Worship at Bentley’s.

Some of you may have been wondering what “worship” was like at the Lakeland “revival.” But most of you (like me) probably didn’t care. However, as a public service for those who were wondering, I’ve decided to provide you with a video that should satisfy your curiosity (and sicken your stomach).

I couldn’t sit through the whole 4 minutes of this pagan-looking, Woodstock-style, hippie-like, drug-induced gyrating so I skipped ahead. You may want to as well.

Now will someone please explain to me what the woman begins doing at 3:28 into the video and why? Will any Bentley-ite out there please provide me with Scriptural support (not only for this woman’s actions throughout the whole video) but specifically for what she does at that point in the video. And you can’t use, “King David did it” with this one!

8 thoughts on “Worship at Bentley’s.

  1. These people must either be possessed or for that moment taken over by some evil spirit I feel sorry for them, We should be praying for them.


  2. Okay… I watched that with the sound off (at work)… and… wow. If you didn’t tell me that was worship I would have had no clue. Looked more like something from the little stages of Lilith Fair.


  3. Looked more like something from the little stages of Lilith Fair. Or what I remember from when I used to watch Red Hot Chili Peppers videos.

    Pilgrim, you asked, Now will someone please explain to me what the woman begins doing at 3:28 into the video and why? Well, since Bentley is ripping off every false quote-unquote “move of God” (from Brownsville to “Holy Laughter” to “slain in the Spirit” to…) I would say she’s loading up her “Holy Spirit machine gun” (a la The Hinn-meister).


  4. Looked to me like she was acting out shooting someone! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? There’s no telling what those people there are going to do as they do some pretty crazy things from what I’ve seen!


  5. Not my thing. But why can’t we use ‘king David did it.’

    If I recall correctly, David did this with other people, not as a dance solo. I don’t want to be legalistic about it, but I don’t generally think dance solos in church are a good idea. If we are all singing together and people want to dance before the Lord, there are Psalms to support dancing before the Lord. But if something is made the center of attention like that, it needs to edify the body. Maybe someone went up there and ‘intepreted’ the dance, because if they did not explain it, and I were there, I would not have understood and been edified.


  6. it looked like she was throwing out at the people whatever she was conjuring up and then she loaded up and blew them all away! If you look at her face after that it lookes as the killing everybody edified her apetite!


  7. it reminded me of what the Isrealites did when they were worshiping their molten image. Joshua thought that it was the sound of war(drumming), Exodus 32:19 And it came about, as soon as Moses came near the camp, that he saw the calf and the dancing; and Moses’ anger burned.


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