Sermon of the week: “The Ungodly Practice of Dating” by Tim Conway.

This week’s sermon is a must-hear for fathers; especially for father’s of daughters. This is a sermon that will definitely change your understanding on who is truly responsible for your daughter’s chastity and spiritual well-being.

In The Ungodly Practice of Dating, Pastor Tim Conway clearly lays out from the Bible how the father is ultimately responsible for the protection of his daughter.

Those familiar with Pastor Conway from previous sermons such as Hell is Necessary and The Fruits of Repentance will know that he pulls no punches and that this sermon on dating will certainly leave an impact.

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8 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “The Ungodly Practice of Dating” by Tim Conway.

  1. My opposition to our culture of “dating” has always gotten me branded as a legalist, mostly by women. They feel I’m trying to take away their rights to choose the “man of their dreams”. Well, marriage is real, not a dream, and any man they marry better be living in reality because it’s gonna come crashing down on both of them after the wedding.

    I volunteer in a Christian counseling office nearby, and I see a seemingly endless stream of broken families. I have personally known at least a hundred couples (who dated) whose marriage ended in divorce, and they all say the same thing: “It didn’t use to be this way” or “He/She has completely changed”. Yet EVERY SINGLE PERSON I’ve known who had an arranged marriage, usually from another culture, has never been divorced and had a healthy, happy marriage. In my opinion, MOST of the time dating leads to the wrong decisions when choosing to get married because the decision is based on passion, lust, “having fun” or some other temporary experience.


  2. Just listened to the sermon. Excellent message from Tim Conway. He made some great statements.

    It’s not about controlling your kids’ lives. It’s about protecting their lives from the dangers of those who would use them as a form of entertainment to satisfy their lusts then dispose of them as they would an empty soda can.


  3. I recently visited Pastor Conway’s church and had a 45 minute theological conversation with him afterward. This man and his ministry are on the front lines of the mission field right where they are planted. He ministers to prostitutes, drug addicts and the homeless feeding them both temporal and spiritual food. His church meets in a converted, run down burger joint in the “wrong part” of San Antonio which they convert back to a run down burger joint after each meeting. They are pouring their finances into reaching out to this sin sick and dying world instead of pouring them into comfy padded theater style seating, laser beam rock-concert light shows, and multi-million dollar mulimedia sound systems.

    Pastor Conway is very doctrinally sound, though I utterly reject his eschatology which is aligned with that of John Piper. Nevertheless I say “God bless Tim Conway and Grace Community Church of San Antonio.” If ANYONE out there has ever thought of giving a “love gift” to a ministry outside their own home church I can’t recommend Pastor Conway’s ministry enough.


  4. While it is true that too many fathers do not protect their daughters as they ought, Conway goes to the other extreme. Did anyone else listen to this and expect to hear, “so said the blessed prophet Mohammed”? That is a harsh statement, but consider why I say it:

    He asserts that it is a sin for single women to not live with their parents. I listened to it 3 times to make sure; he explicitly states that. He goes so far as to say that God does not acknowledge a single woman who lives in an apartment or a dorm.

    He asserts that allowing your daughter to date is an abdication of the father’s duty, regardless of who she dates and regardless of whether or you approve of him; the mere act of going with him somewhere means the father is, “giving her over to infidelity.” Yes, again, he explicitly says it. It’s part of the message that rarely was the daughter consulted about who she was marrying in the Bible – “her consideration is secondary, but the father’s is primary.” Problem is that while the Bible is infallibly, it did not record every conversation that happened. Taking the example of Caleb giving his daughter to whoever took the mountain (it was his example), does anyone really think that the marriage would have happened if the daughter was not OK with it?

    He also asserts that the Bible commands young widows to remarry; I read the passage and it sure seemed more like advice than an order, partially to avoid sexual temptation and partially so that the help that the church gives to widows is reserved for those who don’t realistically have other options.

    Finally, he asserts, again explicitly saying it, that if the daughter loses her virginity before she is married, the father is automatically guilty of the sin of not guarding her properly even if he did not approve of her fornication or even know about it; besides contradicting the passage of people only being responsible for their own sins, it suggests that those in authority over us bear some responsibility for us sinning. Taken to its logical conclusion, God is guilty of the sin of not preventing us from sinning; that is why I simply cannot accept that idea.

    So for those assertions, I simply cannot look at this sermon as truth; it is, as often quoted on this site, “almost right” but not “right.”


  5. Amen to 072591. While I wholeheartedly applaud the likes of Tim Conway and Paul Washer for shattering the false hopes of many and reminding American youth culture that getting saved is not like taking a flu shot, I think Conway goes way too far here.

    When does protection become oppression? He fails to address this issue. The Numbers 30 passage he refers to talks about when the woman is “In her father’s house, in her youth”. What if there is still no suitable suitor as far as Poppa is concerned when his daughter’s 47 and hardly in her youth anymore? Could be that Dad’s still alive and sharp as a tack at 87 and flaunting his authority as much as ever. You can encourage a daughter not to leave home till she’s married but you can’t stop her. Any attempt to push the matter further would NOT model the Godly character of the father of the prodigal. Oh yeah and you don’t have to shout when you’re addressing the saved. There’s a reason why God called pastors pastors and not drill instructors.


  6. I love Tim very very much and would go to his church if I lived in San antonio………but he is truly meddling here……………and way off base


  7. A well needed sermon in today’s generation, and biblically sound. The reality remains the same. Some individuals get it, while others criticize and reject it…The Lord richly bless Grace Community Church, Pastor Tim, his family and the flock…we continue to pray for the lost…


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