Todd Bentley: Messenger Of God?

From FinalTrumpet at YouTube:

Todd Bentley has been a leader in the “Lakeland Revival” currently being heralded as a great move of God. Analysis of Bentley and what he preaches show that he is not what he claims.

The analysis this video provides is in relation to his explanation of a supernatural encounter he had. Critical analysis of the encounter shows that he not only did not use biblical instruction to “test the spirits” but that the encounter was not of God. His “encounter” matches UFO abduction testimonials and seems to be more of a “close encounter” than one with God. And those have proven to be satanic/demonic at their core.

So the big question is can a man who has occultic/demonic encounters and claiming they are of God be teaching Truth? I think these videos will show that his message is not of God as is this “revival” of false signs and wonders.

This is part 1 of a series of five videos so far:

You can catch parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 at FinalTrumpet’s page on YouTube, which suggest, along with video evidence, how Todd Bentley is actually practicing Kundalini.

4 thoughts on “Todd Bentley: Messenger Of God?

  1. Any time an angel was sent to someone, and they fell down in fear before that angel, what was the angel’s first response?

    “Fear Not”

    I don’t hear that in Todd’s rant and ramble. That alone is enough to rule this out as being from God.


  2. That’s a great point, brother. I was just remarking to someone that it’s funny how these people speak of such encounters like it was some ordinary occurrence, e.g. they were just visited by their neighbor.


  3. A friend is quite interested in this guy and had urged me to check him out. I accidentally came across him while channel surfing. He was on “God TV” which was my first clue that all was not right with the guy. I could only watch three or four minutes of it – I was shouting at the TV. The dude is deceived and is deceiving others.


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