John MacArthur on Billy Graham and his heretical view of universal salvation.

4 thoughts on “John MacArthur on Billy Graham and his heretical view of universal salvation.

  1. It’s a good thing men do not get to be the final judge, in an effort to be “fair” we would all end up in hell because that’s what fair gets us. We all deserve hell, we do not need fairness, we need mercy!


  2. Hello,
    Below is a review of Billy Graham by On Doctrine. Seems like On Doctrine is incorrect in their evualation of Billy Grahams statements.




    GRAHAM, BILLY – Evangelist, Hour of Decision.

    …We trust that you will pray that Mr. Graham will always correctly interpret God’s Word and be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in every situation.


    Jamie Andrews
    Administrative Services Supervisor
    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association…

    Who Will Be Saved?


    Salvation is a matter of how we respond to the truth we are given in life. Only for those who have encountered the fullness of truth in Christ is a formal proclamation of belief in Christ necessary.

    The Protestant dispute over the criterion for salvation misses the point, because both sides have a part of the truth but neither grasps the truth in its full depth. One side white-washes the reality of sin in the world by proclaiming universal salvation. The other tries to extract scientific certainty out of Sacred Scripture by reading it as a legal tract. Neither side grasps that the key to salvation is conscience– the part of the human person that lies hidden to all spectators but God.
    In an even larger sense, focussing on salvation misses the core of the gospel: love. If we love God and others as much as we can– if we give identify ourselves fully with God in Christ, not counting the cost to ourselves– we need not worry about heaven or hell, because God takes care of his own…


  3. Billy Graham is the most well known preacher out there because the media promoted him. No other reason. To believe he is the greatest preacher is absurd. And a lie.

    There are literally millions of called men and women of God who never get any press (which is fine) and are no doubt way better preachers than Graham. Billy Graham lifted himself with the help of politicians.

    I wouldn’t say God did it for his glory. But I would say Graham and the media did it just because they could.

    If Graham is now considered a heretic it is no surprise. He cursed the Jews and this was made known by the media when they broadcast what he said to Richard Nixon.
    I’m glad to know he apologized.
    Just because he is Billy Graham is no proof he is a holy man of God.
    I never listened to him because I saw him for what he is from the start.
    The notion that he is America’s pastor is also absurd.
    I am a Christian and he is in no way my pastor.


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