The “Bishop” Weeks defenders come out.

tweeksbookcover.jpg  Since my earlier posting on the “Bishop” Weeks and “Prophetess” Bynum fiasco, I have received contact mostly from defenders of these two people, albeit by the use of out-of-context scripture, but defenders nonetheless.  Apparently no one seems to care that these two individuals spend their time peddling the profane and vulgar.  And those who do care dismiss it way too easily… in spite of our Lord’s warning that even a little leaven will ruin the whole lump.

Well, one of the defenders of these two purveyors of preoccupation with sexuality commented in their defense and I thought it was worth sharing some parts of her comment (the whole comment can be read by clicking on the above picture, then scrolling down to the comments).

Latoya wrote:  The question that must be asked is, what about their teaching is false? If I teach something that is incorrect, but on another subject matter teach something that is correct, and that helps people in doing God’s will, am I a false teacher? or am I a flawed teacher?

Well Latoya, I could pose the same question to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.  Some of the stuff they teach is scriptural. .. some isn’t.  So are what they teach ok with you because they also teach good stuff mixed in with their heresy? Are they just “flawed” teachers? 

If you received a glass of water in a restaurant but discovered a dead cockroach in the bottom of the glass what would you do?  Would you simply scoop out the offensive roach carcass with your spoon and enjoy your glass of refreshing water afterward, or would you send it back and demand another glass of water, if you even remained in the restaurant?  I’m pretty sure you would do the latter.  So why not treat things of an eteranl nature with as much caution and discernment?  The Bible never says that a false teacher will teach 100% falsehood. In fact, no one would follow one if they did. They always mix a little damning heresy with their truth.  

Latoya wrote: …we as the church need to come to grips with the fact that sex is not filthy or dirty, but a gift. Talking about it (respectfully and with discretion) is not a sin nor is it encouraging lust.

There was nothing respectful or discreet about the way sex was being addressed in those two videos so they failed even your standard of decency. Imagine how offensive it is to God’s standard of holiness in the Church!

Additionally, no one said sex itself was dirty or filthy. But the Church is not where this is supposed to be handled! Sex education was not part of the Great Commission. God did not purchase the Church with His blood (Acts 20:28) so that we can give sex seminars from the pulpit. The martyrs did not die so that we can be taught how to have better orgasms by those who are supposed to be pointing us to Christ and helping us to grow in the FAITH. If you think otherwise, I encourage you to take this enlightening pop quiz.   

Latoya wrote: When someone calls a professed christian a false teacher, to me, they are saying that person is not really a christian, but pretending to be so he/she can get what he/she wants. Can anyone say without a doubt that this is the case here?  And: Who knows the true sheep from the goat? None but God, or the goat himself. 

Bare in mind that Jesus told us to watch out for false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing and He instructed us to judge them by their fruits.  What are the fruits of these two individuals? No, no, I don’t want to hear about how they helped someone’s sex life that you know. Even the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses can rattle off what they consider “good fruits” that “prove” they’re correct. Really, what are their fruits? Is it the insatiable hunger to feed the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh as seen in those two videos? 

Here’s the bottom line Latoya, from out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A true false teacher will always be revealed for what they are. But if you want the proverbial proof in the pudding on whether or not “Bishop” Weeks is a false teacher, and how I come to that conclusion, then look no further than this video. This video of “Bishop” Weeks will clearly show what a false teacher is. It’s his own video and it speaks volumes.  

In the video “Bishop” weeks wants you to “imagine” with him all churches, all people, all faiths  gathered in one place. Now before you say “he meant all Christian faiths” think again.  He not only says “all faiths” (and last time I checked there was only one true faith) but on his Church On Demand website he lists Catholicism, Judaism and other faiths.  Last time I checked Jesus Christ said that He was the only way to the Father.  Jews deny this.  How do you reconcile this?

One thought on “The “Bishop” Weeks defenders come out.

  1. Judaism is fine, since we have Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews and they dont fit into any of the other categories.

    I do object to the term Catholic since all belivers are catholic. He should have said “Roman Catholic” p.s they have unscriptural teaching so I would object to “Roman Catholic” Being on the list.
    Why does he have “Other Faiths” up there
    Surely he means “Other bible believing Denominations”


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