Two good videos on election

First, James White’s closing statement in a recent debate he participated in (about 10:00). In it he spells out the doctrine of election with such clarity that I do believe even John Wesley would have been convinced (Don’t misunderstand. I believe John Wesley to be one of the godliest men who has ever lived. He was simply a backslidden Calvinist, was all 🙂 ). Hat Tip: Domain For Truth.

Next we have John Piper exegeting Romans 8:28-31. This is a little longer (about 47:00) and is actually one part of a conference on Calvinism. (Hat Tip: Black Reforming Kid. Check him out. He’s got a few other treats there as well.)

Yay! Finally got it! Like they say, when all else fails, read the directions.

4 thoughts on “Two good videos on election

  1. There ya go! Thanks for the plug, bro – it’s nice when people better than myself find something useful on my blog…


  2. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m better than anyone else. I appreciate the compliment, but we’re all equals here. I’m glad you have been blessed by our ministry here at DefCon!


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