They believe they’ve got a “cool” place to “experience” God.

When a man-centered church is marketed like a business you get church advertisements like: “Experience the difference.”

At the following social club you will enjoy live music, dramas, and “relevant” practical messages while wearing your favorite pair of jeans. The coffee is hot so grab a donut, kick back and listen to awesome live music and you’re going to hear a message of hope.

(What’s that churning nauseas feeling in the pit of my stomach)?

4 thoughts on “They believe they’ve got a “cool” place to “experience” God.

  1. That one kid’s t-shirt summed it up well: “Pride in the desert”

    Was it just me, or did the preacher’s daughter look not a little uncomfortable while dad was talking? And what was with the crazy camera angles? Ugh!

    Although I may like that song from Daughtry, wouldn’t it behoove a church to choose a song that said something about, oh, I don’t know, God or somebody? Dude?

    OK, i’ve ripped it enough. Somebody else’s turn now.


  2. Hmmmm —

    1. Cool experience
    2. Relevant, practical messages
    3. Message of hope
    4. Climbing walls
    5. Donuts w/jelly
    6. Pool table and arcade games
    7. “Come as you are” attitude
    8. A “god” who is madly in love with everybody
    9. Music defined with the word that describes the Almighty God alone – “awesome”

    Charles Spurgeon once commented to the effect that once a church begins the slippery slope that descends into the abyss and toward worldliness they almost never, never are able to find their way back in the right Biblical direction.

    This sounds like a social club, organization, whatever you want to call it, but without the entire message of the gospel being preached and upheld, including the doctrines of hell, damnation, judgment, the wrath of God alongside the doctrine of the love of God, this will NEVER be a true, Bible, Christocentric group of believers.

    Because of Christ Alone,
    The Desert Pastor


  3. 4P and The Desert Pastor:

    Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw many problems with this.

    I have an idea for a new slogan for this social club and others like it:

    Come experience the god of your own making.


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