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Incredible conviction from Tim Conway.

“Salvation MUST Be Evidenced by Works”–Who Said That??

You will be shocked–SHOCKED!!–at who was one of the earliest promoters of “Lordship Salvation”. That is, the fact that if one is a Christian, they will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and their lives will be marked by repentance and good works. Not works leading to salvation, but rather […]

Jonathan Edwards taught “Salvation by Works”!!!

All the “Easy-Believers┬«” who want to toss men like John MacArthur and Paul Washer under the bus for teaching that the life of a true Christian will be radically different from a Non-Christian because the believer’s life will be marked by repentance from sin, obedience to Christ, and “fruits worthy of repentance”–these “Easy-Believers┬«” will also […]

Just go back to the world!

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it still needs to be told. I wish more pastors would be as bold as Tim Conway. Granted, their pews would empty out, but wheat usually grows much better without tares anyway. HT: Puritan Fellowship

Hell is necessary.

Here’s something you won’t hear in most American churches today. If you want to listen to this entire message you can download it from this post.

Sermon of the week: “No Condemnation” by Tim Conway.

Your Wednesday sermon of the week is No Condemnation by Tim Conway. As usual, Pastor Conway begins his message slowly like a freight train building up steam, then comes plowing through toward the end with a message that challenges and convicts.