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Connecting the Dots – Kundalini to New Evangelicalism

We have spent a great deal of time in the past addressing issues that are greatly affecting true, biblical Christianity. The problem today is that more and more people are being duped into believing that a myriad of wolves are preaching and teaching the truth. Children love to play connect the dots. Connecting the dots […]

Todd Bentley exposed as fraud

Unfortunately, we don’t have a category here called “News of the Obvious.” Because if we did, this would be at the top of the list. As if we needed any further proof that Todd Bentley was a liar, conniver, charlatan, false prophet, etc–in addition to the kicking, kneeing, motorcycle boots to the face, and all […]

Bezel333: “21st Century signs and wonders”

Once again, Bezel uncovers the truth using a little thing called “Scripture” to debunk the claims made by the Satanic signs and lying wonders crowd who take God out of the box and make Him dance like He’s their own little puppet.

“If I was dying, and I walked into your church…”

Thanks to Amy (a commenter on this thread) for alerting me to the following video. Because of it, I have decided to wield my newly-granted powers as editor to add a new category called “If I Was Dying…” As in, “If I was dying, and I walked into your church seeking the truth about where […]

Have you seen me?

It wasn’t long ago that a gruff and tattooed charlatan sprung onto the world stage offering healings like a snake oil salseman. His followers defended him no matter what lies, deception, and heresy spewed from his forked tongue, even as he tried to get people to “believe in the angel.” Then, faster than you can […]

The Do-It-Yourself Florida Revival Kit

Yes, now you, too, can be as (in)famous as Todd Bentley! All you have to do is order The Do-It-Yourself Florida Revival Kit* today! The Do-It-Yourself Florida Revival Kit * Taken from Hour 1 of The Way of the Master Radio, first broadcast August 21, 2008.

A disciple of the new breed of blasphemous preachers.

Meet Captain Whacked the Pirate Preacher. He is an obvious by-product of the wolves featured in the videos in this previous post. Sadly, for many, this may be the only exposure they have to “Christianity,” but I want to make it abundantly clear here and now, that this has as much to do with real, […]

Todd Bentley’s “Circus and Travelling Sideshow” headed for Knoxville (MAYBE)

UPDATE: The Circus may not be coming to town after all. Much thanks to Douglas (Black Reforming Kid) and Scott771, who have pointed out that Todd Bentley’s own camp is admitting that he has been having an “unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff.” This didn’t come from any […]

Breaking: Todd Bentley can heal cancer, but not his own marriage

Just found this over at I’m Speaking Truth: It also appears that Todd’s is leaving his wife: Separation May End Bentley’s Lakeland Appearances Todd Bentley, the evangelist who has led the Florida Outpouring revival here in Lakeland since April 2, has filed for separation from his wife and might not return to the revival, according […]

How can you tell when professing “Christians” are following the Gospel according to Todd Bentley instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

By observing their reaction to someone preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this actions-speak-louder-than-words and the-proof-is-in-the-pudding post from Tony Miano, you can check out for yourself the way Bentley-ites react to the preaching of the Gospel. It’s very revealing; the Gospel is an obvious stumbling block to them. Read all about what happened when […]

“Disney World Doctrine” and other lies of a “kinda’ pastor.”

Shameful. Utterly shameful.

Does anyone else see the similarities?

I discovered the following comparison chart on the blog End Times Deception. Toronto/Brownsville/Lakeland Manifestations Kundalini Yoga Manifestations Uncontrollable laughter Laughing and weeping are as unintentional and uncontrollable as hiccoughs Jerking, tremors, shaking Jerking, tremors, shaking Involuntary body movements Postures or moving one’s body in unusual ways Spontaneous trance states Spontaneous trance states Making animal noises, […]

Strange fire.

I am sure some of the people in the following two videos sincerely believe that they are participating in a form of “worship” that is acceptable to God. I grieve for them, especially the young, because I was there not too long ago myself. With very limited Biblical literacy and understanding, I too was swept […]

When God’s not moving, Todd Bentley moves God.

Just wait long enough and the arrogance of a false prophet eventually always come out. From out of the abundance of his heart, his mouth speaks. HT: Slice of Laodicea

How To Catch ‘Bam Bam’

Some might not exactly agree with this brother’s method of catching Todd Bentley out, but I think it’s quite brilliant. Make sure you watch both parts to get the full story.

Tullian on Todd.

on Way to go Pastor Tchividjian! I’ve always liked Tullian’s preaching and his stance on this controversial issue (in spite of an inevitable backlash) shows that there are still some willing to take a stand. “We increase our scrutiny of people like Hugh Hefner, and we decrease our evaluation of people like Todd Bentley just […]

Captured on video: Todd Bentley knees a man in the stomach with stage 4 colon cancer to facilitate a “healing.”

Todd Bentley bragged (in the video on this previous post) about kicking a lady in the face with his biker boot to heal her. In that same video he also boasted about tackling, leg-dropping, punching, and choking people to generate “healings.” Well, now he’s battered someone for real and it’s been caught on video. And […]

Choose this day whom you will serve!

I was speaking with The Desert Pastor the other day and we were discussing the amount of attention Todd Bentley was getting on DefCon. We were apparently both thinking the same thing: this false prophet was beginning to get too much coverage on this blog. I expressed to him that I think we’ve posted more […]

Spirit-Filled Or Demon-Possessed?

You be the judge. All I can say is that the two testimonies simply creep me out… big time. What makes me sad is that people are buying into these falsehoods and exposing themselves to occult and demonic influences through these “revivals”, including Todd Bentley’s, that all spring out of the same mold.

Taking a closer look at Todd Bentley . . . literally.

Click on any of the pictures of Todd Bentley’s tattoos to enlarge. For more on Todd Bentley, click here.

Todd Bentley: More angels, bright light, electrocution, uncontrollable shaking and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah . . .

Todd Bentley’s message: Believe in THE angel.

“Lord, why can’t I just move in healing and forget talking about all that other stuff? He said, ‘Because Todd, you got to get the people to believe in the angel.’ I said God, why do I want people to believe in the angel, isn’t it about getting the people to believe in Jesus? He […]

Todd Bentley’s assembly line of evil.

Thus saith the Lord: But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner. – 1 Corinthians 14:40

More stories of (fallen) angels, (false) anointings, and backpacks.

Brown Eyes Like Bambi!!??

HT: Independent Conservative – The whole message by Patricia King (a new-age kook) and Todd Bentley is drivel, but Todd’s revelation starts at about 2:40 into the video clip! Hard to believe that so many people actually take these fruit and nuts seriously! Have a great Wednesday!

I’m Hopping Mad At How Irresponsible This Local Mega-Church Is!

Some of you might not notice that, unlike my good brethren who are co-authors on DefCon, I don’t hail from the United States or the Western hemisphere, but from Singapore (a prosperous tiny island state in South-East Asia). Singapore is much like the United States when we compare the Christian landscape in both territories: we […]

Crosstalk: Todd Bentley’s Lakeland Revival.

On this episode of Crosstalk, host Ingrid Schlueter (Slice of Laodicea & Hope in Laodicea) and guests Ken Silva (Apprising Ministries & Christian Research Network) and John Sharp (The Way Christian Fellowship) discuss the Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival. To listen click or download here.

Sheek a boom bah?

This short video breaks my heart. The abuse that these parents put their two precious children through by forcing them to come face to face with such evil raises up a righteous indignation within me. “I don’t want you to touch me” the one girl pleads through her tears, yet they all just laugh as […]

Todd Bentley: Naturally doing what false prophets do.

Birds fly. Fish swim. Kangaroos hop. False prophets falsely prophesy about Christ’s second coming. But why let a little thing like being a false prophet slow you down? Just look at Charles Taze Russell and Joseph Smith; they both falsely prophesied Christ’s return but their cults are alive and well today. I received a prophetic […]

Worship at Bentley’s.

Some of you may have been wondering what “worship” was like at the Lakeland “revival.” But most of you (like me) probably didn’t care. However, as a public service for those who were wondering, I’ve decided to provide you with a video that should satisfy your curiosity (and sicken your stomach). I couldn’t sit through […]