The sex and lust peddling “prophet” finally snaps: beating his “prophetess” wife.

The Denver Post is reporting that Juanita Bynum, the televangelist who has won a national following with sermons about women’s empowerment, was badly bruised in a fight with her estranged husband “Bishop” Thomas Weeks. Watch the Fox 5 News video below:

This deviant behavior doesn’t surprise me when you find out what this false prophet and prophetess are all about. Since their televised wedding on the apostate cable channel TBN in 2002, they have peddled lust and sex in their seminars all under the guise of Christianity. Think I’m being too harsh? Check out the following videos and see for yourself. But I caution you, parental discretion is advised as the subject matter these “prophets” are peddling is not suitable for children.

Junaita Bynum the “Dr. Ruth of Christendom.”

“Bishop” Thomas W. Weeks and the vulgar “Christian” Newlywed Game.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. (2 Timothy 4:3 NASB)

14 thoughts on “The sex and lust peddling “prophet” finally snaps: beating his “prophetess” wife.

  1. This is very sad!!!what happened to the pastor who preaches about loving your neighbor, guarding your salvation. I feel sorry for Juanita but I’am glad this is exposed. She wrote so many books on how to love your man and staying single until you 40. Now, this she needs to stay out of people relationships.


  2. men will fail you, but God never will! We also wrestle NOT against flesh and blood, and in these last days, satan is working through men stronger than ever to try and destroy women’s destines and callings in Christ Jesus! I don’t think that was that Bishop, but only satan coming into him by an open door in his life to try and KILL the JESUS in Juanita Bynum. God restores ALL and also gives us double for our trouble so JB will be okay as she IS on her way!!! Satan will NEVER destroy her calling and destiny, as long as she keeps praying and obeying, as surely our sins WILL FIND US OUT and I guess they truly did in this Bishop! But we ALL sin and fall short, so can any of us judge this situation, nope, nor should we. They just need our love and prayers, as we all know how much work a marriage truly is, but better yet, how very REAL Satan and his demons are. Thank GOD we are ALL more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!!!


  3. Dear NJ:
    My main point of contention isn’t that they are breaking God’s law by divorcing, or even the act of violence perpetrated in the domestic battery.

    It’s the filth, vulgarity and profane words that come out of their mouths and their lifestyles that propagates sex and lust when they should be preaching the gospel. The false teachers we were warned about will tickle the ears of the masses. And boy, have these two been tickling ears.

    From out of the abundance of a man’s heart the mouth speaks. From what these two have spoken, I really question what is abundant in their heart.

    Can you honestly tell me that (after watching these two videos) that these two are truly blessed by God? Anyone who believes God looks down on their behavior with favor needs to turn off TBN, dust off their Bible and begin reading!

    There will be many who say to Jesus on the day of judgment, “Lord, Lord” and He will say “depart from Me, I never knew you.”


  4. Personally, I see nothing much vulgar about the first video, except an indiscretion with the word used for when one climaxes sexually. The second video however, lacked class and was very disturbing. I must say however that this does not make them false teachers, whether they are or not. The question that must be asked is, what about their teaching is false? If I teach something that is incorrect, but on another subject matter teach something that is correct, and that helps people in doing God’s will, am I a false teacher? or am I a flawed teacher?

    While I strongly and very firmly believe that the relations between a man and his wife should remain private, we as the church need to come to grips with the fact that sex is not filthy or dirty, but a gift. Talking about it (respectfully and with discretion) is not a sin nor is it encouraging lust. Married couples, especially Christians, need help in this area; rather than going to porn sites and magazines they need to be taught about how they can improve their relationship. Gone are the days when we can just tell someone to pray about it and everything will be okay. Prayer helps, but we need to take an active part in seeing the Word of God live in our lives.

    When someone calls a professed christian a false teacher, to me, they are saying that person is not really a christian, but pretending to be so he/she can get what he/she wants. Can anyone say without a doubt that this is the case here? Should we use someone’s tragedy or shortcoming against them? If we do, we are no better than the Pharisees of Christ’s day, or our contemporaries that claim marriage does not work.

    Christ said that there will be “wheat” and “tares” growing together and none could tell them apart. Who knows the true sheep from the goat? None but God, or the goat himself. If one christian has a gripe with the teachings of another, then discredit the teaching with proper and accurate reference to scripture. Discrediting and tearing at a person and their entire ministry is a path that one should tread very carefully. That person you discredit could be a true child of God. All may not be, but many are.


  5. God has called us to bring souls into the Kingdom of God. Not to waste our time preaching about prosperity or sex in your marriage. The demons spend every second trying to take us to hell. And we spend time trying to get marriage and blessings. I dont feel sorry for Juanita because I believe in the word of God in 1 Samuel 2 that says the lord humbles the proud. And he lifts up and brings down low remember saints nothing dont happen without Gods approval( Remember Job)So keep ready your word and look to the bible and not to man and your walk with God will be blessed.


  6. The church has five main functions:

    1. To worship God
    2. To have fellowship one with another
    3. To minister to the needs of others
    4. To evangelize – preach and teach the gospel of salvation to the unsaved
    5. To make disciples- to teach the saved about how to live; to train the saved to be ministers or servants.

    If God intended for the church to only preach the gospel (Though this is our main goal) then the teachings in the scriptures would only revolve being born-again. They do not revolve around only being born-again. They teach us how to grow and live with each other.


  7. Who are we to judge???? This couple needs help, i think they need to contact or visit Joel & kathy davidsson site, their marriage will be healed. You can only understand what these people are going through if you’re in their shoes and all of you are not, so instead of looking down at them and making up stories of your own, pray for them, they need prayer not your wrath.


  8. Dear Alicia:
    Please explain to me what you mean by “…making up stories of your own…”. What was “made up” (besides the accusation that something was made up)?

    How interesting that you spew the same “don’t judge” rhetoric that people like to cling to when anyone points out apostasy in someone they like. Perhaps you need to spend less time defending these two false prophets and more time studying the Bible. I recommend beginning with 1 Corinthians chapter 5. The whole chapter; but paying careful attention to verses 9-13. This will help you understand whether or not Christians are permitted to judge within the Church. Also, instead of just quoting Matthew 7:1, read on. Like all the way to verse 6.

    If one wants to pray for these two that is actually commendable. I would never fault anyone for doing so. However, keep in mind that the Bible doesn’t instruct us to pray for false prophets and teachers, but instead avoid and expose them.

    Your inability to understand the Biblical concept on “judging” comes from a lack of understanding about the scriptures. And your defense of these two is just the icing on the cake.

    A good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit. You shall know them by their FRUITS. Luke 6:43-44


  9. Where is the proof that these are FALSE and not FLAWED teachers? While I may not agree with all of their teachings or customs, there is no proof that these two persons are not called by God or gifted by him to minister.

    I am a teacher of the bible and as I look back on my life and beliefs, I see that certain things I did or believed to be pleasing to God were not. I had a flawed understanding of what God wanted. I was not a false teacher.

    When the disciples of Christ saw that others were doing the work of the kingdom, but were not doing it along with them, they got offended. Jesus had to let them know that it was okay, and once the work of the kingdom is being accomplished they should leave them alone.

    Paul got news that persons were preaching the gospel and teaching the word of God, with the wrong motives and what did he say? What conclusion did he come to? What advice did he give? He was at peace and happy that in spite of their motives, the gospel was being preached, the word of God was being preached, and the kingdom of God was being expanded. What did Jesus tell us to pray? “Thy kingdom come………thy will be done……..”

    Can we say that persons have not been saved and delivered from sin and difficulties as a result of the testimony and work of these two persons. Are thy adding to the gospel like the false teachers who taught that it took more than the faith in Christ as our Savior to be actually saved or born-again? Are they teaching that there is no God, no hell, and no resurrection of the dead? Are they teaching reincarnation? Are they teaching people that they are Jesus Christ or that they are God.

    I have seen teachers who became stumbling blocks. Some taught their personal opinions or traditions (eg. Women should not wear pants); which is simply self righteousness. Some have even been a little extreme their teachings, but I cannot automatically conclude that they are false teachers. I have even had persons that are true prophets make mistakes in certain things they said. It all helped me not to see that these persons, although used by God can mess up and that I can only place limited dependence and trust in them. However, I must still love them and respect the gift of God in them.

    God often reveals things to me ahead of time in dreams and I do not always understand them or interpret them correctly. What that means is that I must be careful about how I share what he has shown me because if I take a literal interpretation and then get up and say such and such will happen and it does not, it not mean that God did not show me something. What happened is that I was unwise to say such and such would happen, when I should probably have been more discreet until I knew exactly what God was saying. We are faulty.

    What we need to do is to make full proof of our ministry: pray for the ALL men as Paul said to Timothy; To good to ALL, especially fellow Christians; practice the fruit of the spirit outlined in Galatians and encourage those that have fallen; rebuke one another when necessary, but in love; be a witness to the unsaved for they will know we are Christ’s by our love for God and one another; use our abilities and giftings for the Kingdom of God.


  10. Dear Latoya:
    Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, here’s how I come to my conclusion:
    1. You’ve watched the vulgarity of these two individuals in their videos(discussing ejaculation and the such) under the guise of “ministers of the Lord.” This type of talk is not acceptable to the Lord. They are making lots of money of their Sex Talks.

    2. This video
    leaves no debate whether or not Weeks is a false teacher… this based on his “approval” of ALL FAITHS and his desire to have them come together (kind of like the anti-Christ will do)!

    3. The false teacher’s actions and lifestyle will always betray their words. And I’m not just talking about their lavish,rolling in the $ lifestyle. I’m talking about Weeks’ inability to have self control and not beat his wife.

    Latoya, if you are using the assumption that they’ve”helped” people, I say “so what?” So does Oprah and Dr. Phil.

    If they repent from their ways and begin preaching the true GOSPEL not prosperity and sex, perhaps then I’d give them a second look. Right now, though, they are tickling a lot of ears, making a lot of money, and fooling a lot of people.

    Jesus didn’t warn us to beware of false teachers for nothing. He warned us precisely because the false teachers would come!


  11. God often reveals things to me ahead of time in dreams and I do not always understand them or interpret them correctly. What that means is that I must be careful about how I share what he has shown me because if I take a literal interpretation and then get up and say such and such will happen and it does not, it not mean that God did not show me something.


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