Modern-day legalism.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would’ve been like to witness the ridiculous rules and regulations imposed by the Pharisees, this four-and-a-half minute video may make you feel like you were there . . . and want to reach for an aspirin!

17 thoughts on “Modern-day legalism.

  1. Did you notice how he kept saying that he knew people didn’t want to hear his message? He had to keep iterating that he was preaching from the Bible because he knew that he was spouting hogwash. Does anyone else think that this joker looks like Jack from “Lost”?

    On a more serious note, why is there such a KJV-only belief? I have seen this elsewhere and have never understood why this translation is better than any other. My best guess is that it is because there are so many people disgusted with today’s society and culture that they assume that anything that is 400 years old is automatically better. I sympathize, but if they truly believe that King James’ or King Henry’s world was pure then they sure need to bone up on their history!


  2. “The Lord destroyeth the man who pisseth on the wall.” Then he goes and tells everyone to be a man and pee standing up. I find this funny, yet very sad.

    I’m also in agreement with Bill. I like the KJV very much.


  3. I thought standing up for the gospel in a post modern insane world was being a man. I was WRONG! Excuse me, I’m going out back of my house and finding a wall.


  4. I have a question…not at all trying to be insensitive, just asking a question…what do you mean that
    “If the King James Version was good enough for the Apostle Paul, it’s good enough for me”. What does that mean? Was this just a joke? I am really interested in that statement…again, just inquiring minds want to know!!


  5. That’s funny, I was wonderring the same thing!

    So what translation do you all suppose is the most acurate?

    Is there any translation that you can honestly say you agree with 100%?



  6. I meant what I said as a joke. The Apostle Paul didn’t speak English. Some of the reasoning of the King James Only people seems to be as reasonable as the joke. I think the KJV is a fine version, but it’s not the one I use.



  7. Go ahead and lable me a heretic but I start off with the NIV and then move to the NASB or KJV for more lexical based translation during study. But I find (from working as an interpreter) you can NEVER get a 100% translation/interpretation. And unless you learn Greek and Hebrew then it is best to just use a few different “good” translations.


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