Straight Reporting From Someone Who Once Trusted Todd Bentley

Pray for Dawn that God continues to help her discern the falsehoods that Todd Bentley is peddling, and may this testimony from her reach many others who might still be blinded by the circus.

I have attended this revival for many weeks. In fact, I have been there since the second night of Todd’s meetings (4/2/08), long before this became “revival”. Initially, I was so excited to see God move in such a mighty way. I was encouraging my pastor, several other pastors that I know, many friends and family members to “come and see what God is doing.” There were few times when I was uncomfortable with what was happening in the meetings, but I figured that I was just being critical and reminded myself that God’s ways are not my ways. I continued to support this revival, even after I heard my own pastor voice his concerns. I was quite vocal about these misgivings others had. I continued to defend Todd, God, etc., etc. 

However, as time as passed, I have become increasing concerned about several things. First of all, I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years (in radiology). I have noticed that there have only been a very few “documented” miracles in comparison to the numbers that have claimed miracles. I am aware of at least two claims of healing that I believe to have possibly been real. There was the child with the elbow fracture and her x-rays. However, I would like to know the dates between the first set of x-rays and the 2nd, as healing, especially with very young children can be quite quick…especially if it was very mild fracture. Also, I would love to see the type of fracture, position, and the view (AP, lateral, etc.) of the second set of films. (Sometimes a particular view will not show the fracture that is actually there.) There was also a young man who testified one night (before TV/internet) about being healed from Hepatitis C, with the lab work to confirm. Again, with false positive/negatives that can happen with labs. I’d love to see what his actual lab values were and see a retesting to confirm. Although I do believe that this individual could very well have been healed, but because of how I’ve seen other things handled in this revival, I would just like to see more documentation. 

Much of the “miracles” that I have seen over the weeks have been based more on what people believe that have happened, more than medically documented miracles. Many times over I have seen people with metal rods in their spine be “healed”. Todd will ask, what couldn’t you do, and usually has them bend over. This act of bending over is declared as a miracle. It is not. Most folks with metal rods in their back or neck CAN bend over, as these rods (Harrington rods) very seldom go the entire length of the spine. In fact, I have metal plates/screws in my neck and can bend my head from side to side and front to back. I remember one night when a woman with bulging discs in her neck came up to declare her healing. Todd felt along her spine and said “I don’t feel any bulging discs in your neck”, and then announced she had been healed. A disc bulge is something that you will NOT detected by running your hand up and down the spine. It is not something that can be physically palpated. Only imaging with MRI or CT would show the presence of disc bulges and if they were compressing nerve roots or affecting the spinal cord/spinal canal. I saw where this declaration of healing caused the room the go wild. My feeling is that if this is truly a bonafied healing…PRAISE GOD! But let’s confirm these miracles. That is what the world really needs to see! But alas, very few healings are actually being confirmed.

Secondly, my concern is the focus that has been placed on Angels, visitations, manifestations, etc. Although Jesus is mentioned throughout the night, though an altar call is given… far more emphasis is being placed on these other things than is acutally being given to the Jesus and him crucified (as Paul would say). The cross, the resurrection, holiness, repentance, dying to the flesh, etc., are merely glossed over and not really preached. What is being given more time, more emphasis are these other “experiences”.

The atmosphere here has changed from the very first meetings…at least it seems to me. And as I said earlier, I have been at revival since April 3rd…the 2nd night Todd was here in Lakeland. Something is wrong and I am concerned. Somehow the gospel that saves and keeps is not being preached as it should. Jesus…not even the Holy Spirit… is to be focus. In the Gospel of John, it says the when the comforter (Holy Spirit) would come, it would not speak of himself, but of Jesus. My concern is growing. I think we need to really pray and ask for discernment. I’m all for revival. I am all for miracles. But is there another Jesus, another gospel that is being preached here?

HT: Theology Today.

7 thoughts on “Straight Reporting From Someone Who Once Trusted Todd Bentley

  1. What has God done for you since you have been to the Lakeland outpouring? I would like to know that.Maybe things are changing for you because you have let doubt come in and destroy what God was doing for you. Doubt is a thorn vine that when fed, grows strong and then begins to wrap around and choke out the very essence of Faith that was once there.Maybe you have taken your eyes off God and have begun to vocus on man. And the more you look for something wrong the more you will find in your own eyes.I have heard this man speak,he is nothing but a MAN being used by God.He, himself has never experienced such a presence of God,and everything he says is to give God the glory,he draws no praise to himself in the things that have been done.And for the record,even IF he were a fake,like so many think,God would still heal and Bless all those who come and have came because they come and came believing,because GOD is the healer not the man. Just like Peter,he walked out on the water but when his eyes got off Jesus he bagan to sink,because of doubt.This is not in defense of Todd it is defense of God,let His presence fall,and enjoy what He is doing,if you have doubt about it go into God privatley,don’t put it on the net,for those who don’t beleive at all, to devour.That’s all the unbeleivers are waiting for is something little to jump on to make it something it’s not.


  2. some years ago i sat in a church when a visitor pastor came ,the first night he preached jesus.and laughter fell over the church,when he had shared about it .for a week it fell.i sat there and thought something must be wrong with me .for i wasnt laughing.then the lord said sit and listen so i did.what i heard was that god was no longer being was just laughter.and talk about angles etc.I understood.When jesus spoke the word and taught the word mericles followed.the word is to be our guide to truth.without it what do we have?by the way the day after this pastor left it all stopped.If the Lord was in this and 99% of the body acted on it what happened?we must way all things by the word of God not by come alive


  3. You are absolutely correct, myra, in saying that we must weigh all things by the Word of God and not by what man says. People are so shallow in their understanding of God’s Word that they think man-made religion and philosophy is of God. We can only know truth by studying God’s Word daily and this man definitely is not speaking forth the truth according to the Word of God.

    It is also important that we bring forth error to the light so Christians won’t be deceived by it but also so that unbelievers won’t be deceived by it!


  4. Dear Myra:

    I can relate and empathize. I too experienced the garbage of holy laughter and slaying in the spirit during the 1990’s. I even had to be “coached” into speaking in tongues. I never fell when the “anointed” pastor laid hands on me. I never laughed when those around me were in hysterics. And of course, when voicing concern guess whose fault it was? Mine. It was my fault for not being spiritual enough or having enough faith.

    The most telling thing about these things is time. It reveals the truth. Within a few years so many of those people that were “touched” by God and “anointed” fell away from the “faith.” And of course the pastor’s sins of adultery were exposed. Divorces were handed out left and right within leadership.
    The truth will also come out in the “latest big thing” in Lakeland. Just watch and wait.

    And one other thing, do we really want a “revival” of the modern, lukewarm, Christless Christianity that is so prevalent in most churches in America? I believe what we need is reformation first! As Paul Washer so aptly put it:

    “The only thing that’s going to save the Church in America–there’s only two possibilities: One is total reformation in our preaching, in our study of the word of God. Or the other is fierce horrifying persecution. That’s the only thing that’s going to save the Church in America.”

    Reviving what we currently have could be very scary.

    – The Pilgrim


  5. Yes click on my name, takes you to my site and there is a link at the bottom of the home page, as I’ve moved everything onto a web page of it’s own about the Lakeland Revival and Todd Bentley and so on, providing more evidence in one place, saving having to search for it and this is only the beginning and reporting of what is going on by me personally as I watch it on God TV as well.

    Thanks, Lee.


  6. This is a dangerous situation, and I wish someone could contact the proper authorities and have todd bentley arrested for assault and battery, kicking an old woman in the face, I wish we could get ahold of her and ask her about it and how many bruises she sustained. There are many more examples, including a young child begging her mother not to let this man touch her. The fact that he was in jail at 14 for molesting a child. Has there been a follow up on him after this time???? has there been any more arrests after this jail sentance???? I believe with all my heart anyone who has molested a child, should not be allowed to preach. Share the testimony of Gods forgiveness and cleansing yes, but preach no, not ever, for any reason. Tatoos, saying bam bam, and using words that comes from eastern mystsism is wrong. Perhaps he thinks he is doing the work of the Lord because of the false teachers before him. Is there no Pastor or leader that will stand up and preach the truth????? thank you for letting me respond


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