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Connecting the Dots – Kundalini to New Evangelicalism

We have spent a great deal of time in the past addressing issues that are greatly affecting true, biblical Christianity. The problem today is that more and more people are being duped into believing that a myriad of wolves are preaching and teaching the truth. Children love to play connect the dots. Connecting the dots […]

How do you hide an 8 million dollar private jet?

Ed Young has been exposed. Not surprising when you consider the Ed Young video DefCon featured back in 2007. See also this post. HT: A Little Leaven

“If I was dying, and I walked into your church…”

Thanks to Amy (a commenter on this thread) for alerting me to the following video. Because of it, I have decided to wield my newly-granted powers as editor to add a new category called “If I Was Dying…” As in, “If I was dying, and I walked into your church seeking the truth about where […]

Would we expect the same thing out of…

Scene 1: You meet your child’s math teacher for a conference. Teacher: Hey dude, what’s up? Whoooaaaa! Hey, is it just me or do you have the munchies too? You: What on earth are you talking about? And why are you acting like you’re high or something? Teacher: I am high, yo! I’m high on […]

Sermon of the week: “Sound Doctrine; Sound Words” by Phil Johnson.

Your sermon of the week is the one you’ve all been waiting for: Sound Doctrine; Sound Words by Phil Johnson of Grace Life Pulpit and Pyromaniacs. Its subtitle should be The Pornification of the Pulpit. This sermon is from this month’s Shepherds’ Conference. In this controversial sermon, Phil Johnson steps up and takes on the […]

Here we go again.

Last February I reported on the 30-day sex challenge that came from a “church” aptly named Relevant Church (imagine that). Sadly this same gimmick is being regurgitated by Ed Young but now it’s only a 7-day sex challenge. You may remember Ed Young from his other ridiculous attempt at courting the mistress of relevance in […]