Captured on video: Todd Bentley knees a man in the stomach with stage 4 colon cancer to facilitate a “healing.”

Todd Bentley bragged (in the video on this previous post) about kicking a lady in the face with his biker boot to heal her. In that same video he also boasted about tackling, leg-dropping, punching, and choking people to generate “healings.” Well, now he’s battered someone for real and it’s been caught on video.

And why did Todd Bentley unexpectedly and without warning run up to this dying man with colon cancer and knee him in the stomach? Because, as he says, “I had to be obedient to the Lord, sir.”

No, Mr. Bentley, if you were obeying the Lord you wouldn’t be doing this stuff.

Source: Slice of Laodicea

32 thoughts on “Captured on video: Todd Bentley knees a man in the stomach with stage 4 colon cancer to facilitate a “healing.”

  1. The hospitals got their hiring policies all wrong. Why are they hiring docs and nurses when all they need are kungfu masters to drive out our illnesses!



  2. Having lost my dad to cancer (a Christian) when I was 11, in the fall of 2000, I find this particularly appalling. I’m totally baffled how people can think that Todd Bentley’s whole movement is from God.


  3. You can clearly see that this guy is shocked, bewildered and not sure how he should react. He’s dying and he truly thought that God would heal him and instead of a healing Todd just gives him a beat down. You can tell that Todd senses that this guy is not playing along, that he knows that Todd is a fake, by the way he talks to him. Its like he’s trying to convince him that it’s not what he thinks “I had to be obedient to the Lord, sir”. But the guy isn’t buying it. He just puts on a silly grin because he’s on the spot and doesn’t know what to do now. He doesn’t whole heartedly “fall out in the spirit” like the rest have done after their “healings”.

    You’re found out Todd! I hope this guy makes a public statement about your false healings before he dies.


  4. You know, it’s almost looking like he’s at the point where he’s getting bored with his own shenanigans, and he thinks he’s got to “kick it up a notch” (To quote another fellow famous for shouting “BAM!”).

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he sits around back stage with his little lackeys and henchmen saying “Hey, guys, check this out: I’m going to kick somebody tonight and these people will still flock to me! You just watch! I’ve got these folks so hoodwinked they don’t know their you-know-what from their elbow! How much you wanna bet?”


  5. Four pointer, I bet you are right 100%….

    Maybe, I will send Mr. Todd Bentley a ‘Three Stooges’ DVD or two!!!! Perhaps there is something about two-fingers in the eyes, and throttling someone’s ears that he possibly could use; besides recycled madness could live again? Besides one has to question the intellectual strength of anyone that goes to this so-called service (baloney, tripe, garbage, etc….), much less the cognitive awareness of anyone that would actually walk up to this cat and ask for the ‘Moe-Larry-Cheese’ treatment! And of course if he is kicking the soup out of me, I too would be instantly healed to get away from this joker, just long enough for me to get a club……


  6. I remember reading somewhere: “What’s more dramatic a healed hand or a healed heart?” While (possibly) lost and (obviously) dying men and women being drop kicked, punched, thrown across rooms, etc may be *shudder* entertaining for a while, it is all mist, meaningless, vanity and the hooplah will fade (Lord haste the day!) Yet, real revival as in the days of Whitefield, Edwards, etc. has legacies that last for eternity!


  7. Has anyone heard how this fellow with stage four cancer is doing? I want to hear from him…Afterall, Jesus spit in someone’s eyes. How crazy was that, but what was the results. That’s the real answer to this movement. I personally know of a good friend who has a granddaughter that was healed at these services, with medical documentation. So what is the result is the question?


  8. Eva,
    I understand and appreciate your point, “Afterall, Jesus spit in someone’s eyes. How crazy was that, but what was the results.” However, Todd is neither Jesus nor an Apostle…


  9. Greg,
    You are right, the ends do not justify the means.If we do anything contrary to the Word of God , even if it sounds good, then its not inspired of God. Therefore I would rethink your labeling of Monica as an “inspired teacher”. The Bible says that a woman is not to teach or have authority over a man(1 Tim 2:12). That is why we don’t have female pastors, elders, etc. Yes, in Christ we are all spiritually equal but we have different jobs to do. Stepping out of our positions is direct rebellion against God. Women are to teach the younger women (Titus 2) and we have many others roles of service in the church as long as we do not usurp our position in Christ. I know I’m going to open a can of worms with this and some one is going to bring up Debra. (a careful study of scripture shows that Debra taking charge was a shame to the men) It shouldn’t inspire you guys, it should shame you that there are not enough sound male preachers that a woman feels the need to take the platform. I know that today saying that a women should not preach or teach men isn’t PC, but the Word of God isn’t PC either and we need to be ready to test all things by the Word. To God be the Glory.


    ps. If you go to all her websites and her myspace page there are other things that raise red flags as well but thats an issue for another time.


  10. Greetings Tanya,

    I agree with you 100% concerning the roles in which God’s word depicts. I also agree that those who cross this boundary concerning these roles are in rebellion. Please allow me to inject one thing about Debra in which you overlooked was that she was not a religious leader like a priestess or pastor, whereas, Debra’s role closely emulated the duties of a territorial justice in which she never usurped religious authority over men; just community authority. Also, Miriam the prophetess sung songs and played the tambourine while assisting Moses; however she too was not a religious priestess that commanded a spiritual authority over men. Anyway, I agree with you.

    Jesus is Lord


  11. Tanya, I happen to agree with you about a woman’s place in the church and it is not supposed to be teaching men. Yet, where are the men who are doing the job of warning the church today? They are very few right now. So I am glad for her video and that she backs up everything she says with the Word. I have forwarded it to several relatives who are involved in this signs and wonders movement. One is a WOF preacher! I will probably get some flack back on this, but I have to try to warn them -any way I can. And Monica’s message seemed very clear to me -one of the best I have heard. But we need the pastors, elders of the church to step out and speak out against this ‘revival’, but sadly that is not what is happening. God will use whatever obedient vessel he can find…


  12. Lumpymeatloaf,

    I understand that Debra was not a religious leader. For some reason though feminist always bring her into the argument. She did however, have to do something that a man was called by God to do. So maybe thats why they bring it up ( “the men aren’t doing what God wants so we are allowed to step in”)I think there are plenty of Godly women in the Bible and I’m not underplaying our role in the church or world for that matter. In fact I think women do not realize that in submitting we actually have more power or authority. The old saying “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is very true. We have a high calling to raise up the next generation of Christian men and women and help other women to do the same in their families. Thanks for posting in agreement, I thought for sure that I was just going to get attacked.



  13. Please be careful about judging Todd Bentley too soon – God has had people do some things in the Bible that seem strange to us, but He says His ways are not our ways. Todd Bentley has documentation of some of the healings which I understand will be released on Geraldo and Nightline in the future. I just think of the people who are so desperate for help when the doctors have done all they can for them and they are not better and some are dying. I am praying daily for the FL outpouring that God will have mercy on those who are suffering. I am going July 4-8 because I do believe our merciful God is working through a vessel like Todd Bentley. I am sure that fishermen like the disciples were not thought well of when they shared the gospel and healed others, and John the Baptist must have really offended people by his appearance and his words. What God would send such a person to announce the coming of the Lamb of God?

    God bless



  14. Laurie,

    I don’t remember ever reading in the Bible that John the baptist or any of the disciples/apostles kicked people in the gut, banged legs off the floor, knocked people down so hard that their teeth fell out, kicked old ladies in the face, or beat their own mothers until their arms broke. Violence is not a fruit of the spirit. We need to judge TB by his fruit and his fruit is rotten. We also need to judge what he says by the Word of God and what he has to say does not line up with scripture. So a discerning believer will see that Todd is not being used by the Lord. The ends do not justify the means so it does not matter one bit whether anyone was really healed. If we try to do anything our way rather than God’s way then we are in rebellion. The Word of God warns us that in the end times that false signs and wonders will be performed and that a strong delusion will come upon man that could even deceive the elect. I hope that you change your mind about going to this false revival so that you do not continue to be deceived and used as a pawn in Satan’s scheme. Remember that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. He will even use scripture to try to deceive us. May God release you and the others that follow TB from Satan’s grip and lead you into all Truth.


  15. I am simply stunned, not by TB’s shenanigans (probably, yes, a mixture of flesh&spirit)—but at the arrogance of some of these posts, and the overall lack of love and gentleness I see here, which is stated we are to be known by. I’m sitting here almost covering my mouth thinking about some of the comments by people here. I’d like to ask you also to please read your Bibles. The OT shows Jeremiah running around (after being asked by GOD) with his dirty underwear on a stick; Nehemiah pulling hair out of men’s beards and threatening knuckle ministry (“I will lay hands on you if I see you selling at the gate on the Sabbath.”) You don’t call that violence?! You don’t call violence Jesus thrashing through the temple? Jesus spitting on people would be trashed on this blog, no doubt and put into the “crazy box”—how can you be so severely certain on such matters? I’m simply stunned at the lack of love on this website, and the arrogance of some. Even if you are “right”—how will you answer someday to your throwing your icicles of truth?


  16. Greta,

    Thanks for your questions. Allow me to make just a few brief comments.

    Jeremiah was a true prophet – 100% of the time who was directly commanded by God to be a sign to unbelieving Israel who were living in gross immorality and idolatry.

    Nehemiah was also a prophet and was seeking to follow the commands of God in keeping the Sabbath day holy – which was a command of the Holy God. There are other factors involved in the culture of the day which we will not delve into at this point. There was no longer a king, and God used Nehemiah to bring judgment against those who were seeking to keep the Temple and Jerusalem from being rebuilt.

    Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and without fully understanding the culture of the day, it would be very wrong to assume that He was violent in His action of “spitting” on the eyes of the blind man. As for thrashing the Temple, only Jesus could have done such a thing and done so with true righteous indignation.


    In not one case of healing in the Old or New Testmant, do you find the requiring of violence against another individual in order to heal! In fact, the violence in ALL cases you mentioned had to do with remaining holy and set apart before the Lord – NOT for the purpose of stage shenanigans and then blaming it on “God told me to do it, sir!”

    However, having said all of that, you are correct in that sometimes it is possible to cross the line between arrogance and a true desire to defend the truth of Scripture with a spirit of love and gentleness. But then again, may I remind you to read the writings of the apostle Paul and see how he tells us (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) to rebuke, admonish, warn, condemn, etc those who follow paths of their own choosing.

    Thank you for reading. May the Lord help each of us to defend and contend for the faith with love and gentleness, but also to know how and when to speak forth vehemently against false teachers and false doctrine.

    The Desert Pastor


  17. Greta,

    The examples you gave from the OT are simply that, OT. We now live in Grace and no longer stone the adulteress, offer sacrifices, live without the Holy Spirit, or kill sons that are disobedient to parents. Violence is no longer an option for those following after God. And like The Desert Pastor said, Jesus spitting to heal a blind man is not violence. Jesus turning over tables in the temple was righteous anger. He is God and can rebuke people for misusing his Fathers house. So those two examples had absolutely nothing to do with Todd Bentley.

    Did you read what DefCon, myself, and others have posted about TB’s violent encounters? (not to mention his heresy) If you knew that your child or neighbor, or best friend was about to follow someone off a cliff would you scream and do whatever you had to to get their attention? Or would you just calmly and sweetly say “You might not want to do that” We are talking about matters of eternal significance here. If he’s a false prophet he could lead countless numbers of people to hell!! I’d much rather stand before God knowing that I spoke the truth rather than being ashamed that I didn’t for fear of offending someone. Sometimes the truth hurts but its always the most loving thing.



  18. (Along the same lines as I’ve said in another portion of this website)
    Tanya, et al…….I may be wrong, but I bet most of you are in your 20-30s, with health intact and your duck all lined up neatly. You make sure you’ve got control over things and that those you fellowship with are Christians who believe as you do…….am I right? Maybe not fully…..but I used to be the same until disaster struck. I truly would have said amen and amen to all these comments before huge testings came upon me and my family. And before you all try to make sense out of it OR say that we’re in sin or this stuff wouldn’t have come upon us……just wait a minute and again read your Bibles. Where were you when God laid the foundations of the earth?—as God asked Job’s counselors. Trying to put everything neatly into boxes so that you can comfortably be assured of your “rightness”—don’t you see that just what Jesus rebuked in the Pharisees. Don’t you see that? People thought Zacharias and Eliz were in sin, I’m sure, because they were barren, but God had a plan, in His timing. Why are we so quick to try to Fix God’s seeming errors, when things don’t look right to us? I had all my spiritual ducks in a row BEFORE my son was born with Autism, before my life-threatening illness came upon me. I am living in grace, not law at this point. There’s freedom and beauty here, not like before…and for that I’m truly grateful. I can look at the New Age person and see they’re reaching for something higher than themselves, and that’s a start. But what they need to see is love in our eyes and not judgement, for God’s sake, that’s God’s job! I was trying with everything I had to be righteous and holy and doing what I though was true. I’ve had more well-meaning Christians tell me things that would curl your hair, putting salt in my wounds. The non-Christians have for the most part been the compassionate ones. I’m sorry if that offends your theology. I hope you can see the light that comes through not being quick to judge, it’s much more relaxing and peaceful letting God be God, instead of thinking you have to be the spiritual police for Todd Bentley and others.


  19. Greta,

    I know several on here (including myself) who passed 20 & 30 a long time ago! Not even sure I can remember exactly where I stood at those age milestones! LOL

    As for health, the answer is no. Less than 2 years, I was being tested for every illness and disease imaginable (including cancer, leukemia, diabetes, etc.). I was 22+ hours a day in bed because I lacked the strength to get up and could not walk on my own without assistance. Life was a huge struggle for myself and my dear family who stood by me while watching me physically, spiritually, and emotionally fall apart. I still struggle with health issues today.

    One of my own children have diagnosed autistic tendencies, so I can empathize to some degree what that feels like.

    It has been a long time since I have had “my ducks” in a row for I still struggle in many areas of life even though I am a pastor. I do know two things for certain – as John Newton said, “I am a great sinner, and He is a great Saviour!”

    Greta, the issue before us it not looking for ways to find fault with those who are in the world. The world is always going to act (and we should expect nothing less from them) in a way that is not pleasing to God.

    However, there is a greater danger to the church and other believers when a false prophet arises who claims to speak on behalf of God. We are speaking about those who are in a well-known cult, but those who are blinding the eyes of true believers by their preposterous claims.

    You are correct in that the love of Christ should be exemplified towards others in the world and in the church. And yes, sadly, many who call themselves by the name of Christ can become good at “curling hair” and “pouring in salt.”

    We must remember though one main driving force. True Christianity is based on the Word of God, and the Word of God is full of doctrine. Doctrine divides many, and we must not put aside biblical doctrine for the sake of traditions, prejudices, or simply for the sake of loving everybody.

    Love can sometimes be hard when we have to speak the truth even when others do not wish to hear.

    I can see your frustration though, but would like to add that our purpose with this blog (along with allowing others to make comments within the guidelines) is NOT to be the spiritual police for Todd Bentley or others. We are merely sharing truth for those who wish to listen.

    In Christian love and grace,
    The Desert Pastor


  20. Greta,

    You said,

    I am simply stunned…at the arrogance of some of these posts…

    I’m simply stunned at the lack of love on this website, and the arrogance of some.

    how will you answer someday to your throwing your icicles of truth?

    I bet most of you are in your 20-30s, with health intact and your duck all lined up neatly.

    Why are you judging us? I thought there was supposed to be “love in our eyes and not judgement.”



  21. Greta,

    Re: Suffering.
    I highly recommend checking out this post I published in April and you might be surprised as to my (our) stance on this issue. It may change the way you’ve attempted to paint us on the issue of suffering. Also be sure to listen to the short audio clip on that post too.

    Re: Loving.
    I also encourage you to check out this post to take a quick and simple six-question test to see if you’re loving or unloving.

    Now if I can direct your attention back to the issue at hand; Todd Bentley. Type his name into the DefCon search engine and take a little time to review all the posts we’ve published on him. Too many times Bentley supporters (and DefCon attackers) focus on one post/one issue and mount an attack from there where they feel they can defend him and his behavior. Like him kicking people (don’t put God in a box) or his tattoos (judge not . . .) but they never get around to Bentley’s “gospel,” “teachings,” “doctrine,” etc.

    For example not one Bentley supporter has even attempted to defend Bentley’s heretical false teachings of believing in THE Angel. Not one! Instead it’s easier for his defenders to camp on a post they feel comfortable defending and judging everyone who dares test the spirits, question the claims, and call out the wolves hiding among the sheep.

    Don’t be one of those, Greta. Spend more time checking into what all our issues with Bentley are and get to better understand where the DefCon contributors really stand on other issues, such as suffering, telling truth, and defending the faith.

    – The Pilgrim


  22. Bill,
    What was Jesus doing to the Pharisees, when he called them a brood of vipers? Yes, he loves all, but he was pinpointing hypocrisy w/in the religious community…and they tried to trap him over and over again. Yet, what was he doing when he was so gentle with the woman caught in adultery? I believe you’ve twisted my words to try and trap me.
    I can see that all of us trying to outdo each other w/ our truths does not benefit anyone, especially those (like Todd Bentley and those talked about here) are not here to defend themselves….so I’m wondering what the point of this whole thing is, really…what is it?
    I will bow out now, because instead of constructive building up of the body of Christ I find myself sucked into this kind of mean-spirited thing that can occur here. Yet, I will admit—maybe I do have that in me as well…


  23. Greta,

    All I was doing is pointing out that you are making judgments about people (us) while pointing out that we shouldn’t judge Todd Bentley. There is righteous judgment (1 Corinthians 5:12), and there is sinful judgment (Matt. 7:1). We are all responsible to God for practicing the right kind of judgment. I’m comfortable that pointing out false teaching is righteous judgment. You must decide whether your type of judgment is righteous or not.



  24. And all I did was make an appeal for you, Greta (obviously a Bentley supporter), to account for Bentley’s heretical teachings. As soon as I made this appeal BAM! you “bow out.”

    This further proves my statement in the above comment that Bentley supporters will defend his tactics and tattoos all day long, but have yet to defend his doctrines of demons.

    – The Pilgrim


  25. To answer Eva’s question, the man with cancer was healed and it was later verified by his physicans.

    I suspect he’d take a drop kick to the stomach over dying of intestinal cancer any day.


  26. Fantastic. Where can we obtain this verified proven documentation that the man was healed so it can be examined?

    Has the healed man (and his doctors) been interviewed on any of the news stations? Surely this is the kind of healing that would make news, especially in the fashion it was conducted.

    – The Pilgrim


  27. I just was told that this video was out on the internet and i want to answere Eva’s question, because I am the guy on the video. I have seen this called an assult & numerous other things. Let me set the record straight that this was not an assult and it did not hurt. i would love to share what has tranpired since then, but I’m not sure how much space this will give me. If anyone wants to talk in detail, please feel free to send me an e-mail at Many wonderful things have happened. I give all the praise to God, not Todd. Too many people have lost the true focus of things. May you all be blessed and I pray that I can share what has happened with me to some of you.


  28. The Egyptian magicians threw down their staffs and they turned to serpents.

    Jesus warned of false teachers showing signs and wonders.

    A man claims he was healed of cancer after being kicked in the stomach (the man who kicked him teaches heresy).

    What have we learned?

    Even that which is evil can disguise itself as good, one just has to look beyond the initial awe of the sign or wonder performed and see what is really being believed, preached, and taught.

    – The Pilgrim


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