I’m Hopping Mad At How Irresponsible This Local Mega-Church Is!

Some of you might not notice that, unlike my good brethren who are co-authors on DefCon, I don’t hail from the United States or the Western hemisphere, but from Singapore (a prosperous tiny island state in South-East Asia).

Singapore is much like the United States when we compare the Christian landscape in both territories: we also have our mega-churches preaching the prosperity gospel and which support the likes of Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, et al.

Just last weekend, a local mega-church which I have often berated for their prosperity gospel — City Harvest Church which is helmed by the pastor Kong Hee — invited a certain Che Ahn to speak and minister “healing” to the congregation, which consists primarily of young, impressionable people and which number (according to their bulletins and announcements) about 23,000.

Che AhnWhile doing some research on Che Ahn, I was troubled to find out that Che Ahn is very closely associated with Bentley, and has even pronounced a “prophecy”1 on the latter.

The more troubling issue is this: why would City Harvest Church, having knowledge of this close relationship between Che Ahn and Bentley (who is obviously a liar, charlatan and false prophet) invite the former to guest-speak to their congregation?

To me, the incident doesn’t speak well of the level of discernment of the leadership at the church, since Bentley’s lies and obvious lack of Biblical truth have been called out by so many, including respected leaders in Christendom.

Moreover, inviting this pastor Che Ahn2 to speak at the church might even expose many, including countless non-believers who are usually invited to such services, to untold horrors because this whole Bentley movement isn’t of God, but is even demonic!

One needs question why a church in Singapore would bring such liars and false prophets to minister to its congregation, especially since I understand that much of the congregation consists of the young and impressionable.

Here’s Che Ahn supporting Todd Bentley at the latter’s “outpouring” ministry at Lakeland, Florida:

Bob Jones?! Alarm bells… they are a-ringing…

Prophecy of a third wave confirmed by a huge crashing wave at their feet? What is this guy talking about? Which fantasy is he living out? If they were indeed 200 feet from the sea, that’d be about 60 meters inland from the shoreline. Now, for a wave to come crashing in right at their feet like that… erm, do you think, hm… it could be, like, a tsunami?!

I’d be running for my life, but not these guys; no, they are heroes who recount miracles like they were just common occurrences like taking out the trash or, when it comes to meeting angels, meeting your neighbor across the street. 

By the way, did Todd say “holy goat” near the end of the video, or do my ears need cleaning? “Freudian slip” perhaps?

The alarm bells have become screaming sirens now…

Nothing tumbling out from the mouths of this duo is even remotely Biblical!

People used to berate me for lamenting about the prosperity gospel preached at City Harvest Church, but this is different… when a church willfully and knowingly exposes its congregation (which I might add is about 23,000-strong) to such dark powers, one needs to start asking hard questions of the leadership and demanding answers, ensuring that they are accountable!

Well, it looks like Todd Bentley and company have now crossed into Asia. 

It’s worrying indeed. Very worrying!

1 A Prophecy From Che Ahn To Todd Bentley. 24 April 2008, Pentecostal/Charismatic Post-It Notes.
2 Che Ahn on Todd Bentley – A Double Portion of William Branham’s Anointing. End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog.

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15 thoughts on “I’m Hopping Mad At How Irresponsible This Local Mega-Church Is!

  1. Isaiah,

    I’m in total agreement. It’s spreading from the US to the rest of the world. This is so heart-breaking! It’s better to spread the TRUE gospel then a bunch of lies. Charles Spurgeon made a comment to the effect that once a church goes down the slippery slope of error it’s next to impossible to bring them back. (I guess this could apply to a nation, as well.) Keep taking a stand on the truth of God’s Word there in Singapore, brother!


  2. Isaiah: Have you heard of a preacher from Singapore named Joseph Prince? And, if so, what is your opinion of him?


  3. Caron:

    I do what I can for my Lord’s glory.

    Dear sis:

    Thank you for the encouragement! I think Charles Spurgeon is right on this account — I’ve been observing this church for awhile, and all I can say is that the gradient of the slope they are on is getting more steep and definitely more slippery!

    Ministry Addict:

    I’ve heard of Joseph Prince, but unlike what I’ve observed, read and heard from Kong Hee, I currently do not know him well enough to form a fair opinion.

    I hope you will excuse my inability to give you a satisfactory reply at this time. All I know from sources is that he also preaches the prosperity message, but I’ve yet to fully verify that for myself.



  4. yes,

    bentley does say ‘holy goat’. it is a DEFINITE ‘holy goat’.

    i tried to listen for ‘Holy God’ or ‘Holy Ghost’…but nope, it definitely was ‘holy goat’. no ‘h’ ‘s’ or ‘d’ inflection noted at all.

    fruedian slip?

    hehehe, what do you think?

    i have been asked to attend conferences by my pastor and the prayer team ministry. some of them include ‘speakers’ (using that term respectfully as possible) by todd bentley, lou engles, bob jones, che ahn etc etc etc (it seems like an incestuous group imo) and so little scripture is truly spoken, not only is it alarming, it is basically blasphemous. their usual entire tirade is about how great each other are, how anointed they are, how miraculous things CONSTANTLY happen to them as if were no different than waiting for the toast to pop up.

    there is a definite hunger from people wanting more God in their life. they want confirmation via visible signs and stories. they want it all and they want it now.

    what better way than to tell tales of ‘god experiences’? this, imo, is self glorification. it does not edify God. it does not bring any glory to God.

    are we to judge these people? yes and no. i will not ‘judge’ them by the standards of God, for that is always left to God…but i feel that as a Christian and caring human being, it is important to raise questions on the validity, sincerity and Godliness of their intentions. after all, we are talking about ones eternal salvation, right? not self glorification.


  5. Bentley’s here in London next week – needless to say I want to tear the hair off my head in grief…God can’t be in all this garbage!!!


  6. The audacity of Che Ahn to even say that he must decrease before Todd Bentley! That is just outright blasephemy too!!!

    I am aghast for these people who are lifting up Todd Bentley. It is absolutely horrible to hear all of them screaming to catch the wave of the anointing.

    What about weeping before the Lord and crying about for people to repent of their sins and that they would go out in mulititudes preaching the Gospel?

    This country (USA) needs an army of evangelists to preach the Gospel above anything else, to help bring people back to God, to a reverence for His holiness and righteousness.


  7. This is not a church of the living and true God. It is Satan’s church, an instrument of the anti-Christ. It is the great deception of the end times, as one can read from the Revelation. There will be no power to stop it on this earth….let us all who are truly called by His Name, the real Christians, gather together on bended knees to cry out unto the Almighty, to spare the people from the viles of Satan, and bring down fire and brimstone to the leaders who have conned innocent people. Only the power of the Lord God can save us all from this onslaught.

    These are the end times – people having itchy ears who would not hear sound doctrines from the Bible, but prefer false renditions and perversions concocted by the servants of the devil for their own destruction.

    On Lord be merciful unto all of us – cast Thy light on those who are engulfed by the dark cloud of the beast and his master.


  8. I am not a believer but was raised in a christian environment, I have seen both the very good and more than my fair share of bad from what people can do in the name of christinity.

    I don’t trust large, money spinning ministries that depend their lot on the feeble and impressionable. If I were a christian, I’d attend chrch at a down to earth, with simple albiet peaceful folk that are helmed by a wise and measured religious man who walks the talk.

    Peace be with you my friends.


  9. In the ‘last days they will HEAP UP to THEMSELVES teachers having itching ears’…they will not tolerate sound doctrine.’Paul

    It will be about ‘believers’real or outward in the last times wanting teachers that teach what they want to hear as their spiritual ears or hearing ‘itches’and wants these wonder or miracle workers and visions,etc.

    Paul predicts they will place these charisamatic teachers above the Word as they won’t endure or as it says in the Greek NT ‘tolerate’ sound doctrine. They surround attention on the teachers and their ‘third heaven’ type experiences,like his angel “Emma”(there are only angels with masculine names in Scripture-Emma is not a Jewish type name-it is Anglo- as all the known angels in the Bible-each name in the Word translates to a reference to God-like Michael ) Todd Bentley,which is more due to his “excessive drinking,”which is well known to those that have investigated him,etc.

    “STUDY to show yourself approved to God ,a workman that needs not be ashamed RIGHTLY dividing the Word of Truth.’ ll Timothy 3:16

    Paul said “Some shall depart from the faith” or system of teachings in the NT.


  10. Don’t be surprised Isaiah. City Harvest Church is Charismatic, therefore anything goes, hence Bentley and associates are acceptable!


  11. It’s worrying indeed. Add Cornerstone Church to the list they are absolutely sold out to Bentley, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark etc. I just left that church because of this.

    Isaiah please tell me something about your church. All along I thought all churches here in Singapore are advocate of the Word of Faith movement. I just left Cornerstone and I’m looking for a new church for me and my family. (I’m Filipino by the way, I hope your church doesn’t have any racial bias)


  12. You wrote:
    To me, the incident doesn’t speak well of the level of discernment of the leadership at the church This incident actually tells that there is NO discernment at this church! How sad … even in Singapore!

    And how can the “non-believer ” commenter have more sense than professing Christians! Wow. End Times indeed!!!!

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter – Isaiah 5:20



  13. Just to let all know that false teachers like James Goll, Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, Joshua Mills, etc are coming into the Singapore church through Reva network, kingdom invasion etc. take a look at the partners/ churches that host their events. Most if not all of these teachers are New Apostolic Reformation teachers.


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