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If God starts it–He WILL finish it!

I have always heard that if you are going to teach something, you should teach what you are passionate about. I am passionate—more like adamant—about the eternal security of the believer. Or as Steve Lawson would say, “I’m not just dogmatic–I am bulldogmatic” about this subject. I am absolutely convinced that if a person is […]

One Elected to Salvation, Others Elected to Reprobation

God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved–1st Timothy 2:3-4 Arminians use the above verse as a proof-text for their erroneous belief that God tries to save everybody and gives people the same chance to go to Heaven. They pluck this verse off the page, slap it down, and say, “Ha!! See!! God […]

50 Answers to 50 Mormon Answers to 50 Anti-Mormon Questions (answer 19)

Tower To Truth Question: 19. Why do you baptize for the dead when both Mosiah 3:25 and the Bible state that there is no chance of salvation after death? —————————– FAIR Answer: The passage in Mosiah 3:25, and any passages in the Bible which also imply there is no chance of salvation after death, are […]