Which is your preferred Bible translation?

bibles-stack.jpg Back in October I asked the question “What is your favorite Bible translation and why?” (See the post and comments by clicking here). With the increase in readership since then, I’d like to revisit the question. I’ve also added an audio clip from the Albert Mohler Program on the topic of which translation is best. Just click here to listen to the 26-minute discussion.

Additionally, I never divulged my preferred translation. So what better time than now? I prefer the New American Standard Bible (and use it for those posts in my Sola Scriptura category and anytime I quote the Bible on this blog unless otherwise noted). I also have in my library the ESV, KJV, NKJV, NIV, RSV, NCV, and The Message (just for laughs). I do all my studying and work from the NASB and prefer it.

7 thoughts on “Which is your preferred Bible translation?

  1. Like you, I have many of the translations on my shelf. I’d rate the NIV, ESV and NASB as the ones I read most now, although I began with the Good News Translation as a new Christian. The Reformation Study Bible uses the ESV and I just got the MacArthur Study Bible with NASB, and those are the ones I’m reading now.


  2. I read a lot in hebrew and Latin from my Liberty U days ( just dont ask me to speak those languages out loud – ha ha). I have spanish and portuguese backgrounds and in each language i get different nuances from the scriptures.


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