When you think of Resurrection Sunday, do the words “sex, money, and power” come to mind?

Apparently it does if you go to Perry Noble’s “church” in South Carolina. There you get yet another unhealthy dose of man-centered, entertainment-driven “preaching” with a “sermon” series entitled Sex, Money & Power. Seriously folks, I can’t make this garbage up.

This is the mailer sent out by New Spring to advertise their “Man Series” which includes a sermon entitled Protectile Dysfunction (click on the picture to enlarge).

And they didn’t stop there. Below I’ve posted two short promo videos for this “church” to show you the gravity of the problem. Remember when you watch these videos that they are produced by a “church” to promote their sermon series . . . really, I’m not kidding.

What more would you expect from a church that had a grown-man greeting people in the church foyer for Christmas dressed as an elf?

Whatever happened to holiness . . . in the church?

14 thoughts on “When you think of Resurrection Sunday, do the words “sex, money, and power” come to mind?

  1. Pilgrim,
    Sad to say I know some Pastor’s from out west who attended a seminar put on by this church. They think it’s great and had a wonderful time. It’s sad to think that they actually think they are preaching the gospel of God.



  2. How truly sad!

    Look at those headings again: SEX!, MONEY!, POWER!

    Those are the same three arrows that the enemy always employs to ensnare sinful men with the possible addition of intellect. The sins of the flesh practically always revolve around “brains, bucks, and brawn” – my smarts, my money, and my strength — me, me, me!!!


  3. Boy, this whole campaign from this “church” reeks of the whole man-centered, seeker-sensitive, “What’s in it for me?” type of feel-good nonsense that is permeating those groups and associations that call themselves “church” in Laodicea America today.


  4. I’m still not sure what the promo videos were supposed to do other than mimic the world. I especially don’t get the second video.

    I suppose it’s their view of “manhood” as defined by the MTV generation: being hit in the face with a sandwich and feminine hygiene products in a grocery store while being filmed.

    I’ll be patient for an explanation. I’m sure it won’t be long before a representative or member of this social club will come in here to call us such gems as “Pharisees,” “judgmental,” “legalists,” and “________ (fill in the blank).” And when they do I hope they will a least take a moment to explain the videos and the Sex, Money & Power series from a Biblical perspective (if possible). Oh, and Protectile Dysfunction too.


  5. Can you imagine the meeting that spawned these videos?

    “Hey, Charlie, what’s a good idea for a video? I mean, one that will really make people look at our church and say, ‘Man, I want to go there!'”

    “Uh, I don’t know, Bryan. Should we say something about that Jesus dude?”

    “Nah, we don’t want to offend nobody. Hey, I got an idea! How about we make people think that we’re like MTV, dude? Yeah, you know, like that show where they do stupid things and break stuff and get hurt? How ’bout that?”

    “Whoa, dude!! Yeah!! How about if we go to the grocery store, and hit each other with stuff, yo!! People will see that and say, ‘Whoa! Dude! That’s so cool! That’s the kind of church I want to go to!'”

    “Heck yeah, yo! I mean, most of these churches? They just want to talk about stuff like sin, and that Jesus guy, and that–what do they call it? Oh, yeah, some ‘cross’ thingy. People don’t want all that stuff. Let’s just make them feel comfortable, show ’em a good time, yo!”

    Of course, I’m sure that someone from their church will come here and claim that 10,000 people “met Christ” at this man-centered festival. Sadly, many people will “meet Christ” as He sits on His Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11-15).


  6. Fourpointer,

    Your comment about the 10,000 people meeting Christ turns out to be prescient. That is exactly what their defense on the Youtube comments is.



  7. What are you afraid of? Is it that you are afraid to preach on the sins of todays world. Yes there are men adicted to pornography, men and women living together, and men who abuse their wives. You can turn your heads and pretend it is not happening or hit it head on. I bet you dodge every subject that may make some of your big tithers mad at you. You would rather reach a few that attend every Sunday, and teach Sunday school than preach the truth of today. Get out of your pulpits and get in the real world! Look at whats happening with fathers walking off and leaving their children, children being born out of wedlock, and the wedding bed being defiled. You are are a bunch of mealy mouthed men afraid of preaching about todays society. Preach on Perry! I would rather have that than men that teach Sunday school and on Monday pull up pornography on their computer. You are the luke warm that is mentioned in Revelation.


  8. Uh, Patricia? What are you talking about?

    Do you have any idea what this blog is about? Part of what this blog is about is calling Christians to live holy lives. We regularly feature posts, quotes and sermons on the issues of sin and holiness; addressing the very issues you hastily claimed we’re “afraid” of. Furthermore, we’re calling for an end to the nonsense the lukewarm, mile-wide, inch-deep, entertainment-driven, circus churches are engaged in (i.e. the original post). Based on your comment you apparently missed the collective nature of this blog.

    By the way, I think a better name for NewSpring’s Sex, Money & Power series would be The Flesh, The World & The Devil.

    – The Pilgrim


  9. Patricia,

    I notice that you go off railing about how we here supposedly don’t take sin seriously. Go ahead and watch the two videos above. Do those clowns look like they are taking sin seriously? Or are they promoting this series as a way for “dudes” to “hang out and chill” with other dudes? Does whacking each other with tampons and bread promote a sense that they take anything seriously? How about the cutesy little titles they give for their little pep talks?

    Patricia, it seems as though New Spring is the one that has a problem with talking about the seriousness of sin. They seem like they don’t want to offend people, and they just want people to feel “comfortable” in their little coffee shop church.


  10. Charmian,

    Romans 1:29-30 says, “They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, 30slanderers, haters of God…”

    Are you accusing anyone who thinks these videos are foolish of being unsaved? You may want to reconsider inventing a new test for whether someone is a Christian.

    Since you seem to be so passionate about this, maybe you can explain the purpose of these videos, and how they glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.



  11. I tried watching the video of this “Easter Sunday” sermon. After getting through a secular song of the world being sung preceding the “worship” music, Perry Noble then took the “stage.”

    After a few minutes of him discussing how “shagging” means something entirely different in South Carolina than other parts of the world (wink wink . . . ha ha), I could take it no longer and had to turn it off. Something about a grown man trying to tickle my ears was very disturbing.

    – The Pilgrim


  12. The church of entertainment rules in America! Man, if it’s not avant garde SNL-style skits, it’s gestalt and battery by a charismatic speaker.

    Todd Bentley (the charismatic faith healer who kicks little old ladies in the face at the instruction of the “spirit”) would fit right in here. Gosh, he’s entertaining in a violent sort of way; kind of like the Ultimate Fighting Championships meet the Word/Faith movement. And with all the tattoos and body piercings, he is a symbol of acceptability for a contemporary audience.

    Yes, Todd Bentley and Newspring- a cage match made in ??????


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