The Crosstalk episode you’ve all been waiting for on Ray Comfort and the Word of Faith conference.

The CrossTalk episode you’ve all been waiting for on Ray Comfort, Word of Faith False Teachings, is here!

Ingrid spends a good portion of the show discussing the night she attended this gathering of wolves in Armani suits in which John Avenzini spoke about his new doctrine of “reverse entrapment” that “God” just revealed to him. He also passed out lucky, talking, rubbing stones that will get you through tough times. In order for these stones to work, however, they have to be activated with a $500 or more “seed” donation to his “ministry.”

Only the most selfish individuals, seasoned with the charismatic foolishness of Word of Faith, and who are suffer from astounding amounts of Biblical illiteracy, will pay an already boastfully wealthy man $500 or more for a rock.

Ingrid also discusses the Ray Comfort issue and reads a short letter she received from him. I am certain this will only continue the controversy and cause battle lines to be drawn. But in the war on Truth, the battle lines must be clearly distinguished!

I am interested in getting the audio (or video) of Ray Comfort’s two sermons at this heresy-fest. If anyone knows where I can obtain them, please provide a link. I have not weighed in on this issue on DefCon yet, but I am beginning to lean toward Ingrid’s side on this.

19 thoughts on “The Crosstalk episode you’ve all been waiting for on Ray Comfort and the Word of Faith conference.

  1. Thanks for the post.
    I listened last night to Ingrid’s very professional report.How difficult it must have been for her to sit and listen to those heretics make merchandise of those poor people like that.

    And i certainly agree WOTM should distance themselves from these wolves.Rays turnaround and statement that he will not do it again being confirmation that he himself knows it was clearly wrong.

    I hope and pray Kirk will also put an end to his painfull appearance on “Praise The Lord Show”

    While i disagree with the way Ray challenged Ingrid by asking if she got up and spoke to the people at this meeting,( that may have been impossible under the circumstances ),he does have a very valid point and i could not help but wonder why Ingrid did not warn even the people sitting next to her or the lady that spoke to her after hearing Ray speak on tuesday.

    The church needs to wake up and realise its responsiblity…Sharing the truth is not just the responsibility of those in pulpits…Mark 16:15

    – dale


  2. I heard this on the podcast this morning (Singapore time), and I was quite concerned after hearing the entire presentation.

    At the same time, while I applaud Ray for apologizing and promising not to speak at such conferences again, his rather snarky remark at the end cancelled out the apology in my opinion.

    On the other hand, I can see where he’s coming from, i.e. “Ingrid, why are you challenging me when you yourself only sit and report while not doing anything for these people while I am actually presenting the Gospel?”

    I still think that the Gospel needs to be preached and shared with the lost, including those who attend such conferences (magic stones?! BAH!), but I hope Ray Comfort exercises caution in not being seen as having any association with the pack of wolves lest he stumbles those weaker.


  3. WHAT A FARCE!! Avanzini is a heretic, a false prophet, and certainly is NOT a child of God!

    For any who would question – read 1 John, and you will see that he does NOT line up with the truth of Scripture that tells how to know somebody is a child of God!

    Thanks to Ingrid for revealing this on her show and to Pilgrim for putting it on here!

    The Desert Pastor


  4. Thank you for the link, Ken. Given the high price of those materials, I’ll unfortunately have to pass.

    Not to mention I’m not going to give those wolves a single cent.


  5. Meekness is opposed to EVIL-SPEAKING. ‘Let all evil-speaking be put away’ (Ephesians 4:31). Our words should be mild, like the waters of Shiloah which run softly. It is too usual for passionate spirits to break out into opprobrious language. The tongues of many are fired, and it is the devil who lights the match. Therefore they are said in Scripture to be ‘set on fire of hell’

    Meekness shows us the badge of a true saint. He is of a forbearing, meek spirit. ‘He is not easily provoked’. He takes everything in the best sense and conquers malice with mildness. I would to God all who profess themselves saints were bespangled with this grace. We are known to belong to Christ when we wear his livery. He is a saint whose spirit is made so meek that he can smother injuries, and bury unkindnesses. A flow of tears better befits a Christian, than a passion of anger. Every saint is Christ’s spouse (Canticles 4:8). It befits Christ’s spouse to be meek. If any injury is offered to the spouse, she leaves it to her husband to revenge. It is unseemly for Christ’s spouse to fight.
    A meek person looks to his own deficiencies and to the graces of others.
    Thomas Watson

    I know we don’t make peace at the expense of truth and never should. However as one commenter said these comments sound a little “snarky”. Are we taking everything in the best sense and not easily being provoked? I have followed both of your ministries for years and I believe at the end of the day you are on the same playing field.
    Please receive this in the attitude it is given, for I am sure I would have handled this worse than both of you. I appreciate both of you both very much.
    May God’s Grace be upon both of you!

    To Pilgrim, since Ray said he would no longer go to these conferences I’m sure Ray will continue to be a trusted brother, negative speculation is not helpful. Time will tell.
    PS I appreciate all the work you’ve done!


  6. Thanks Pastor Silva for the link. I will have to take your word for it on the content (or lack thereof) of Ray’s sermons because, like Isaiah, I won’t send one cent to those guys.

    Based on what you said (after listening to both Ray Comfort’s messages at the conference), it seems that the jury is finally in on this whole controversy, and it seems apparent that Ray was wrong for what he did. He has truly compromised and brought much harm to the gospel. This is unfortunate and very, very sad as I have been one who has had a lot of respect for him. Now he seems to be going down the same road as Ravi.

    I worry, who’s next?


    Big Al:

    For clarification, the reference to the “snarky comment” (found in this comment) was from Isaiah in reference to Ray Comfort’s letter to Ingrid. It was not in reference to any comments left on this thread.

    What’s disheartening is that apparently this wasn’t Ray’s first appearance at a Word of Faith heresy-fest.

    As you say, only time will tell.

    – The Pilgrim


  7. You are right,however,when I listened to Ingrids’ broadcast she sounded offended at Rays’ remark and called it the “cheapest shot anyone has ever given her”. The point of the T. Watson quotes was that if we are offended we should be willing to except the injury of the offense and respond with kindness and humility. I love them both.


  8. He went and spoke the true Gospel at this conference. That’s great. Ok, fine. I get it. Then what?
    He left those people to be fed by wolves.

    It was not good to distract the real issue throwing the “hot potatoe” over to Ingrid.

    I’m real sorry this matter blew up in his face, but even if we stopped talking about this issue, it’s still going to be an issue, nonetheless.


  9. Is Ray now sufficiently linked with the “WOF wolves” to taint others he appears with? Will Paul Washer be called a participant in heresy if he does not rebuke Comfort at the upcoming Deeper Conference? I don’t have “a dog in this fight,” as we used to say back home. I wish Comfort had never appeared at an event (or 3) alongside Jesse Duplantis, but I’m not Scripturally convinced yet one way or the other whether he should be publicly rebuked for doing so. I’m just wondering where the line is drawn when it comes to guilt by association.


  10. Being my tenderhearted self, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Brother Comfort, to be angry at him, or to be angry at the guys who invited him.

    WOTM is such a good ministry yet it would appear that their founder refuses to practice a little discernment…


  11. I enjoy Slice and WOTM. Both are great but in this instance I think both were wrong. Ray, when confronted with the fact that he was offending brothers and possibly being a stumbling block to some, should have reconsidered attending or at least addressed the heresies while at the pulpit. Ingrid was also in the wrong though. It would have been prudent of her to allow the private or public rebuke of Ray to come from other men. Scripture says that a woman is not to teach or have authority over a man. So I think she crossed the line by taking his rebuke into her own hands. I would like to know if she would have publicly rebuked her Pastor or a teacher/evangelist at her church? If so, where is the Biblical basis for a woman to rebuke a man? I know I risk sounding sexist to all those who are PC. I don’t think God set up these rules to degrade women or because women are not capable. Its for our protection. As big Al noted and many others on other blogs, Ingrid tends to get emotional, angry , or offended. Its easy for women to mix our emotions with logic and end up reacting in a way that does not honor God. Men tend to be a little more level headed in these situations. God made us for specific roles with specific strengths and weaknesses suited to those roles. When we step out of those roles things can go wrong.


  12. I watched them both, and it was solid material…however he should have pointed that the very problem he diagnosed in the first sermon is not helped, and in fact is strengthened by the teaching of the prosperity-gospellers…


  13. Thanks to Dale for posting those. Them boys was expensive on the other site! Good preaching by Comfort. I thought for sure he was going to correct false prosperity teachings a couple of times – there were places where it would have fit right in with his messages. But, alas, he didn’t.

    So, there were some good points made by Ingrid on Crosstalk. The one thing I have my doubts about, though, is when she read Comfort’s email questioning her about not speaking up, she said something like, “That’s the biggest cheap shot I’ve ever taken.”

    Really? The biggest? Ever? I don’t know much about Ingrid, and this is probably only the 2nd time I’ve listened to Crosstalk, but if THAT’S the biggest cheap shot she’s ever taken, she’s either hanging out exclusively with like-minded Christians, or she hasn’t done much on-the-spot witnessing to strangers. I’ve heard cheap shots in response to, “Would you read this tract?” that made Comfort’s remark seem like a love poem.

    Finally, is it Biblically correct for Ingrid (a Christian lady) to be rebuking a Christian man? I Timothy 2:11-12


  14. I don’t think I need to rehash my position on this whole dust up since it hasn’t changed in the least. But now, given the most recent developments, I’m forced to wonder about something.

    Using the “Ray Comfort Situation” (as it’s come to be known) as a baseline will we now begin hearing outcries to all ministers of the gospel to stop faithfully proclaiming the eternal gospel of grace to everyone everywhere except for open air preaching or else in Reformed/Calvinist venues in order to avoid being perceived and labeled as being “unequally yoked with” and “sharing the platform with” heretics?

    Is the WoF movement’s “blab it and grab it” prosperity teaching another gospel and therefore heresy and its adherents heretical? Check!

    Is hypercalvism’s “Don’t bother preaching the gospel because God will save who He will anyway so you might be lying to a person if you witness to them telling them that Christ died for them but it could turn out they’re not elect so it’s not worth the risk” teaching another gospel and therefore heresy and its adherents heretical? Check!

    Is the Arminian definition of free will which results in the teaching that “you decide” about your salvation heresy and therefore its adherents heretical? Check!

    Now I may be accused of “comparing apples and oranges” here, or “setting up straw man arguments” but in fact it’s none of this. The points above are logical extensions of “The Ray Comfort Situation” and if – in the LORD – we desire to be faithful and consistent in our demands for ministers of the true gospel to retain their scriptural purity by refusing to “appear with” or “share platforms with”, or be “unequally yoked with” heretics then we must include every variety of heretic and all their venues and shun them all equally for the selfsame reasons. To do otherwise would be intellectually dishonest at best and utterly incoherent and irrational at worst.

    Are the WoF heretics a particularly smarmy, reprehensible, and repugnant breed of bottom feeders that prey on the weakest and most desperate of souls? YES.

    Should true, regenerate, discerning, God honoring Christians be repelled and moved to righteous indignation by the over the top displays of avarice and wickedness perpetrated by these obviously false prophets? YES.

    Should the soul damning heresy of the WoF movement be more concerning to true, regenerate, discerning, God than the soul damning heresy of those who cloak their heresy in the language and piety of outwardly religious appearances and “socially acceptable” (but false)religiosity? NO.

    It seems to me that at the bottom of the “Ray Comfort Situation” we find a bit of a red herring. You see, WoF’ers are easy, visible and worthy objects of rebuke and scorn, so it’s relatively easy to cast stones and hit the broad side of their heretical barn; but sadly in the process a fellow laborer in Christ, our brother in the LORD Ray Comfort was very publicly “stoned” in this particular case.

    Because the WoF’ers are such high profile, “in your face” heretics and therefore generate a particularly visceral and emotionally charged response of indignation in the hearts and minds of true believers I’m of the persuasion that a sentimental/selective theology has been and is at work in the “Ray Comfort Situation”. Perhaps I’ll be persuaded differently if the outcries continue and become consistent – in which case maybe we will look back and recognize “The Ray Comfort Situation” as the starting point of such a “Separation Reformation”; only time will tell.

    C.H. Spurgeon’s is quoted as saying that had an Arminian lived during the times of: “Augustine, or Calvin, or Whitfield, who in successive ages were the great exponents of the system of grace; or what will he say of those Puritans, whose works are full of them? Had a man been an Arminian in those days, he would have been accounted the vilest heretic breathing;” Maybe today the WoF’ers are the “vilest heretics breathing”? What about tomorrow? Next year? In the next decade?

    Again I’ll wonder aloud; will we now begin to hear consistent calls upon all ministers of the gospel to stop faithfully proclaiming the eternal gospel of grace to everyone everywhere except for open air preaching or Reformed/Calvinist venues?

    Will we now begin to hear consistent loud outcries against the preaching of the eternal gospel of grace in all other venues because to appear thereat is to be considered as tantamount to compromise?

    In Christ,


  15. Dear Gang at Crosstalk.
    I began my christian life in the Hillsong church in Australia so many years ago. There are so many beautiful Christians who love God whole heartedly in the WOF churches. I wanted to thankyou for speaking out about people like John Avenzeni who are just taking Gods people for all they are worth. I am so sick of guys like him spewing out verbal garbage to line their pockets via Gods people with and getting away with it. Reverse entrapment??? Can you believe it?? What a load of garbage!!! He didn’t get that from my God!! Thankyou so much for investigating Avenzini he is a wolf in Armani.
    Paul Australia


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