Protest outside the Kingdom Hall.

Here’s a video clip filmed outside a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall on their Memorial night. It’s the once a year tradition where Jehovah’s Witnesses meet to take part in communion. However, nobody actually takes the elements because in their belief system, only 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses are worthy to do so and they’re all dead.  Six Screens Of The Watchtower are the creators of this video.

6 thoughts on “Protest outside the Kingdom Hall.

  1. Hey friend,

    Has something happened to SixScreen’s website? I’ve tried to go there the last couple days, and I keep getting that insufferable “Internet Explorer cannot open this page.” Any ideas on what may have happened? I know they had the WTBTS shaking because they were former JW’s, did they find some way to force him to shut down?


  2. The Memorial of Jesus Christs death ,is observed ,once ayear worlwide ,on the same night.after sundown.All are welcome to come to any ,Kingdom Hall anywhere in the world.Jehovah through his word the Bible has welcomed you ,to PLEASE come,on this most sacred night.Recall Jesus said to do this in remembrance of him!And a memorial like an anniversary is done ,Once a year ,Luke 17 ;1 17 -20.Luke 22,29 ,30 reminds us that ONLY those with a heavenly hope partake in the emblems that are passed in the Hall .So please come next year ,you will be gald you did !Thank you for reading this.


  3. Dear mARIA:

    Thanks for the invite, but am I supposed to ignore all the facts surrounding the Watchtower organization that prove it’s a false and apostate organization in order to partake of a memorial that no one is allowed to partake of unless they are of the 144,000 and that according to your organization I wouldn’t be one of them?

    – The Pilgrim


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