What if Gordon B. Hinckley returned from the grave to deliver one last message?

hinckley.jpg Here’s your chance to be a little creative and use some artistic license. I pose this query to all my readers, so put on your thinking caps.

It was exactly one month ago today that Mormon prophet/president Gordon B. Hinckley died. What if he was permitted to return from where he’s spent the last month (wherever you think he may be) to deliver one last, but brief, message? What do you think his message to the world would be now?

I anxiously await your comments.

9 thoughts on “What if Gordon B. Hinckley returned from the grave to deliver one last message?

  1. he would probably give a discourse on the origins of the United Church of Christ:
    “The doctrinal differences between the two movements (low and high church) were substantive and pronounced. Both groups referred to the same Heidelberg sources and produced different interpretations. The chief difference lay in the concept of the church. Bomberger and Good were Reformists. Their ecclesiology stopped with Zwingli, Calvin, and the Heidelberg Catechism. Thus they liked the term Old Reformed. They had difficulty accepting the fact that Ursinus was strongly influenced by Philip Melanchthon when he wrote the catechism. Through Melanchthon there was an underlying catholic spirit that made the catechism irenic and a bridging document.
    Schaff and Nevin emphasized the continuity of the church through the Reformation and the Roman church (with its errors) back to the apostolic church. More than a century ago Schaff used the descriptive words reformed, evangelical, and catholic. The peace commission produced a statement that brought a truce in the doctrinal field.
    We do not regard the visible church as commensurate and identical with the invisible church (according to the Roman theory) nor do we think that in this world the invisible church can he separated from the visible (according to the theory of Pietism and false spiritualism); but while we do not identify them, we do not in our views separate them.”
    Either that or he would say “Love God first, then love your neighbor.”


  2. I think he would deliver a message like this:
    “Fellow Mormons, I plead with you to reject Mormon doctrine and go to the Cross. Mormonism is nothing but a lie that leads to hell. I now know that good Mormons DO NOT become gods and goddesses when they die, but they come here, to hell. Jesus Christ is NOT the brother of Satan, but is Eternally One of the Triune God. I could have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, but instead, rejected Him for a countefeit Christ. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, Spencer Kimball, and all other Mormons, including myself, are suffering immensely here, and we all beseech you to repent, follow the Jesus of the Bible, and get your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!!! For all of us, it is too late, but it’s not too late for you still on earth. Instead of following Christ and eventually enjoying an eternity of glory and joy, I rejected Him and am in a place of weeping, moaning, screaming, pain and gnashing of teeth, and the worst part is, my friends, we’re here forever, with no chance of escape!!! How I wish that I had followed the Bible and not the Book of Mormon, but it’s too late for us, but not for you!!! Repent before it’s too late!!!”


  3. It wouldn’t matter; if they will not believe Moses, the prophets, and the apostles, why would they believe one risen from the dead?


  4. Lets think about this. He died and went to hell, because he was a sinner and he embraced a false gospel and a false Jesus. His nature is that of an enemy of God, he hates the God of the bible. His heart is totally depraved and in hell Gods restraining grace is removed and Gordon B. Hinckley is exposed for the monster he truly is. Why do we think that he would be repentant and warn his fellow Mormons if he could? Wouldn’t he send a message to them exposing his true colors as a sinner engulfed in complete darkness and fire. An enemy of God only bowing now because the full weight of Gods wrath is crushing him. I think he would be fighting tooth and nail against God who pours out His wrath and justice on the wicked.


  5. The Mormon prophet would say on his last return to good old mother earth, “Give me a large hot latte and a great big fat cigar. My wife looks like hell.”


  6. “He died and went to hell”

    “His heart is totally depraved”

    “[He] is exposed for the monster he truly is”

    What arrogance. You never knew the man, and yet you appoint yourself his judge.


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