That’s why it’s called grace.

Can the doctrine of justification be any simpler and yet still be willfully misunderstood by most professing Christians?

5 thoughts on “That’s why it’s called grace.

  1. The first 1:45 looked like Islam in a nutshell, trying to weigh “good” vs. “bad” (unless, of course, you killed some Jews and Christians, then you get a free pass).

    “My mom went to church”–The American concept of ‘salvation by osmosis’

    “Baptized as a baby?”–The Romish church

    “Take American Express, right?”–TBN


  2. That was fantastic, but I have one little thing I’d like to add. There are multiple ways to misunderstand a doctrine in Scripture. Some add to it – in the case of justification, baptism or works, some take away, but I am convinced that the problem with justification is one of the widespread – they don’t know the doctrine in the first place…just my thoughts


  3. Liked the video, but I had a little problem with the guy wearing a t-shirt denoting that he’s the Lord.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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