A scathing blow to the wishy-washy Emergent church and sugar-coated, ear-candy preaching so popular today.

I’ve seen the below video posted on several blogs but never watched it. I surmised that it was from a television show so I had no interest in viewing it (mainly because I believe that all the good that can be found on television can fit into a thimble and still roll around in it like a B.B. in a bathtub).

Well, I finally gave in and watched the video clip and all I can say is, wow! How wrenching; how intense. I hope Rob Bell and Brian McLaren were watching this.

Apparently this man in the video is dying of cancer and a female chaplain has fed him the ever-so popular Emergent, seeker-friendly, social gospel that has no truth, no life, and no answers. The same “gospel” that millions are living on week after week in this country (that is until tragedy strikes close to home and they begin seeking real answers).

Just as the health, wealth, and Prosperity “gospel” doesn’t work in Calcutta, India, the new no-one-can-know-any-truth ambiguity “gospel” of the Emergent church leaves those facing death and judgment (Hebrews 9:27) desperate for answers.

2 thoughts on “A scathing blow to the wishy-washy Emergent church and sugar-coated, ear-candy preaching so popular today.

  1. Pilgrim,

    Thanks for posting this video! I wish that every seeker-friendly, emergent, “new-age” style church pastor would see this video and fall on their face and seek mercy from a holy and righteous God. The holy and righteous God who must be sickened at what those who call themselves by the name of His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet can offer NO HOPE to the dying or the living!

    They should then forget about their paycheck and consider the HIGH COST of COMMITMENT! Stand up and tell the truth – NOT that God loves everyone and has a wonderful plan for their life — BUT that as the man in this video says he needs to hear somebody look Him in the eye and tell him there is an answer on “how to find forgiveness”.

    False prophets like this woman exist every day in the form of wishy-washy preachers who claim to know Christ and yet have the audacity to preach what spews so glibly from the lips of this actress – “It’s up to us to interpret what God wants!”

    What a farce! What a travesty! It is no wonder why Christianity has become the laughingstock of the world!

    Preaching Hope to the Hopeless!
    The Desert Pastor


  2. How many people come to that moment everyday. Sad, I have never watched that show but they were spot on,this is exactly what it is like. She didn’t have what he needed (Jesus of course.) At least she didn’t get him to pray THE PRAYER. My dad died last january. He wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. I left a gospel of John on his pillow, I never saw him again. How do people live without Jesus, without hope.


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