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Futureville – A Bridge Too Far

Futureville – A Bridge Too Far A review by Stuart Brogden The premise behind Skye Jethani’s book, Futureville, is a good one – “What we think about tomorrow matters because our vision of the future is what determines how we understand the present.” (page 3) Chapters 3 and 4 serve to provide common, but flawed, […]

Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical?

Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical? Brian M. Schwertley One of the most popular teachings today in Evangelical and Charismatic churches is the doctrine of the pretribulation rapture. The pretribulation rapture teaching is that there are two separate comings of Christ. The first coming is secret and occurs before the future seven year tribulation. At this […]

When Will Christ Return?

When Will Christ Return? A defense of Reformed A-millennialism by Dan Harris Taken from http://www.mountainretreatorg.net in compliance with their copyright. Introduction When will Christ return? Will He return before or after the Great Tribulation? This is a question that has baffled many, and has been the source of much debate among Christian groups. Historically, there […]

Divided We Fall

It was a post from my friend and fellow evangelist, Bobby McCreery, that got me thinking. He wrote, “I’m no expert, but it seems one reason revival tarries is the fact that there is so much division in the body of Christ. So many brothers biting and devouring each other over secondary and tertiary issues […]

“Problems with Premillennialism”

“Problems with Premillennialism” by Sam Storms My departure from Premillennialism was gradual and came  as a result of two discoveries as I studied Scripture. First, I devoted myself to a thorough examination of what the NT said would occur at the time of Christ’s second coming (or Parousia). What I found was a consistent witness concerning […]