Selling a counterfeit faith to a biblically illiterate people. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

This kind of tomfoolery would vanish overnight if people knew the Scriptures. If people would actually read their Bibles these purveyors of another gospel would be out of business faster than they could say, “God wants you to sow a financial seed-of-faith offering.”

Miracle Real Estate:

Miracle Manna:

Anointed Prayer Handkerchiefs and Miracle Spring Water:

More Miracle Handkerchiefs:

More Miracle Spring Water:

Miracle Spring Water Examined and Exposed:

5 thoughts on “Selling a counterfeit faith to a biblically illiterate people. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

  1. Here are some fruits of the “faith healing” tree:

    Young girl’s death preventable

    So, what do the Creflo Dollars and Robert Tiltons and Benny Hinns say about this? This woman’s faith was strong-STRONG!!–yet her daughter died. Maybe the father’s faith wasn’t enough. Or their great-aunt. Or their third-cousin twice removed.

    Maybe she just didn’t sow the right $1000 seed. It’s sad that a young girl has to die because her parents have succumbed to this whole “positive confession” nonsense.


  2. These idolaters remind me of the medieval Roman Church selling relics purported to have divine healing powers. Still, you’ve got to hand it to them. Not only are they smart enough to incorporate centuries-old abominations, but they’re cunning enough not to advertise the selling of what they say are the actual finger bones of an original disciple or a splinter from the actual cross. The audience would just find those claims too hard to believe…


  3. I am so angry about this because these “prophets” are exploiting minorities. People who are already struggling in their lives. What is going to happen when we come across these people and try to preach the gospel to them. Will they be open to hearing the REAL gospel after being taken advantage of by these heretics. You false “prophets” all I can say to you is you had better repent right now and get out of your “ministry” no more preaching for you. I would not want to be standing before God in your shoes.


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