The Bible vs The Book of Mormon

Watch the entire video The Bible vs the Book of Mormon below.

3 thoughts on “The Bible vs The Book of Mormon

  1. I just recently discovered your website and affiliated links. I am very pleased that there is someone out there in Utah speaking the Truth and confronting this menace at its source. The LDS Church is dragging millions of people into blasphemy and damnation. Every single person who dies as a Mormon in the LDS Church is a victory for Lucifer and his war against the True Saints of Christ. I cannot understand how so many people could all be decieved!
    Ever since I first encountered Mormon missionaries at my front door one afternoon, I have felt an intense distress about Mormonism and their growing numbers around the world. I hate to sound corny or self righteous, or “spiritually conceited” (I don’t really know what to call it) but I knew them immediately for what they were. I hope I don’t sound like I’m riding on too high of a horse but I grew up in the Deep South hearing and reading True Gospel. The missionaries didn’t have to say much for me to identify them. One word came immediately to my mind: blasphemers. The truly abominable nature of the LDS Church is that it attempts to corrupt what is True and Holy. Since that time I have felt compelled to arm myself with Scripture against Mormons and to confront them wherever I find them. I have done this, but I can never seem to win. Born and raised Mormons are so heavily indoctrinated and conditioned by their church that when standing on the brink of doubt they will simply shut their minds down and runaway. Most of these Scriptural debates are terminated angrily by Mormons who call me a heretic or something to that effect. I truly try to convince them and not to offend them, but they always get mad instead of thoughtful. A few months ago I encountered a whole group of Mormon missionaries at a festival near my home giving their testimonies and giving away free copies of the Book of Mormon (appropriately, their tables and stands were adjacent to a Scientology exposition) Myself and a friend were approached by the Missionary leader (He looked like he was in his early thirties). We started flinging Scripture at each other and after just about 20 minutes of Proverbs, Psalms, Isaiah, Matthew, and Luke (thats as far as we got) he just suddenly blew up at us and even cried a little. He looked as though we had just slapped him. The one thing that all of these people attempt in debate is to use Bible Scripture to support Mormon beliefs while at the same time undermining its Truth and Sanctity in favor of “another” “more pure” scripture. The most direct method of combating them is to force them to rely on Scripture for their “justification” and then use Scripture to rebuke the Book of Mormon and their so called “Prophet”. This renders most Mormons utterly speachless for a few moments, then they get angry and start calling me an apostate or a “reprobate” (I think) and a deciever under the influence of Satan. Is their no way to break a Mormons false faith? This missionary leader, after he recovered his dignity in front of his subordinates called us “anti-Mormon liars” and told us he would call the police if we didn’t stop harassing him and his students. Just a few minutes earlier we were having a very polite discussion in which he was trying very hard to “convert” us! The Book of Mormon is a Hellspawned deception and Joseph Smith and every “Prophet” which has followed him is a blaspheming Apostate of Hell distributing the devices of Lucifer. You have so much direct experience with confronting Mormons and I hoped you could tell me how you approach and defeat them. Aside from turning their theological world upside down all I am able to accomplish is making them mad.
    sincerly-James Packer (yeah I know. there is a Mormon apostle named Packer. we’re of no relation I assure you LOL!)


  2. Dear James:
    I can only suggest that you try not to “win the argument.” Simply plant the seeds you need to plant and pray for that individual. You can never “argue” someone out of a cult.

    Your job is to be a willing and faithful servant in preaching the gospel. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. The Holy Spirit will work on their heart in ways that are impossible for us.

    I will be posting a Cult Flier in the very near future. Keep an eye out for it.

    – Pilgrim –


  3. Cathy left the following comment on this same post over at Reformation Nation:

    Our church is set up the same way Jesus set it up when he came to earth. Baptisms by proxy, Temples, Prophets…it’s all in the Bible. What in the world would make you think the Lord would not provide us with a living Prophet, especially in these latter-days?? But we all do have our ‘free agency’. It’s actually really sad that you devote sooo much of your time and energy to disprove us. You should chanel some of that energy into furthering the Lord’s work and not hindering it. There’s really no sense in arguing about religions since it really is NOT Christ-like to do that. Men can try to disprove the Lord’s Church but that’ll NEVER fly!! It’s interesting to me that most religions are against us?! Makes me wonder why everyone is so worried?? It is a known that fact that people try to bring down those who are on the top!! If you believe sooo much in your religion, then why bother trying to challange our opinions of our own?? You should turn your attention to making the world a better place. Make some use of your talents perhaps. I love my church and I KNOW it is true

    I hope Cathy wasn’t just shooting off a comment and running. I hope she’ll stick around and debate the issue.

    – The Pilgrim


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