Strange fire.

I am sure some of the people in the following two videos sincerely believe that they are participating in a form of “worship” that is acceptable to God. I grieve for them, especially the young, because I was there not too long ago myself. With very limited Biblical literacy and understanding, I too was swept up in all the emotion that these kinds of “shows” are designed to create. I was front and center to the wolves in the pulpits and the snakes with the guitars who were drumming up false fire and false excitement because the Holy Spirit was not in it.


The deep doctrinal truths found in the lyrics of Rick Pino’s worship music reflects the deep doctrinal truths found in Todd Bentley’s messages.

If you can get through the first 4 minutes of annoyingly juvenile repetitious “worship,” you get even more annoyingly juvenile repetitious “worship.”

HT: Dale McAlpine

See another, more deeply disturbing, Bentley “worship” service here on this previous post.


And if the first video isn’t bad enough, Mr. Pino caters to the lusts of the flesh as he takes an 80’s secular song and interjects the name Jesus into it.

“Jesus spins you ’round like a record” (where’s that in Scripture?). But it’s what he makes the people do with their socks–in the name of Jesus–that’s really disturbing.

See more foolishness from Rick Pino here.

18 thoughts on “Strange fire.

  1. Where does this teenager begin? Alright, let’s start with the fact that he has no talent, musically. Then again, that doesn’t really matter, I guess, since worship is of the heart.

    OK, then there’s the braindead nature of this music. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time (I’m only 17 πŸ˜† ) but that has be the dumbest, most idiotic song I have ever heard (and I’ve heard a few). Those who accuse the Lakelanders of hypnosis have a point when you have such clearly droning, repetitive music. That’s my take on video 1.

    Video 2 is what really gets me. I had a friend in school who was obsessed with the 80s, so I know of the song. How in all the world do you justify taking a song by a man about his sinful relationship and just substituting Jesus? Isn’t that syncretism? I like Christian hiphop, but in all the songs I have heard from that camp, never do they borrow lyrics from unbelievers in any form?

    Personally, the Lakeland movement is not for the educated in the Scriptures, but for those who believe that the heart is where it’s at, and not studying the Bible


  2. I cannot help but notice a number of things about this guy. Firstly, he clearly hasn’t grown up and become a man! Kids sing repetitive, cheesy songs like this, since they don’t know any better. C’mon, Pino, you’re a grown man! Learn some Scriptures and write some decent music rooted in the Bible, not your Peter Pan mind!

    As for the second video, that’s just disgusting! “Spin your socks, keys, shoes…” – what is that? Crowd participation at a rock concert? GROW UP! If being an adult is so hard, fine – just don’t do it in front of kids lest they turn out like you – unlearned in the Scriptures and quite frankly, rather unstable…


  3. This is heartbreaking. The song was orginally recorded by a British cross-dressing homosexual. I guess if you just stick Jesus in it somewhere you can consider the song “redeemed”.


  4. Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. I Corinthians 16:13

    Grow up and MAN up!


  5. His mother needs to get a refund on his music lessons. Those two clips are so very wrong on so many levels.


  6. These people are definitely filled – but it is NOT the Holy Spirit!

    Rick’s music and antics are not immature – immaturity is something a child does in their diaper (nappies in the UK)! They come forth from a heart that certainly appears not to know the Lord Jesus Christ he is as fond of mocking as his co-hort in crime, Bam-Bam!

    Watch the faces of the people as the camera pans across, especially some of the young people! We have seen this before when people are practicing kundalini yoga! Some of them look like they are possessed as you see their actions, their glazed eyes, and wild gyrating motions.

    I reiterate again – when true fire comes down, people will no longer be singing stupid, pathetic one line songs made up by a man who is there for entertainment value. True fire brings judgment, and when it does fall – it brings the wrath of God!

    Bam-Bam and Rick will have much to give account for when they are judged for their sins before the Great White Throne unless before the end of their life they are brought to humility before the Great I AM, and by grace through faith know the blessing of the new birth!

    The Desert Pastor


  7. on video 2, it is really disturbing to see these youth swinging their socks in the name of Jesus. that’s not worship at all! they mock God with it, since socks are always related to as “dirty”, “filthy”, “smelly”, etc. imagine someone swinging out socks at your face. they have no reverence at all. I agree with Desert Pastor in his last comment.


  8. I personally believe this guy knows what he is doing is wrong (much like Todd Bentley) and he just sits at home with his buddies and finds ways to humiliate his audience for his own kicks. They come up with the most outlandish things and call it a revival. Half of those people are probably desperately seeking truth and they are all mislead to say the least.


  9. O, I see my comment has been deleted.

    Didn’t like the fact that I found scriputres to back up everything Rick Pino and those people were doing huh?


  10. Dear Crystal:

    Not sure I ever saw your comment. At least I don’t recall ever seeing it. There are others on DefCon who have the ability to delete comments, and all first-time comments are held for moderation.

    If you had in fact left a comment on DefCon that was deleted or not approved, perhaps this was done by one of the other contributors. And judging by the tone of your latest comment, I can see why. See specifically numbers 2 and 4 under Rules of Engagement.

    – The Pilgrim


  11. Crystal,

    I was the one who deleted your comment. We are no longer going to allow the use of twisted scripture verses that are merely vain attempts to defend the follower of a false prophet and one who knows nothing about true reverence in worship.

    While there are some comments we allow which disagree, this particular site (if you notice the website name) is for Defending and Contending for the faith. It is not the personal domain or debate forum for those who refuse to listen to sound Biblical reasoning.

    We do not intend this harshly, but we have learned the hard way that many who come to our blog are only looking to create trouble. I hope that we are wrong in future comments from yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

    The Desert Pastor


  12. you guys are crazy…and you really dont know what youre talking about. rick pino is ministering to a dying generation. and so is ramp. get out of the religious box of yours. its a little sickening.


  13. Nichole,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am afraid that you are very wrong. We are not crazy and we do know what we are speaking about. The very reason we share the truths of God’s Word is because Christianity is going downhill fast. Many are departing from the faith once delivered to the saints and are swapping it for the depravity of the world.

    Yes, Rick Pino is “ministering” to a dying generation – the real question is WHAT is he ministering? It is certainly not the wonderful Words of Life. It’s so sad that he thinks he has to use the world and its depraved, evil methods and standards to worship – a worship that is NOT acceptable to God.

    By the way, the reason we minister and share what we do is because we are NO longer in a religious box. Gave up religion a long-time ago after we found out that it will kill you and send you to a Christ-less eternity.

    The Desert Pastor


  14. I wrote an article on the brainwashing technique of “worship” and believe it is becoming more prevalent as this world fades. I stand in prayer for the deliverance and conviction of the musicians who are leading people in a false sense of salvation. Please check out the article if you can.


  15. I ts really sad that rick is like this. I have listened to alot of his songs, which when you look at the lyrics, are extremely biblical. How ever there are those like rick that truly believe that they ate doing God’s work, how ever they are just as blind.


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