Video blog entitled “Satan Invented Evolution.”

With all the buzz regarding creationism and evolution as of late, I thought I’d add the following six videos (each ten minutes in duration) for your viewing.

The young man making these videos is captivating and really entertaining to watch and listen to. You do not have to view these videos in order and if you can’t watch them all, I recommend at least seeing videos four through six. (Disclaimer on video five: A video is shown of a monkey doing a rather disgusting but natural act to monkeys, highlighting that we did not evolve from that type of animal. Viewer discretion is advised for video part five.)

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

3 thoughts on “Video blog entitled “Satan Invented Evolution.”

  1. Wow! Talk about “dagling a carott” in front of me! LOL

    Cute videos, but…

    I think I’m just going to let it go this time around…


  2. January 1986, while in Glen Rose, Texas I was fortunate enough to meet a Dallas CSI-qualified police officer who took 15 others, including myself to see Dr Carl Baugh, who was excavating at the time on the Paluxy River area of the McFall Ranch off highway 205 north of town. While there, I saw 3-4 ft of earth and limestone removed to uncover a HUMAN footprint right beside a DINOSAUR
    footprint. Both were in the same strata of stone. I touched, photographed, and actually placed my own foot into the stone footprint. and with my foot placed into the track I had no doubt evolution was a total lie and fabrication. Men and Dinosaurs walked this earth together and not so long ago either. I encourage everyone to visit the Creation Evidences Museum website to learn more of the truth that evolutionists want to keep hidden. Proof of an Intelligent designer as the Bible tells us about means ALL men must be accountable to Him. And by the very definition of good science, these evolutionists reject such evidence without even going to visually verify it for theirselves.
    I praise God for having literally been in the right place at the right time to have been a personal witness of what I’ve told here. Creation recorded in Genesis is FACT. Evolution as even a theory is DOA, and God left us proof where we could find it!


  3. Thanks for you comment David. I (along with many others on this site) would be encouraged and greatly appreciative if you’d be able to e-mail me some of those picture you took. Is that a possibility?

    – The Pilgrim


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