The brand new Paul Washer video.

This is one of the best Paul Washer videos set to music that I’ve seen so far. It is very well done.

9 thoughts on “The brand new Paul Washer video.

  1. Ok Christians… what are we going to do?
    Keep living in sin….. or repent and be truly born again?
    I attend a Bible teaching Church and I am so drawn to this man’s teachings like a moth to a flame. Why? because I have never heard a message like this… it cuts to my very soul.
    It makes me ask myself the hard questions…. and to hear truthful answers.


  2. Truth. What is truth?

    The foundation of indestructible purity. The Word of God! Oh, it is truly great to see a man full of the Holy ghost and rightly dividing truth and error! Thank the Lord for the final warning! One last shower of abundant blessing for humanity… But the question is: Will there be unblemished vessels prepared to receive it?

    Faith in Jesus Christ works conviction of sin, and conviction of sin works repentance toward God and a dieing to self. This is where the stony heart is exchanged for a heart of flesh, even the kind, noble, and pure, heart of Emanuel! Jesus will cloth us in Righteousness and we shall walk in the way of Purity and Wisdom.

    Glorify God! What wondrous things He has wrought! The reconciliation of humanity to God through Jesus Christ the Way of Life for the pure.


  3. After reading much of your doctrine and beliefs I find agreement in numerous areas. I also find things with which I disagree. First, I read that Chad Thompson is your only elder. The church of the Bible never, ever had just one elder. There was always a plurality of elders. In this respect you are no different from Catholic doctrine that claims apostilic succession. Have “one elder” is an impossibility in the true church of Christ.

    It is also very disappointing to see you are falling for the new herminutics and new intellectuals in thinking the Lord’s Supper can be part of a regular meal. When Christ instituted the Supper the ONLY food at the table was unleavened bread because of the Passover Feast. Paul condemed the idea of making the Supper into a common meal.

    Next it is very disappointing to see you believe in current day miracles. There is no Bible authorization for such belief. Miracles were used to affirm the gospel of Christ. Today we have the gospel, and we do not need a present day miracle. Any claim to experience such today represents deceit and misunderstanding of the scriptures.

    Finally, do you not believe baptism is “for remission of sins”? Certainly baptism is for remission of sins rather just standing as a public media statement. Certainly the Ethiopion had no public when he was baptised. In this point are you Baptist, Calvinistic?



  4. Great message, but why on earth do we constantly have to resort to using the world and it’s sex, drugs, violence and ways to illustrate our point? Isn’t it enough to use the Bible without mentioning famous singers? Isn’t it enough to use images of Paul Washer and the Bible without flashing seductive women in front of us? I as a man of God and as a husband resent seeing that smut. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to be desensitized. Can we not make a video such as this without using the world as a basis to get our point across?! 99% of Paul’s videos are great and free from anything offensive, but from time to time there’s something that pops up and I don’t like it. Thank you.


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