A Few Problems With Arminianism And A Case For Calvinism

Dr. Bruce Ware puts forward the Biblical doctrine of pre-destination so well that he gets a standing ovation from me.

You can get the DVD of the entire debate here for just US$14.95.1

1 The author does not derive any benefits, financial or otherwise, from recommending the purchase of the material. Neither is he affiliated with Dr. Bruce Ware or The Apologetics Group in any manner.

7 thoughts on “A Few Problems With Arminianism And A Case For Calvinism

  1. Greetings,

    Excellent video, I am going to consider purchasing this DVD. I tried to explain a point in the blog, Calvinist and Arminian explanation of John 6, whereas we can choose things within our life in which God has provided, but overall a Sovereign Father controls the overall scheme. Sometimes, I feel even some of God’s elect miss the mark by not fully understanding God is in charge.

    Jesus is Lord


  2. Thanks, but I have. My point that I was making is that Dr. Ware is much smoother and polished with his delivery than myself. If you read the comments ‘A Calvinist and Arminian Examinationā€™, I had already approached and presented my Reform points of Tulip verses the Arminian Lilac beliefs on several entries, which my comments are directed to my beliefs of the Sovereignty of God. However, I sometimes just have a hard time understanding why others donā€™t realize God is Sovereign. Sometimes I am in awe that some are missing the point concerning the sovereign grace without works. I believe, I have four entries within the blog that you recommended.

    Thanks anyway for your recommendation

    Jesus is Lord


  3. My apologies for misreading you, sir. I have been away for a good while because of a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome so it does look like I have a lot of catching up to do. šŸ™‚


  4. I understand and no need for an apology is needed. As the old saying goes; “No harm and No foul”. I was vague, at best and I didn’t do a great job of expressing myself, it was on me(one of my many short-comings). I do appreciate your zeal and willingness to share, and if I ever need help or guidance please feel free to jump in…..God knows that I am a long way from perfection.

    Have a Blessed weekend.
    Jesus is Lord


  5. Wow. Great job, Dr. Ware. That last example, showing that the Bible itself as it exists is unthinkable in terms of LFW, was quite powerful.


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