service, like the way Bentley would occasionally toss off the name of Jesus once or twice while pronouncing eight or ten so-called healings. A few buzz words don’t make it the Real Thing.


  20. Todd Bentley has unfortuntately let alot of people down and needs serious help. I believe in Lakeland and the healings that happened there. I personally saw my 14 year old daughter get her eyes healed while we were watching the “revival” on the internet one night. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not because I know the truth. It never was about Todd anyweys and whether someone is preaching some false doctrine or not God can use anyone anytime for his will and purpose.

    The big thing that I look to now is not Todd’s heart because I think he needs some work there (and as if we didn’t know that anyways) but where is your heart? How big is your stone you have in your hand?? Are you willing to throw it at him?? What about the huge log in your eye??

    Just a thought for a reality check on our own hearts. It ie easier to point at the negative but for whose purpose is that??


  21. I was at Lakeland for three days. The most positive thing I saw was a great hunger in the body of Christ for the Kingdom of God on earth. I am greatly encouraged that people are tired of the status quo. The character assassins offer nothing to a lost generation but to argue over what the bible says or doesnt say. If we all spent our time in prayer and doing what the Word tells us to do we would all be a lot better off. I am deeply grieved for Todd Bentley and am praying for Him and His family. I can also say that I have wasted countless hours arguing with stone throwers. I pray for them too. My wife and I have been greatly impacted by our trip to Lakeland. The fist thing we did when we got home was change a few of our habits that hindered the flow of God in our lives, not get on the computer and assassinate others who do not see the Word the way we do.


  22. Whoever sows discord among the brethern such as Mr. Bentley will face sudden calamity without remedy. GOD HATES THIS. Prov. 6:19 and he that soweth discord among bretheren. Prov 6:15 Therefore shall his clamity come suddently; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. Prov 6:14 he soweth discord. Now don’t start getting huffy with me. I didn’t write these verses. Neither did I interpret them incorrectly. People you better start fearing our Lord and Saviour (and stop messing with the flock’s minds) and respect and know and love him and his Word. Bentley doesn’t. BAM, BAM, BAM yourself Mr. Bentley. God hates this kind of discord and will not tolerate it . He is so messed up he can’t even develop unity within his own marriage how then shall he bless the church? People wake up.

    Repent Bentley. NOW.
    How dare you pray for the sick. Better lay hands on yourself and your sick teachers.
    Go impart your Kundalini spirit and your female devils and your goofy angels to a Hog or something. Leave God’s people alone or He will smack you down, really hard.


  23. i think this is unfortunate….and it must be understood that most of those who oppose and expose the false, harmful teachings of Mr. Bently are not looking for “ammo” or “stones to throw”… to even imply this is disgusting, abusive, and ungodly. you should be ashamed.
    if you read my previous posts you will see that i am confident that God’s word is enough to rebuke what TB is doing, and it needs to be done.
    my thoughts and prayers are for this man’s poor family and nothing would make me happier to see a broken, newly created Todd Bentley. how awesome would it be to see him appear in a press conference and admit the sham!
    Todd…if by chance you happen to read this, click on my name…go to my blog… and contact me. i will pray with you and help you any way i can


  24. To Jason:

    If you are reading this, you have probably noticed that your comment was deleted. What, you think you can call the admistrators of this blog names and still have your comments remain? And no, it wouldn’t matter if you had done so to Bill, Pilgrim, Isaiah, CD, or DP. You call us names, your comments disappear. I’m not trying to be petty, but that’s just the way it is. You don’t go into another man’s house and ridicule him and think you’re going to stay. Disagree all you want, make your case as strongly as you wish–but when you get to calling names, you’ve crossed the line.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Well, why can you call Todd Bentley names, but no one can call you names?” Here’s the thing: The things we call TB (heretic, false prophet, etc) are true. He is a peddler of his quote-unquote “gift,” mocking God, taking the focus off of Christ and putting it on himself and the flesh.

    And how do I know what you’re thinking? Because I am an anointed prophet of God. No, I don’t have to prove it. I said it, that’s all anybody needs to know. I mean, if that’s good enough for Bentley, then it’s good enough for anybody else. All anybody has to do is claim an “anointing” and the people will flock to them (see also Joseph Smith, Mohammed…).


  25. Look, in no way am I building a case for Bentley. I mean, let’s face it, it’s all come out in the wash. I am trying to make a case for the fact that God can work among His people in spite of people. Earlier you said that no one was getting healed. That is a very careless and irresponsible thing to say. I mean, I don’t believe that I have to run down to Lakeland for God to heal me, but for some I am sure that was a last resort. I am sure that there were “some” who God healed.

    With no name calling here, so my post can stay up because I really want to here your response because I didnt get one yesterday……Do you believe that God can heal people today? Regardless if people claim anionting or not. If God chooses to use people or not. Through prayer, do you believe that God can heal people? Yes or no?


  26. Jason,

    Of course God can heal people. That’s not what we’re saying. But we also have to remember one thing: even the “man of lawlessness” will be able to do miraculous things.

    2nd Thessalonians 2:9–9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Are there healings going on in Lakeland? Perhaps. Doubtful, but perhaps. God will not work through a man who allows himself to be mentored by people like Bob Jones, Paul Cain, and the rest of the Kansas City Heretics. A man who claims that if God doesn’t move, He will move God. But make no mistake–God will allow people to believe what is happening by the power of Satan if they ant to badly enough.

    There may be a spirit flowing through Todd Bentley. But are you sure it’s the Holy Spirit?


  27. Sooooo, Satan is healing people at what would be seen or understood to be a “Christian” event? Once again, not making a case for what TB believes or has taught, but the guy has preached on Christ crucified, buried, and rose again. I know that. Has he been misguided, sure, but you are making him out to be demon possessed.

    I would probably agree with you about his methods, but I have to believe that, some level, his motives started out right and for the Lord. You obviously don’t consider him a brother in the Lord. Don’t you think that someone could start out with pure motives and be swayed? Call him a heretic, and a false prophet, fine. Let’s all grab some stones be Biblical about this whole thing and kill him then. Or, instead of bashing the guy, and feverishly working on photoshop to create ridiculous pictures, lets pray for him and his family, that God could bring TB back(or in your case “to”) to Himself.


  28. Jason,

    Satan works in a lot of things that are considered Christian. Some people consider TBN to be Christian. Some consider Mormonism to be Christian. Some consider a lot of things to be Christin. But that does not make them Christian. And do not be fooled–on any given Sunday morning, Satan is sitting in church pews, standing in pulpits, and singing in choirs all across the country.

    That said, the question I suppose at this point is: How did Todd Bently come to be doing the things he’s doing? Did he start out with the “right motives?” Perhaps. But so did Joseph Smith (If you read “History of the Church” found in the “Pearl of Great Price,” he was seeking which church to join,. and asking for wisdom from God. I think we all know how that turned out.). So did Charles Taze Russell. So did Aimee Semple McPherson and Rodney Howard Browne. Matter of fact, even the Pharisees had the “right motives.” But “right motives” don’t always produce “right results.” As Jesus said, a tree is known by its fruit. What kind of fruit has Todd Bentley produced? Patricia King. ‘Nuff said.

    But I would have to wonder about even his motives. Now, slow down–I’m not saying he had some diabolical reasons for doing what he’s doing. But one has to wonder why he would willingly follow–as I mentioned earlier–the teachings of men like William Branham, and Paul Cain, and Bob Jones. Anybody with any intelligence who reads what these men said would see them right off the bat to be heretics. And to consider them mentors? That’s just outrageous. And that’s what makes us question where Bentley is coming from, and how he can call himself a “prophet of God” when he can’t even see the truth when it stares him in the face.

    Why do we speak out against Bentley’s teachings? Because they are a continuation of the heresies spawned by Branham, Jones, Cain, Joyner, Bickle, etc. And unless he repents and renounces these men and their teachings, then he is in league with them, and he is leading people away from the truth.


  29. Uzzah had good intentions when he reached out his hand to steady the ark, but, as Matthew Henry wrote, it is not enough to say of that which is ill done that it was well meant.


  30. foutpointer mentioned motives…. whether they be diabolical or not.
    i know that this may start a new string of argument or debate…and it is something that i have thought for quite awhile.
    i beleive that God can and does change the hearts of disgusting people, including child molesters.
    child molesters are abusive, sadisctic, narcisistic, self seeking and extemely manipulative people.
    over the past few months, when i watched Todd on tv, there was that nagging fact in my mind that maybe this man has never truly repented. not just contrite or sorry for what he was convicted of in the past, but for all his sin.
    there is a possibility that his motives are diabolical and he does not even know
    because of some severe mental health issues.


  31. Man I feel so saddened at the lack of understanding shown on comments sections. When i first came to faith I used to watch guys like TB and think it was awesome…..Pat Robertson and others etc…. I was clueless to biblical truth to me being a spiritual baby. Now, however, it is a different story, 4 years later I see these guys for who they are. I have done my research and read the Word of God.

    John Macarthur recently said something that made me stand up and take note. He said “Satan doesn’t mark the road to hell as being “the road to hell”, that wouldn’t be very deceiving of him would it? No…rather her marks the road to hell asthe road to heaven and he lines it with all the things that our sinful flesh crave”

    How stupid are we to not realise that when a spy infiltrates enemy territory he either goes in under the cover of darkness or else he goes in masquerading AS the enemy. Satan has people in the Christian church who preach Jesus….the only thing is that they don’t teach the whole counsel of God. I cannot say what will happen to people who do not hold fast to the truth due to conmen etc…..but there must be deep repentance before one comes to faith. Somone remarked earlier about historical revivals having deep repentance as a characteristic. That is absolutley spot on. the Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Welsh Revival, Scottish Revival etc etc all had people mourning over their sin….the problem with today is that so many people in todays seeker-sensitive, experience focussed, emotionally charged churches do not realise that repentance is so key.

    Dr. Art Azurdia, author of Spirit Empowered Preaching, did a sermon not to long ago at the Master’s College California… was about true repentance……Teaching from the Book of Jonah this sermon is masterful and it is a must for every professing Christian to hear.

    There is no sense of the holiness of God today, there is no sense of his true majesty, there is no awareness of the seriousness of sin and God’s hatred for it. Yes God is love…but this is love…that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.

    I have not seen Mr Bentley talk about repentance once. He just tells stories. I cant believe people are so blind. Psalm 51 isn’t in the Bible for no reason…..neither is Jonah…neither is the words of Jesus calling out “REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is near”…..also with all this talk of God’s love today, wishy-washy sentimental love that is and not real love, you might find it intersting to know that in the whole book of Acts Gods love is not mentioned once. there was the call to repent and believe.

    I could be wrong there….can’t remember where i read it or heard it….and its early morning here so please correct me if I am wrong fourpointer!!

    Thought I would leave a quote on here from Charles Spurgeon. He once said
    “You and your sin must part, or else you and your God will never come together”

    Reformed Pilgrim


  32. Tom Harvey, I think these are the sermons pilgrim was talking about.

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]


  33. Jason,

    It is a well-known fact that Spurgeon enjoyed a cigar from time to time. However, he was not, as you say, a “chain-smoker.”

    And what does that have to do with Todd Bentley? Absolutely nothing. It is simply a smokescreen (no pun intended) to try and relativise and rationalize Bentley’s behavior. Much like Mormons do when confronted with the deeds of their “prophets.” They claim, “Well, david had a bunch of wives! Moses killed a guy! Jeremiah made false prophecies!” All in an attempt to avoid facing the facts that they follow a false religion. And Jason, I am afraid that tactic won’t work here. Whether or not Spurgeon smoked an occasional stogie is completely irrelevant from the conversation at hand. Why not address the points I made, rather than try and change the subject? Which is this: Bentley gets his theology from a bunch of heretics. Men who are famous for being heretics. And he knew that from the get-go, it is influencing his “ministry” and bearing bad fruit (Patricia King).


  34. Smokescreen… all seriousness……very nice! It was intended as a joke, but I digress.

    To throw all of those people in one big stew of heresy causes me to think that you have never really searched for what they truly believe(or believed), other than what you googled or found some youtube clip that could make your beloved Spurgeon or Calvin a heretic, is very irresponsible. Here is an exerpt form Mike Bickle’s book Passion for Jesus(the title even sounds heretical, sarcasm):

    “Christianity in America and much of the world right now is not God-centered. It’s centered on needs, successes, wholeness, or spiritual gifts. Althoughall of these issues are important, they are not to be the focus, but the by-product, of genuine spirituality…….The day of the spiritual superstar is over. God is not interested in making men, ministries or churches famous. He is looking for believers who are ablaze with passion and devotion for His Son, and who are committed to spreading His name throughout the nations”.

    Now, does that sound heretical to you? Now, I know what you are saying(to pull a phrase from your posts), “He never talked about repentance.” Yes he does. All throughout that book are quotes from Packer, Tozer, and Spurgeon. Why would such a heretic follow so closely to their teachings. Birds of a feather, flock together?! Doesn’t sound like Bickle was leading anyone AWAY from Christ, but only TOO Him. Be very careful who you call a heretic my friend.

    Do we need to look for false prophets? Yes! Do we need to warn people against a lot of those TV guys? You’d better believe it. But, to just lump a bunch of people together who you don’t line up with what your doctrinal positions are is very narrow-minded.

    As for Bentley, is he a victim? No. Should he repent for things? Absolutely. Am I upset at what has happened? My heart truly breaks for the reproach he brought on Christ with the relationship he had. Like I have said 10 times, I DON”T agree with all of his theology or methodology, but I can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is no way that you know what happened every night there. You don’t know how many times he called people to Christ.

    You keep harping on who he followed, and who is following him. Let’s hear about the fruit from your tree. How many followers of Christ have you produced? How many followers of Christ have you produced that ever did something stupid, or got a little wacky? If you are a pastor, how many people have you led into a discipling relationship with Christ outside the pulpit? What would the fruit from your tree taste like?

    Why don’t you stop stoning the guy, and make a case for more accountability in ministry? Those who are without sin, cast the first stone.

    You should be proud of me, no name calling this time.

    and seriously…….with all seriousness…….smokescreen was really good. I laughed! I was only joking about the chain smoking thing, and really was not trying to divert from Bentley. BTW, check out the pastor in Australia who wrote this song called HEALER. He apparently was terminally ill, come to find out he was not. I don’t know who I am more upset with Bentley, or a guy who claims he had cancer to sell a song.


  35. Jason,

    Would you like to know more about William Branham, who taught the heresy known as ‘modalism’? How about:

    “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is offices of one God. He was the Father; He was the Son; He is the Holy Ghost. It’s three offices or three dispensations,…” (Conduct, Order, Doctrine, p. 392).

    “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost has one name, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Conduct, Order, Doctrine, p.392).

    “MY REVELATION by the Holy Spirit is: Christ, and the Holy Spirit is the self same person, only in a different form… I Now, that is one of the mysteries of the last days, how that Christ can be the three persons in One. It is not three different people–Father, Son, and Holy Ghost–being three gods as the trinitarians try to tell us it is. It’s three manifestations of the same Person, or you might call it three offices….Notice now, the Holy Spirit and the revelation and Christ is another form That’s right. ” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p.156-157)

    Branham was NOT preaching the “One God in three Persons” view of the Trinity, but rather the TD Jakes/Sabellius heresy.

    We all know Paul Cain was a drunken homosexual. And that Bob Jones made women stand naked before him. Bickle? He was the least looney of the bunch (which is kinda like saying Moe was the smart Stooge). His claim to fame is this “prophecy”–

    “There’s Apostles, there’s Imminent Apostles and there’s MOST IMMINENT APOSTLES. . . . There’s various levels of Apostles and the Lord was showing that. . . . out of This Movement there would be 35 apostles. . .that will be of the highest level of apostolic ministry. . .the whole government of this movement in its highest level in all places it goes. . . .the government rests on Apostles and Prophets……Though I believe there will be hundreds of apostles in this movement and every movement will have its apostles and prophets, I believe God, He’s merging Apostles in a number of movements now and He’s going to add prophets to the prophets that are already there and He’s going to bring us to higher statures.” (Visions & Revelations, Kansas City Fellowship.)

    It may interest you to read about this man’s experience leaving the prophetic movement here and here. This is not an “outsider,” but someone who was part of this “movement” and has shown why it is false. I would encourage you to read it.

    Just found this out–seems as though Todd was getting drunk in more than the spirit. This from Bentley’s friend Tom Arnott:

    Furthermore, it has now come out that there has been some inappropriate behavior, both with excessive drinking and also with a female member of his staff. Please don’t jump to conclusions or assume the worst, but this behavior is wrong before the Lord.


  36. Those are the right sermons by the way….nice find difficultway. Hope u enjoy them Tom….let me know!!!!


  37. FP,

    So ALL of those guys are heretics, and your boy Calvin wasn’t?

    John Calvin was also a heretic. Calvin taught infant baptism and that the Sacraments were EQUAL with the Word of God.

    John Calvin, taught baptismal regeneration (i.e., the unbiblical teaching that a person must be baptized in order to go to Heaven). He even had people killed for disagreeing with his heresy on infant baptism.

    John Calvin taught that Jesus only died for saved people. The Word of God proclaims that Christ came to save sinners, not just certain sinners. Listen to the plain teaching of 2 Peter 3:9, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” This Scripture clearly reveals that it is possible for ALL men to repent. God is NOT willing for any to perish. If Calvinism is correct, then how can you reconcile God’s desire for all men to repent if He only predestinates certain of them to salvation?

    C’mon now. Just admit people are flawed and we need more accountability and covering in ministry. Is TB messed up, obviously, but you can’t discredit the work of the Holy Spirit in peoples lives. So, God is not bigger than TB? Just say that you will pray for the man and his family(and mean it), and I will leave you alone.

    BTW, you never answered my question about the fruit from your tree.


  38. Again, you try and deflect criticism away from Todd Bentley by shifting the focus elsewhere. Just admit people are flawed and we need more accountability and covering in ministry. Are people flawed? Yes. So does that mean that we should listen to someone like Joseph Smith, because he was flawed? How about Charles Taze Russell? He was just a little flawed. Maybe we should join the Jehovah’s Witnesses–they mean well. Maybe we should join with everybody who preaches heresy about who Christ is, since they are working in the Holy Spirit.

    And I’m not sure where you got your info re:Calvin and sacraments. Perhaps you could cite where you got your info? But in his “Institutes of the Christian Religion,” he spends chapter after chapter refuting the silly notion that we can do anything to effect–let alone keep–our salvation by merit or sacrament. And he taught infant baptism. He saw it as being a “replacement” of circumcision in the new covenant. However, that does not make one a heretic. Wrong, yes–but it does not affect one’s salvation.

    This Scripture clearly reveals that it is possible for ALL men to repent.

    1st Corinthians 12:3–No man can call Jesus Lord but by the Holy Spirit.

    John 6:44–“No man can come to me unless My Father draws him.”

    John 10:27-29–“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all”

    Ephesians 1:4-5–just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will

    Romans 9:14-23–What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not! For He says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion.” So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy. For the Scripture says to the Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth.” Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens.
    You will say to me then, “Why does He still find fault? For who has resisted His will?” But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor?
    What if God, wanting to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory?

    The verse in 2nd Peter you refer to–read it carefully. “He is longsuffering towrd US” (or some translations say “YOU”)–It does not say He is longsuffering to ALL, but only to those whom He has chosen. In this passage, Peter is talking about the last days, and the destruction of the wicked. He is saying that God will preserve the faithful, and save them from the fiery judgment that will come upon the world. In fact, in verse 15, he writes, “and consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation—as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, has written to you.” This passage does not talk about men having the ability to come to Christ on their own. It is talking about God saving His people through Tribulation. And besides, DOES God desire that all men be saved? Yes. But will every man be saved? Does He save every man? No. So in order for 2 Peter 3:9 to teach that God desires all–every person–to be saved, then we would have to teach universalism.

    Will we pray for Todd? Yes. We will pray that he repents of the heresies he has learned, that he will admit that the whole “Revival” thing was a sham, and that he will allow God to use him for the glory of God.

    BTW, you never answered my question about the fruit from your tree.

    God gave me (and each of those who minister with me at our church in the projects) one talent, and we are seeking God’s leding in making it increase. The fruit from my tree–people are hearing the true word of God being taught. Some embrace it and follow it. Others reject it and walk away. But the ones who listen are growing in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now, I know that isn’t as grand as what Todd is doing. But I’ll just have to live with it.


  39. Jason,

    You can too disredit the work of the Holy Spirit. Not everyone believes in ghosts, and the claim that a holy spook is doing invisible work inside a person is merely their way of trying to make their own changes seem Godly.

    John Bryan Stone


  40. Good for you FP. I pray God continues to use you.

    Guard your heart and your mind, so that you may not ever fall into error or sin. If you do, there is a brother out here who will restore you gently lest he fall into the same thing.

    Take care.


  41. Bentley was teaching outrageous heresy.This is not judging the man,it is using discernment about what he teaches.We cannot afford to be all “warm and fuzzy”,while deception runs amok.


  42. here’s some truth from behind the scenes in Abbotsford. Jessa first of all was an intern in the fall 08 cycle. She never applied for it Todd invited her into the internship. Even after a board member severly opposed it. Later Todd invited her and another intern to live in his house during the internship, and after the internship as a live in nanny.

    At the same time the Bellingham, Washington church was being established so fresh fire could get a legal foot hold in America. This is evident by the lack and the sheer refusal to work with the local churches. It was just for the papers not the church.

    In January 2009 2 members of the board confronted Todd about Jessa, and that it was wrong and they couldn’t stand by him about it. They where “relieved” of their position for doing so. This shouldn’t be surprising as another member of FFM was faceed with the same threat, after he caught Todd with another woman in England (this is what the dark night of the soul was actually about), the FFM member was forced to either work for FFM outside of North America or be fired. Jessa is woman number 4 that Todd has cheated on Shonnah with.

    Todd isn’t 100% to blame just 80% the rest of the blame falls on those board members and pastors that refused to confront Todd on his infidelities. One in particular had the mind set that if Todd does it, it’s okay even if it isn’t for others. Others refused to confront because they didn’t want to loose their jobs (like many have over the years)

    Even in Lakeland which I personally think was a two edged work of God, it was a blessing to the locals who have prayed for God to move. And the other edge was a judgement on Todd, in total over the top Todd style. During the highet of revival there was excessive drinking, slasher flicks, and other things I wont get into now with Todd and his inner circle (yes men). There was infighting with the leaders on stage, and the interns where just slaves with ministry badges. Or the fact that all the money collected for the orphans and for sudan never made it to them, it was instead used to pay for the buildings/land for the revival.

    Even after Lakeland fell apart, and the news finally became public, Todd never returned home to Abbotsford. He remained in America (illegally) in California, then a breif stop in Reno for their quickey divorce rules. Then it was off to Rick Joyner and his marriage with Jessa

    These words are not made up, this is a summary of many conversations I have had with former FFM employees, board members and former interns. I just can’t stand by and see Todd get away with this for a fourth time. A man who has turned his back on his wife and children once again. yet will be received by the masses as THE man of God.


  43. I heard a quote recently, Though I can’t remember all of it. The charismatic signs and movements is an infection in the body of Christ. It was from John MacArthur. Oh well TB will be back soon, and this time things will be worse. All of you fans who still think he’s ok have been warned constantly over the months. Will you still persist in following. The thing about these people is experience tops the living word of God. They had the experience so then they will twist God’s word or say it’s a new thing God is doing. Todd’s exposure could have been a chance for him to repent, he didn’t, things will definitely get worse. Open your bibles,check out what he said with the scriptures. Check out the requirements for leadership. Test everything by the Word. When the anti-christ does come, he will have Christians falling over each other to follow him. How can you say, if you love Him and His Word that TB was ok. He blasphemed God and the scriptures. Look at what they claim in the Holy Spirit’s name. The Holy Spirit will only point to Jesus to glorify him. They are on dangerous ground for this is Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth by His Word. They mock him and bring Him down, and try to make Him as pathetic as they are. Shame on them.


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