Movie review: Time Changer.

This is a fantastic movie that I recommend all Christians to see. Time Changer is a challenging film and very entertaining. It is a well produced movie that the whole family can watch.

I highly recommend it; giving it five out of five stars.

I welcome your comments from those who have seen this movie.

5 thoughts on “Movie review: Time Changer.

  1. I’ve watched this movie many times. I highly recommend it to all my friends and those Christians I run into that feel they can separate God from His commands. Our society is a glaring example of what happens when man is taught to be “moral” without God (eventually he, man, makes his own morality).


  2. Excellent movie, I totally agree, I have seen it three times, and have it recorded, and recommend it to all.
    It sure is a wake up call to the compromising Church today.
    Yes, this movie gives a reason for morality and that is Christ, and a fear of God, which the world doesn’t have, it has helped me to see what will happen when Christ is taken out of the Church, very sad…:(


  3. This is one of my favorite movies. The message is spot on! I think Gavin Macleod’s character summed it up perfectly near the beginning of the movie.

    The message of Christ… without Christ… is deadly.

    A man can live his entire life as a moral person… and then die and go straight to Hell.

    Most people are on the ‘broad path’ for that reason. They think they are ‘basically good’… and that no Jesus Christ is required. Most people can even appreciate laws… just no Authority behind the law.


  4. We’ve watched this quite a few times and it’s a very good reminder every single time! I am thankful that we saw this when we did because it woke us up to several facts found in the movie. They mentioned doing a second one and I hope they do!


  5. I went to the movie house to see it when it was released and bought it as soon as I could. I agree with the posts above for why it’s a good film. We must have Christ or all is vanity!


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