Book review: “The Family Worship Book” by Terry L. Johnson

I recently completed The Family Worship Book by Terry L. Johnson. I found it to be a fantastic help in providing the reasons and resources to commit to a daily family devotion time (this, of course, is not at the exclusion of living every aspect of our lives as Believers not just during Sunday mornings and family devotion time).

This book (from a Reformed slant) has many resources contained within so these numerous reference sources are at your fingertips. Some of the things it contains are the Psalter, hymns, creeds, the children’s catechism, the shorter catechism, and a yearly Bible reading plan.

The chapters of this (almost 200 page) book include:

– Introduction to Family Worship

– Making the Commitment to Family Worship

– Outline for Family Worship

– Order for Family Worship

– A Sample of Family Worship

– Family Resources

– Historical Resources

– Family Psalter/Hymnal

I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a wealth of solid resources for family worship time. I highly recommend it for those who are seeking to begin (or improve) their family devotion time.

You can purchase the book here.

3 thoughts on “Book review: “The Family Worship Book” by Terry L. Johnson

  1. I am currently reading through it now, and like you I am finding it to be a helpful resource. Family worship is something I feel convicted about, but struggle with at the same time. Thanks for the review.


  2. Yes, this is a good book and I found it to be a great resource. I would be interested hearing from you once you finish it.

    By the way, have you checked out this post on leading family worship?

    – The Pilgrim


  3. I’ll let you know. I also plan on blogging about it. I have read the post on leading worship and yesterday i ordered Donald Whitney’s book on Family Worship.


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