Catholicism: Crisis of Faith.

2 thoughts on “Catholicism: Crisis of Faith.

  1. Thank you for posting this excellent video. Would that every Catholic could watch it.

    Watching this video brought back to memory so many of the false doctrines I was taught as a child.

    I will be eternaly thankful that God picked me up out of the miry pit of “purgatory” called Catholism and set my feet on the Solid Rock – Jesus Christ!

    In Him and Him alone is there salvation.

    “Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross I cling!”


  2. Excellent video. My mother was raised catholic, and she always spoke of the things that she was taught in the catholic church. She became a Christian as an adult, and left the catholic church. Fortunately I was raised a Christian w/o the catholic church. This video is a well made video that explains exactly the things that go on in this false religion. It is hard for me to understand why catholics have such a hard time seeing this truth, but without Jesus Christ, its just like the blind leading the blind.


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