Sheek a boom bah?

This short video breaks my heart. The abuse that these parents put their two precious children through by forcing them to come face to face with such evil raises up a righteous indignation within me. “I don’t want you to touch me” the one girl pleads through her tears, yet they all just laugh as they subject these children to the legion within Bentley. Why are these parents so blind to what their children can plainly see? If this is a move of God, the children would not be so frightened. What more proof do you need?

8 thoughts on “Sheek a boom bah?

  1. You know, it’s been said that children can spot a demon before we do. This is proof.

    Perhaps some Bentley-ite can show me ONE PLACE–ONE PLACE–in Scripture where children were AFRAID of Jesus.



    Perhaps that’s why Jesus said, “Allow the little children to come to Me, and forbid them not!” (Mark 10:14) Obviously, the childrenwere all excited about getting to meet Jesus. Bentley–eh, not so much.


  2. Disgusting! This is nothing more than televised psychological child abuse. I’m 17 – God forbid, he try to force himself on me…I’ll finish his biker boy look with a couple black eyes


  3. I agree that this is absolutely horrible! At least the adults want what he’s given them, the poor child didn’t and her parents made her! I find this not only offensive but also even more demonically oppressive then most of the other videos I’ve seen of him! If she said she didn’t want anything then that should have been enough for them to stop! I am praying the Lord stops him in his tracks soon and shows Bentley for the wolf that he is!


  4. I don’t know if it was demons the child was scared of, or Bentley’s demonic look, but I know this much, it was a positive no from her.

    As for CPS, this thing is on television and the internet.

    I don’t think they really care.

    The deception is so strong that only God can break it.

    Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.


  5. My mum worked with Social Services here in London, before working at the school she’s at now. In a case as widely seen as that, they have power to question the parents and even take her from them for a while due to psychological abuse.

    If I were in the US, CPS would be getting a little phone call from a concerned teenager.


  6. On second thought… if they won’t take kids away from the parents who are denied blood transfusions (JW) or needed medications (Christaian Science) then they probably won’t do anything to the Bentley-ites


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