DNA vs The Book of Mormon

Watch the complete video DNA vs the Book of Mormon below.

6 thoughts on “DNA vs The Book of Mormon

  1. “Living Hope Ministries” is a commercial, Utah-based anti-Mormon business. The “experts” intervied in this D-grade “documentary” are pseudo-scientists with an anti-Mormon axe to grind, and their “science” is just plain wrong.

    There is *nothing* in this whole DNA hoax that disproves anything in the Book of Mormon.

    If you love science and have the patience to learn dig into the details, learn what real scientists who are believing Latter-day Saints have written about the DNA anti-Book of Mormon fraud. Here is a good start:


    On the other hand, if you really want to know the truth about the Book of Mormon, READ IT! God loves to testify of his word, and the Holy Ghost will bear witness to you that the book is true. It will bring you closer to the living Lord Jesus Christ than any other book.

    About 550 years *before* the birth of Christ, the Book of Mormon prophet Nephi testified,

    “I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell.”

    This is also my testimony, and these words have become my own.

    (2 Nephi 33:6)

    Tracy Hall Jr


  2. Why can Mormons (and JWs and Scientologist, etc.) never accept the fact that perhaps there are people out there that love them? That not everyone that exposes them aren’t disgruntled ex’s and don’t have axes to grind? That just perhaps some of these people really discovered the true Church and true Jesus Christ and thus left a particular organization? And out of their love they desire to see others they left behind in these organizations set free?

    And what about me? I’m not an ex-Mormon nor do I have an ax to grind. I haven’t met a Mormon yet that I didn’t like. I have a love for those who are lost.

    It is very disappointing to me that instead of engaging in a logical discussion on the issues; name calling and labeling are resorted to.

    Well here’s my suggestion: As Tracy Hall suggested, go ahead and read the Book of Mormon. But I suggest getting an ORIGINAL 1830 copy. Prior to the 3,932 documented changes that were made to it.

    Furthermore, go ahead and watch the video DNA vs the Book of Mormon. Get both sides of the story before making a decision. Also check out some of these informative websites: http://www.reformationnation.com/id13.html / http://www.mormoninfo.org / http://www.mrm.org / http://trialsofascension.net/mormon.html http://www.irr.org/mit

    – JP


  3. Hi Eugenea,

    You keep posting the same comment without any explanation of what your point is… Are you a universalist (everyone will be saved)?

    Please clarify.

    – Jeff H


    I missed the very end of this movie, at 47:45, we are asked to pray a simple prayer and ask Jesus into our heart.

    Otherwise, this is a great witnessing tool to Mormons.

    – Jeff H


  4. Or, with the allusion to the book of Acts, maybe you adhere to baptismal regeneration – that the act of baptism is necessary for salvation??

    As the comment is identical to the first you posted, I have removed the second comment.


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