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thomas-manton.gif Wherever you go, you will hear men crying out about how bad youth are. But indeed the source of the problem must be sought a little higher: it is bad parents that make bad children! We cannot blame children so much for their unruliness, for the greater weight of the blame lies in our own negligence in their education. . . . If children are not well principled in the home, then everything miscarries!
– Thomas Manton
1620 – 1677

4 thoughts on “Quotes (240)

  1. Proverbs 22:6 much?

    “Ancient words, ever true…”

    As a side note, my wife is a teacher’s assistant and former preschool teacher; she knows this all to well!



  2. That is definitely the truth of the matter. We know this from personal experience both within our own family and watching those around us. We see so many parents that allow their children free reign. They think it’s funny or cute when their children do things that are wrong and even go so far as to encourage it!

    It’s sad that so many parents are more interested in their own selfish desires rather then seeking to uplift, encourage, discipline and teach their own children. May God give us grace to seek our children’s well-being according to HIS word not according to worldly philosophy!


  3. I served as a lay youth worker for over 12 years. The kids didn’t frustrate me near as much as some of the parents did. Parents would be involved in their own interests and more or less left the moral and spiritual development to the church. I saw a growing attitude that a kid was “raised” if they could lock the door behind them and nuke their dinner on their own. Parental direction, guidance and discipleship (if there was any) fizzled by the time the kid was 12.


  4. I have seen this, as well. In fact, I watched one woman that tickled her son every time he hit her. She tried to get him in a good mood (which she did). I tried to share with her what the Bible said but she was insistent that she knew better then God what she should do. Last time we saw them, her son (he was 2 when we first met and 4 the last time we saw them) was pretty wild. He told her he hated her and told everyone else that he could do anything he wanted (which he could). This was a family in England.

    Here in the states we see so many children that are wild and it’s so sad. We try to share with the parents (normally ones that attend church) but either they don’t want to hear it and tell you or they don’t want to hear it and act like they do. In the last instance they’ll listen but you can see the behaviour of the children hasn’t changed any.

    There are some exceptions and you can see that they are struggling to train their children according to the Word of God. That in itself is so refreshing and exciting to see!


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