An e-mail from a reader.

georgia.gifI received the following letter from Ken and was hoping that maybe one of you out there could help him.

In desperate need for a solid biblical church

I know what you are thinking…Aren’t we all? But, the reason I’m writing you is because of the what you do with the website and the blog. I just moved to Augusta, GA. I’m in the Army. I need to find a solid church. I don’t want to spend a whole a lot of time at church that is bad. This is just a question. Do you have access to any lists of churches that follow your creed or John MacArthur, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, Paul Washer and etc? You know solid biblical doctrine being taught in or near Augusta, GA. In any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless, Ken

5 thoughts on “An e-mail from a reader.


    This church is absolutely amazing! You can check out their site for sermon audios and find that it is theologically sound. I could rave about it for a long time but it would do better for you to hear it yourself. The only problem may be that it is an hour away but I have family who lives by Augusta and they make the trip since it is worth it. They couldn’t find anything in the area otherwise. I hope this helps!


  2. Check out the Shepherd’s Fellowship website. It has contact info for folks who are members and generally speaking most of these members closely match John MacArthur’s theological position. Just click “Locate a Member” and click your state to find folks in your region. Mostly you’ll see elders and pastors listed, and if you click their profile you’ll usually see their church website or contact info. One caveat, you’ll need to create a login ID and password, but it only takes a few minutes to complete this painless process.

    But most importantly – FERVENTLY PRAY! Ask God Himself to lead you to where He would have to serve Him and fellowship alongside His people.

    In Christ,


  3. I also encourage anyone who lives in a spiritual desert to use the available resources on the internet. It may be difficult to find fellow Pilgrims to fellwosip with, but you don’t have to become malnourished from lack of sound biblical teaching.

    I offer two new sermons every week on Reformation Nation that I have personally listened to and recommend to the readers of this blog. Every Wednesday I feature the Sermon of the Week and every Saturday I feature Pastor Mark Escalera’s verse by verse exposition of the Book of Ephesians (that actually started last Saturday).

    You can find these sermons by clicking on the link to the right entitled Sermon under the category heading. You can also find more sermons on

    I hope the sermons featured here are a blessing to you as they have been for me; helping me through almost an entire year of drought.


  4. After a lot of research and prayer. I have found a solid biblical church to attend. It is called New Heart Bible Fellowship. I’ve questioned the pastor one on one. Expository preaching is being done there. Pray that God will bless this church. People are getting feed there, including me. Thanks for all the help.

    God Bless, Ken


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