First Wesley, now Knox

**UPDATE**: Now the Politically Correct, UnScriptural Apostates have announced they are standing with the PLO in their opposition to the very existence of Israel (via Christian Worldview Network):

As I write truthful but unpleasant comments about the Presbyterian Church, I know many Presbyterian readers of this do not agree with their church leadership. But at the recent Presbyterian Church USA annual meeting a number of Presbyterian leaders pled passionately for a declaration of solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs. The appeal included a recommendation to adopt a series of anti-Israel measures, including proposals for divestment and for backing a suspension of American military aid to the Jewish state. In essence they called for Presbyterians to side with the Palestinians and take serious shots at the Israelis.

“The situation in Palestine is dire. The call from our Palestinian brothers and sisters has fallen on deaf ears,” a Presbyterian minister, Reverend William McGarvey of San Francisco, said. “The American Christian church has largely watched this catastrophe continue as if we did not care.”

There is also an article at the New York Sun.


If you have noticed the increase in earthquakes over the last few years, it may be due to the number of great saints rolling over in their graves. The Wesleys and Francis Asbury have been flipping for years over the direction of the United Methodist Church. Now comes this news (although not really news, as it has been coming for a while now) that has been making John Knox do somersaults in his grave (via Al Mohler):

Meeting in San Jose, California, the Presbyterian Church USA, the liberal branch of American Presbyterianism, moved to approve homosexual clergy on June 27, 2008 — a date that may well mark a final blow against biblical orthodoxy in that denomination.

The PCUSA has debated sexuality issues for decades now, with activists for homosexual ordination pressing their case until they finally got their way at the denomination’s General Assembly. In that historic meeting, the General Assembly actually approved several proposals.

Even before dealing directly with the question of ordination standards, the General Assembly approved a first step toward revising the denomination’s official translation of the historic Heidelberg Catechism. Once again, the crucial issue was homosexuality. The question was “complex and multi-layered,” as the proposing group admitted.

And the apostasy continues…

Flip a word here, leave out a sentence there, twist the Scripture (or even leave it out) here and there, and now the PCUSA has a Bible that suits their purpose.

OneNewsNow has a fuller article.

PCUSA–Politcally Correct. UnScriptural. Apostate!

2 thoughts on “First Wesley, now Knox

  1. I would agree with Reverend William McGarvey that, “the call from our Palestinian brothers and sisters has fallen on deaf ears.”

    The call has fallen on deaf Syrian and Jordanian ears. They refuse to help the Palestinians, and insist on using them as political pawns. The Palestinians are suffering from wars started when Arab nations started their unprovoked attack against Israel.



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